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Only For You swasan ff part 3

Next Morning

Sun rays fell on swara eyes telling her to wake up. She wake up ,fold her bedsheet and place in side. She goes towards curdle and saw sanvi sleeping peacefully with inocent smile. She kiss her cheeks then moved towards Sanskaar were he was sleeping peacefully. She goes near him, cover him properly with bedsheet which half lieing on floor. She kiss his cheeks without disturbing him were he smile unknowingly.

Swara pov

I know Sanskaar you lost your smile last six months back. I try to bring happiness in your and kavita’s life but what happen just got all mess. I think I got my punishment to cheating you.

Sanskaar move in sleep, swara imidatly got up and wents towards bathroom. She come wearing sadi meanwhile someone knock the door. She went towards door.
Sujata (Annoyingly ): take this and Wear this sadi in evening reception…… I don’t want to go my status down because of you…… I know you don’t know about high class status…..but atleast don’t let my status down……saying this she left making swara hurt.

Swara come towards dressing table and place sari there were consoling herself, ” y are you crying Swara what she said wrong…. I don’t know about high class status but I don’t let her status down, ”

She wear her ornaments were her eyes went on her mehndi which totally spread on hand……


Only close relative present in swasan mehndi. Mehndi girl putting on swara’s hand but swara only sitting there without emotion. After completing mehndi swara goes in room. Someone angrily pulled towards him through waist. She about to shout but seeing non other then Sanskaar she kept quite.

Sanskaar (angrily holding both arms ): you are enjoying na putting this mehndi on your hand….

Swara : plz live me..

Sanskaar : if mehndi colour get dark then her husband loves her more na…… so I want to clear one thing……. saying this he hold her palm tightly and mess her mehndi……

Swara(teary eyes ) : Sanskaar plz its hurting…

Sanskaar : this mehandi never get colors….. saying this he held his palm more tightly…

Swara : ahhh…..

He push her slightly making her stumbled….


Listening sanvi’s crying voice she come into sense. She got up and goes towards sanvi and pic her in arm.

Before sometime Sanskaar looks towards swara were she lost somewhere looking at mehndi.


Kavita sitting on middle of ladies were other ladies putting mehndi on her hand. Swara sitting beside her. Kavita many time told s Swara to put mehndi on her hand but she denied.

After sometime Sanskaar comes there

Swara : what are you doing here saskar? ?? This function only for ladies…..

Sanskaar : so what ??? I want to see my wife and bestfriend mehandi…..

Listening wife Swara feels bad but she composed herself..

Swara : but you can look tomorrow also….

Sanskaar : but I want to see now…… and by the way y you don’t put mehndi on your hand????

Kavita : i told many times but she didn’t listening me…now you only tell her to put….

Swara : i don’t want….

Sanskaar to ladies : plz put her best mehndi…. (to swara ) if you don’t put na then see i will not talk to you……

Swara : ok……

Ladies start putting mehndi on her hand were Sanskaar talking both of them were swara’s mind not present on mehndi. After putting mehndi Sanskaar took swara’s hand and start looking mehndi…..

Swara : what are you doing saskar? ??

Sanskaar : all say future husband name hide in this mehndi so I want to know staring later….

Swara fakely smile hiding her inner pain.

Seeing mehndi Sanskaar look swara with shock expression. Seeing Sanskaar expression swara looks towards mehndi and widen her eyes….

Swara( to mehndi girl with teary eyes ) : what you done? ?? Y you write Sanskaar name on my mehndi.

Girl : i thought he was your… I mean

Sanskaar : its ok swara…… this was not true it was only fun ok….

Swara (teary eyes ): but….

Sanskaar (wiping swara’s tears ): waise be i can’t marry two girls one time… so just chill…..

Kavita : Sanskaar saying correct…… if instead of you she write Sanskaar name on other girl na….. then I surly kill her…… but I trust you swara…… so don’t cry…… waise b I should cry…..after someday I have to live my house…

Swara : ok I will not….. saying this about to wipe her tears but Sanskaar held her hand….. he wipes her tears.

Just because of you we are standing like that swara murmuring himself get up and wents towards bathroom

In evening

Swara getting ready for reception party were Sanskaar already ready wearing black suit. Swara come out wearing white sari with backless blouse looking angle but she feeling uncomfortable because she never wear first time backless blouse.

Saskar playing with Sanvi he looks towards swara which was coming from bathroom were she looking angle in white sari.

Swara (hesitatly ) : wo saskar i need one help….

Saskar : haaa tell….

Swara : I can’t tie my blouse string ……… plz call someone….

Saskar(angrily ) : I am not yours servent….. you go yourself and call……

Mean time someone knock door. Swara silently move towards door hoping found someone . She open door and found someone standing on door.

Swara : what happens ? ??

Man: wo maam…… sir order one dress to baby….

Swara : haa……. give…… saying this she walked towards sanvi.

Saskar graz fell on that man were he was staring at Swara’s back. He angrily pulled swara towards him placing his hand on back , swara close her eyes feeling his touch. Saskar angrily shout on that man

Saskar(angrily ) : if your work done then go from here ….. listening his voice he immediately run from there.

Here swara looks saskar confusingly why he pulled her and shouting on that man. Saskar angrily turn swara and tie her blouse string without touching her back.

Now swara get to know y saskar shout on that man

Saskar(angrily ): if you don’t able to tie your blouse string don’t wear that type blouse..

Saskar took packet from swara and open. He brought beautiful frock to sanvi in black and white combination colour.

Saskar (sitting beside sanvi ): this was for my beautiful angle….. you like na… saying this he starts wearing frock

But sanvi not ready to wear. She was throwing her hand in air smilingly which he feeling difficulty to wearing.

Saskar (unkhowingly making faces ) : y are you troubling your papa…. when your mamma wears you cloth you sit silently…..

Swara sits beside sanvi and pic her arm sat her on her lap and gesture saskar to wear her frock. Swara also help him .

After wearing Sanvi clap her hand smilingly.

Saskar / swara : badmash……. said same time….

Both look each other, Sanskaar imidatly got up from there.

Saskar : we have to go now…..

Swara wear remaining assisories and went with Sanskaar.

Sanskaar took sanvi in his arm come down with swara. They give beautiful smile to present guest but who knows behind this beautiful smile they hiding there pain.

Business man: this baby is your first wife na???

Saskar : yaa

Business man : but see (showing finger towards swara and Sanvi which was now swara’s arms ) she same looks like your second wife….. no one say she is first wife child….

Saskar (angrily ): this is my first wife’s symbol of love….. I just married secand time because of this baby…..

Business man : i am sorry saskar…..I just told which I feel….

Saskar : its ok….

After sometime all cheers them to dance so they went to dance floor.
Light got dim and songs start playing on background.
Saskar place his hand around swara’s wrist and one hand in her hand were she place one hand on his chest. First he start dance slowly but that men words start ringing in his mind….. he start danceing fastly without carrying swara…… she about to fall but saskar hold her. He lives mark on her waist holding her tightly. Swara look into his eyes which showing only heatred. After music over all start clapping for them. Hearing clapping sound they come into sense. They immidetly departs from each other.

All congrats them for marriage…..and party get over……

To be continued……

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