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Pratigya 2 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhe gets caught by Balwant

Pratigya 2 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratigya getting a headache. She says Krishna added something in my thandai. She cares for Sajjan and says we will get your cataract operation done soon. She asks Sajjan for medicines. He gives her medicines. He says its tested medicines, you can have it, I used to make Sumitra drink bhaang, she used to laugh a lot and talk, she used to kill my heart. Sumitra says listen to his stories now. Sajjan says I used to make garlands of the flowers that fall by her words, when she used to get rid of the hangover, she used to become a naagin hanging to my neck. Pratigya laughs. She says festive brings happiness and then leaves sorrow, we are happy, Komal’s life has become colourless, she would have felt this much today, I wish colours could come back in her life. Sajjan says what could we do, it was written in her fate. Sumitra says I m also hurt seeing Komal, I didn’t get to see her happiness.

Komal thinks of Adarsh. Komal wakes up and worries. She sees her husband’s pic. Radhe sees the police. He goes to the police station. He admits the crime of Balwant’s son’s accident. Inspector says if you have accepted the crime, then I respect you more, come with me. Balwant picks Garv from the school. Garv says mumma will come. Balwant says sit with me in the car. He pulls Garv inside. Guard looks on. Balwant asks Garv why was he scared seeing him. Garv recalls the accident. Pratigya comes to school and looks for Garv. Guard says he went in that car. She runs to see. Balwant shouts enough.

Pratigya gets Garv and asks what did you do, he is so scared. He says what happened, I was giving him AC air, you are saying what I did. She says you behave bad, anyone will get scared of you. He says you have started accusing me, you are a mum, you can say. He gets a call. Inspector says someone has taken the accident blame, come. Balwant says sorry, I have to go. He goes. Inspector ties up Radhe on the railway track. Radhe shouts for help.

Pratigya and Garv come home. Garv gets scared and says Balwant. She says Balwant came to school and spoke to Garv. Krishna asks what does he think of himself, I will not leave him. Sumitra says its because of you, you stop your court work, focus on kids now, if anything happens to kids, then you can’t forgive yourself. Krishna asks how will anything happen to kids, I will burn the world. Balwant comes to see Radhe. He scares Radhe. He asks him to tell the truth. He laughs and says you would have known it, who had sent you to take the blame on yourself, you won’t be going to jail, but your life will go, tell the truth, else you will die, its a last chance, tell me, who sent me. Sajjan asks did Balwant do wrong with Garv.

Pratigya says no, he was just making Garv sit in his car and talk to him, but I scolded him. Sajjan asks Garv don’t be scared of anyone, he didn’t do anything wrong. Krishna asks how did he touch my son. Pratigya says he has apologized, we shouldn’t get into any fight with him. Sajjan says I would have cut him down, end this matter here. Krishna says you have changed, why is he doing this, when the case is over. Sajjan asks what, the case is over, did he get the culprit. Pratigya asks what do you mean. Krishna says people are talking, I heard the culprit surrendered to police. She says no, who told you. He says I heard some people talking. She says this can’t happen, if anyone surrendered, then I would have got to know it first. She goes. Krishna thinks where is Radhe.

Krishna asks where is Radhe. Pratigya checks the evidences. Krishna sees Radhe’s death news. Garv wakes up and says I didn’t do anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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