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Porus 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Takes Hasti’s Blame On Himself

Porus 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bamni is informed that Dasyus looted Pourav rastra’s grocery house. Darius says without someone’s help, Dasyus could not have looted groceries. Bamni asks who it must be. Puru walks in lifting Kanishk and shouting call vaidya/doctor, makes him sleep on bed. Bamni is shocked. Darius tells Mauses that he showed how his enemity is, poor Porus, asks Mauses to send Hasti out of country soon. Mauses says arrangements have been made. Hasti walks hiding. Pritha holds him and asks what happened, why did he call her here, what did he do. He says he will tell her later, let us go from here first. Vaidya treats Kanishk. Bamni angrily asks how dared to attack his son. Puru says he will come back and leaves. Kadika walks in crying, asking Hasti to wakeup and seeing his stab wound asks who dared to

attack her son. Bamni orders to close all city doors, culprit must not escape. Puru searches Hasti in market. Vaidya tells Bamni that he has to sterliise wound, else it will become septic. Bamni permits. Vaidya keeps burning hot knife on wound and then applies medicine on it. Bamni asks who dared to attack his son. Anusuya says Hasti. Bamni asks why will Ripudaman’s son attack Kanishk. Anusuya says she does not know, but she saw Hasti walking suspiciously and tried to stop him, but he trapped her in sword rack and ran away, Puru has gone to catch him, he will soon be catched. Bamni orders to catch Hasti soon. Darius orders Mauses to kill Hasti before he opens his mouth.

Hasti tries to escape, but stops seeing Pur standing. Puru asks why did he attack Kanishk. Hasti says Kanishk was sacrificed because of Puru. Puru says that means his love was acting. Hasti says just like he entered his life by trick, he never considered him as brother and will never consider, shouts get out of my way. Puru says he knows well he cannot go without his permission, he insulted baba’s teached, so will be punished today. Hasti attacks Puru, but Puru easily overpowers him each time and says he spared him always because of baba, not today. Pritha waits for Hasti in a boat. Puru asks how can Hasti do this sin being baba’s son. Hasti tries unsuccessful attemps and snatching soldier’s sword shouts he will fiish Puru and attacks again. Puru as usual trashes Hasti. People panic and run. Pritha sees that and rushes towards market. Puru hits Hasti’s head to a drum and says he will be punished today for sure. Pritha comes and asks waht did Hasti do. Puru says Hasti tried to kill king Bamni’s son, prince Kanishk. Mauses orders his archers to attack Puru when he says. They target him from a distance.

Pritha starts emotionally blackmailing Puru and says he can punish Hasti as he does not deserve to be alive, being a senapatis son, he had to stay in Dasyu lok and sacrifice his life to protect Puru, but did he realize that Hasti did this as he hates Puru. Mauses hears that and orders archers to wait. Pritha says even she should be sacrified to stop from bearing this pain and tries to slit her neck. Puru stops her and promises he will not let anything happen to Baba’s family.

Soldier informs Bamni that Hasti is caught. Hasti is brought to palace. Bamni angrily trashes Hasti asking how dare he is to attack my son, being Ripudaman’s son his duty was to protect my family and not kill. Puru interferes, but Bamni continues trashing Hasti. Darius asks Mauses why is Hasti still alive, how dare he is to disobey him. Mauses says being with him, he learnt politics, just wait and watch, whatever he wanted will happen. Bamni orders to hang Hasti in the middle of city. Puru says culprit should be punished, Hasti is not a culprit, he is thee culprit instead and he attacked Kanishk. Darius smiles at Mauses.

Precap: Anusuya says she saw Hasti walking towards Kanishk. Puru says Hasti just followed his orders as he told Hasti to keep an eye on Kanishk to attack him. Puru is given death sentence.
Darius taunts him that he will rule over his country. Puru thinks his country will be destroyed, he wlll not let that happen. Near hanging noose, he says death has chosen him, but he has not chosen it.

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