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Woh Apna Sa 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rano brings Arjun to Jia

Woh Apna Sa 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rano says to Ambika everything will be fine. Give him some time.
Akash is in his room. He tries calling Bini. Bini sees his call and throws away the phone. Bini breaks her phone. Nisha sees it and says time for last plot and then everything is mine. Nisha comes to bini. Nisha says sorry I couldn’t do anything for you. She says its not your mistake mom. She says there is a surprise for you. Bini and mom should go Dubai for vacations. We will have fun. She says its prefect mom. Nisha says sign these papers. Its visa application. Bini signs them.

Arjun recalls Jia crying and asking him to leave for ever. he is upset. Rano looks at him. Rano leaves food on his table. She says this tea will solve all your problems. This tea missed you in these two years. He takes the tea.

AArjun recalls having black coffee with Jia. Rano says if thoughts could bring someone you would have been here way too earlier. I know you miss Jia. I want to know about her. Arjun says there is so much to tell you. She is so full of life. He talks about her.

Scene 2
Nisha and bini get ready. Nisha says time to kick you out of this house, Jia says don’t do this drama. Nisha says this is my house. You can’t live here. Jia says don’t forget you can’t kick us out. Nisha says read these property papers. Bini says can chiragh and dadi live with us? Nisha says us who? You were just a pawn for me so I could get this property. Now I have it. She is dazed. Jia says don’t you have any shame. Nisha says if she wasn’t an idiot she would have read the papers. Those were not visa application papers. Those were property papers that you signed. I had to do this drama for so long. Biini is in tears. Nisha says I am sending you away from this house like I did in your childhood. I will send you mental assylum again. Only money matters to me. Bini is broken. Nisha says now get out of here. Bini says mom.. She says mom my foot. Police comes in and arrests Nisha. She is dazed.

Jia recalls she heard some noise. Nisha took papers from someone. She took them to bini. Bini says Jia warned me about those papers. And I changed them. I trusted you mom and this si what you did. Take this woman from here I hate her. Police takes Nisha. Nisha says stop. Police takes her. Bini is crying. Kaki ma tries to console her.

Doorbell rings. Rano comes in. She says to jia I want to talk to you. Arjun is with her. She says I want to unite you both. He really loves you without you he is so alone. Please talk to him. arjun says rano don’t beg. Rano says I brought you here. I know you both love each other. You can solve all your problems. Please talk to jia. Arjun and Jia look at each other. Jia says he is your husband. Rano says half.. Forget that. He really loves you. I know he hid truth. Jia says he lied to me he fooled me. Rano says sometimes timings are wrong. Jia says I can’t let the same man fool me. She says I will go back to loondon. Rano says you have to stop her.
Arjun says to Jia you can’t go. She says I dont need your decision. You lied to me. Arjun says I will slit my wrist if you don’t stop. He cuts his finger and fills her hairline. Jia stops his hand. Jia says you think you can do anything you want. Learn to respect women. Go from here. I don’t wanna see your face. He leaves. Rano says write a letter to her and write everything out. Arjun writes it. She says you speak I will write. He says Jia I really love you. Rano writes it. Arjun says yes I had to marry rano but I didn’t I can never call her my wife.

Precap-Ambika asks Arjun to fill Rano’s hairline. He fills it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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