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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-16)

Ragini goes to lucky and yuvi..

Ragini : two are looking handsome

Lucky : Thanks..

Yuvi : Tum bhi kaamal lag raha hoon

Lucky : Yeah, You are looking amazing..

Ragini : where is  Naira ??

Just then naira comes with abhi

Naira ; Here I am..(they hug eachothet)

Ragini : Hi

Abhi : Hello Ragini.. didn’t Arjun come

Ragini : Bhai is having a meeting after that he will be here..


Geethu : Maya ..I know that you don’t like Vansh..yhen why are you doing it.

Maya  : I don’t understand what are you saying??

Geethu : I know that you have feelimgs for arjun..

Maya : Ha..I have..but the fact is he loves you geethu..


Vansh with the khuranas have arravied..elders took vansh to a specially arranged swing where the to be groom and bride wil sit..payal signals the youngsters to bring lucky,Yuvi, Abhi and Naira goes to maya’s room


Maya is in

Geethu : Have you gone mad …mein aur arjun.there is nothing between us .its just friendship

Maya : Whatever is it ..its too late and I don’t even know he loves me..

Geethu : Do you love him?

Maya : Ha..I love..him..but..nithing can happen now..its all over..and I hve to do it for my family..

She was about to go

Geethu : Maya I wanted you to know that Arjun loves you lot

Maya turns to Geethu and she opens the door..and she shocked to see Arjun and others..

Abhi : calling you

Maya (thinks) : Thankgod they didn’t hear anything..varna

Naira : What are you thinking di lets go..

They took Maya downstairs and made her sit next to Maya..just then Arjun also enters..

Arjun in

Both Maya and Arjun looks at eachother with tearfull eyes..

Geethu comes downstairs and stays next to ragini ..Abhi looks at her

Precap : Ring exchange..

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