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Belan Wali Bahu 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost helps Roopa throw servants out

Belan Wali Bahu 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lata says to Roopa that putting stealing blame on servants is not nice but we have to do it, lets do it.

Shalini gives her jewelry to Roopa. Lata asks her to keep it in Kamini’s bag. Roopa asks Shalini to start screaming after sometime. Roopa leaves.
Roopa comes to servants’ room. She finds their bag and says this necklace is small, I should put bigger necklace in their bag. She goes to her room, finds a heavy necklace and says Dada will not spare them after finding out big robbery. She is about to it in their bag but hears Shalini screaming that someone stole it, robbery happened, Roopa panics as she have Shalini’s necklace. Shalini calls everyone to lounge and says someone stole my necklace, Roopa comes there and tries to stop her but they dont see

her. Shalini says someone did robbery, it was my love’s identity, Jitendra got salary onetime and he bought that necklace for me. Prem says who could have done it? Roopa says no fmaily member can steal. Lata says but outsiders can steal. Kamini comes there and says you people think we stole it? Lata says they might have done it. Kamini says call police if you want. Jitendra says I am already policeman. Dada says suspended one. Jitendra says robbery happened, sorry to say you are outsiders so I have to check your bags, he brings their bags.
Jitendra says to family that if they stole it then it must be in their bags. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that.. Laddo’s ghost says they will be thrown out. Roopa says actually I didnt put any chain in their bags, she tells him how she tried to put heavy necklace in their bags but Shalini started screaming before she could do anything. Jitendra checks Kamini’s bags and says they dont have any necklace so they didnt steal it. Lata and Shalini are stunned. Pinky says we didnt steal so some family member might have stolen it. Lata says no one can do it. Jitendra says she is right, robbery happened so I will have to search everyone, nobody should move from their place. Jitendra starts checking everyone. Roopa says what to do now. Laddo’s ghost says before he search you, throw that chain away. Roopa throws it away and it falls and gets stuck in Shalini’s hair only, they are stunned. Shalini asks Jitendra to search her too, she will take selfie. Jitendra finds necklace in her hair and says you stole it? Dada says then how it came in your hair? Prem says you forgot necklace in hair and tried to blame poor servants. Dada says sorry to Kamini on their behalf and says please dont leave house. Kamini says no worries, all leave. Lata, Shalini and Suzzi glares at Roopa. Roopa is tensed. Lata says why didnt you put chain in bag? Lata screams at her, Roopa says sorry.

Scene 2
Roopa comes to her room and says why this happens with me? I feel I mistakenly got born thats why I do so many mistakes. Roopa says now servants will not leave. Laddo’s ghost says only Dada can throw them out, Suzzi can make him agree to that. He gives her an idea. Roopa leaves.
Suzzi, Lata, Shalini and Roopa comes to Dada. Suzzi says you have to throw servants out of house. Lata says they have to leave. Shalini says Roopa and Lata can throw them out. Dada says you put false blame on them and now want to throw them. Suzzi says if you dont throw servants out then I will leave, its either servants in house or me in house, you have to decide in 10 minutes otherwise I will leave. Dada says not you Suzzi, I can throw my own daughter in laws for you, I will tell my decision, he leaves.

Dada calls everyone in lounge, he says I have decided one thing, you might not like it but its my decision. Prem says what is it? Dada says servants will not come to this house from now on, all are stunned. Prem says why? Dada says its better for me, I mean for my family. Jitendra says what if we dont agree? Dada says then you can leave with them.

Servants pack their bags. Kamini says we didnt steal anything then why throwing us out? Dada says its something personal. Dada says I will pay you for your work, he tries to pay them advance salary but Kamini says we dont need money, we are respectable people. Pinky says usually when people ask us to leave then they pay us 6 months salary but you are giving only 500rs. All look on.

PRECAP- Kamini asks Dada to sign papers which says that they didnt do anything, they didnt steal anything in house and this family is throwing them on their own, Dada signs it, servant leaves.
Train passesby, Lata asks family to hold things down, servants are not in house anymore. Family comes there and is shocked to see Kamini and her daughters there. Lata says why you people are back and your get up is changed? Kamini smirks and says when bride comes in house after marriage then her getup is changed and we just need a chance. All look on confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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