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Kumkum bhagya (always there for you) Chapter 5 fan fiction

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in between the ceremony kiara and sunny brought some batches in kiara batch there was written new big sister, in sarla batch there was new granma, in pragya’s new mom like this in everyone batch there written relationship their relationship with the twins

pragya- wow nice idea kiara

kiara- mom actually i wanted to bring in starting of ceremony but i forgot

abhi- it is good as ceremony didn’t finish

then the kohlis arrive




kiara gave batches to them

vikram- how about latika and lajwanti

abhi – like you your name are also old fashioned

pallavi and dida – yes

vikram – you are mine mom and wife or abhi’s

pallavi- see mom your son is telling what

dida – together while we go home we will not let you enter the house

vikram- sorry mom

dida – tell pallo ( pallavi nickname) also

vikram- sorry pallavi

kiara – how about prachi and rhea

everyone stood silent

the twins smile

abhi – perfect names

then king aling with a woman entered the mehra house

king (loudly) – meet my official wife

the woman face in hidden because of dupatta

king – mrs. tanu king singh



everyone is shocked the kohlis,luthras and aroras knew about tanu deeds

prachi and rhea starts crying

pragya tries to make them silent

king – why are you all so shocked okay leave what is the names of twin

everyone came to reality

alia- prachi and tanu

tanu was going towards the cradle to catch the babies then pallavi put her leg forward and tanu falls

pallavi- oh tanu are you okay

tanu – ok (said angrily)

when tanu hold rhea she kicked tanu everyone laugh tanu put rhea back in cradle

promo- the chandelier is going to fall upon prachi and rhea

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