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B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-17

Ragini comes to Sanlak swara where they sat nd chit chatting…
Swara:kya hua ragini you r looking happy
Swara:whats the matter
Ragini:Arjun told he wants to say something..he askd me to come at xyz place tomorrow..i knw he will propose me…then i will win challenge..
Sanskar:dont do day dreaming..
Laksh:jst shut up both..what u both are thinking about yourselves..ragini enough,tell truth to arjun..
Laksh:no but nd vut..stop playinhg with someone emotions..
Ragini:fine i will try..
Laksh:sanskar,did u tell about ur marriage to tanu..
Laksh:u should tell her naa..
Swara:laksh u really think tanu loves him truly…she is behind him bcz he is rich nd good looking,not with love..
Ragini:yeah correct..orelse who loves this idiot .
Sanskar:shut up…she loves me really
Ragini:day dreams.was she mad to love one loves u ,no one can marry idiot like u..
Sanskar gets angry by her words nd leaves ..
Swara:ragini what is the need to talk like that..
Ragini:he teased me like that only before some days i..
Laksh:u both naaa..
Sanskar comes with tanu ,raglak swa looks at him puzzled..
Sanskar(looking at ragini) u really love me..
Tanu:haan baby..
Sanskar:are u ready to marry me..
Tanu:kya hua baby
Sanskar:tell tanu ..will u marry me..
Tanu looks him surprised..where raglak swa looked at him shocked..
Tanu(hugs him):of course always ready..
Sanskar:how much u love me
Tanu:so much…i want to share my whole life with u..
Sanskar (smiles):ok baby u go..we will talk later..
Tanu goes smiling..
Laksh:what u did sanskar..its damm foolish what u have done..u r not loving her..then what is d need to do like that..
Sanskar:but she loves me naa…u have seen naa..she loves me really..someone said no one loves me..hope she got to knw i have one who loves me really(he said eyeing at ragini)
Ragini ignores..
Laksh:but sanskar what about u both
Sanskar:do u really think i will marry this ways..
Laksh:then what about suji chachi..
Sanskar:3 years hain naa..i will think about it..
Ragini:i too dont want to marry this idiot..i too have one who loves me..i will also say yes for arjun..(she said looking at sanskar angrily)
Sanskar:i dont even care..
saying he leaves ,ragini huff nd leaves…
Laksh:i never understand them..
Swara:me too..
Ragini was disturbed by morning incident ,she was felling some unknown restlessness..she came to MM where all are chit chatting expect sanskar..
she directly goes to sanskar room nd sees he was busy with his mbl..she moves towards him nd widened her eyes seeing tanu hot pics in his mbl..
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini:how shameless u are
Sanskar:what i did
Ragini(grabbed his mbl from him nd shows):what is all these
Sanskar:no billy its not like that..actually i was busy in playing game,suddenly i got watsapp notification from tanu i jst opened to see what was that..u came then only ..i really dont knw that tanu sent her photoshoot pics..
Ragini:dont act..i never thought u do like this..
Sanskar:promice billy its truth..
Ragini:i dont believe u..yup..i got an idea…i will show to all these pics in ur mbl,nd tell u are cherating on me..then i will escape from this marriage..
Sanskar:oye billy what u r saying..u wants to proove me as bad..
Ragini:u r that only na..
Sanskar:shut up..listen to me once..
Ragini:pehhh(go to hell)
Syaing she turns to go..sanskar hold her hand..
Sanskar:billy listen to me once
Ragini:no..leave me
Ragini:no means no
Sanskar:y u always misunderstood..listen naa she complted sanskar locked her mouth with his’s..
Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar(brk d kiss):i knw it is the only way to shut ur listen
Ragini(beats him with her hands) u think i would shut my
Saying she starts to walk sanskar tries to hold her hand bit it missed nd he holds her shirt frm back of her neck..
Ragini:leave me
Ragini tries to go but he pulls her back,she tries to go again but sanskar agin pulls,ragini shirt get tored by his hard pull nd his nails too digged in her smooth skin..
Sanskar:vo..i didnt do purposefully
Ragini (glares at him nd sees her back in mirror which is bare now nd his nails marks on her back which look red scratches):such a person u i will show this to suji aunty that u did it..
Sanskar:dont behave like a kid..what they will think
Ragini:they will think u r such a shameless guy..
Sanskar:no billy..really i didnt do purposefully..
Ragini:i hate u
Saying she turns to,again sanskar pulled her by the result ,her shirt got remove as it was already tore nd again he pulled it forcbily to stop she was in her inner..ragini stood shock where sanskar stood looking at ragini with mouth wide open..
Ragini:what u did idiot..
Ragini:close ur eyes idiot..
Ragini looks at him irritated nd immediately closed his eyes with her palm..
Sanskar:y r u closing my eyes..
Ragini:bcz im in half dress
Sanskar:tho..i have seen u many times without dres naa
Sanskar:when we are kids
Ragini:but now i was not kid..
Sanskar:but i feel still u r kid,bcz
Sanskar:u grown but ur mind didnt grow thats y..
ragini stamps his foot..
Ragini:u hurt my back u have torn my shirt now u r hurting with ur words..such a jerk u are..
Sanskar:argue later,will u remove ur hand on my eyes first..
Ragini:i will remove but u should close ur eyes..
Ragini slowly take off her hands nd makes sure he closed his eyes..she goes to his cupboard nd takes one shirt of him nd wears..she turns at sanskar ,after closing last button nd widened her eyes seeing sanskar who looks at her with his big eyes..
Ragini(throws pillow on him):idiot..dont u have shame
Sanskar:no..btw u r looking hot like that..
Ragini:shut up idiot..
Sanskar:i will shut..but pleasse listen to me carefully..
Sanskar:dont try to go..see what had happend..we will sort out things by talk..
Ragini:no i dont wnna talk with u..
Sanskar pulled her nd pressed her against wall nd blocked her way..
Ragini:are u mad
Ragini(she was not able to move,feels helpless):fine..
Sanskar:it was true ,im really unware about that photos…nd dont try to tell anything to maa…dont u remember she said if she again sees us fighting she will do our u want to marry me
ragini nodded as no
Sanskar:so keep quite..nd i didnt tear ur shirt purposefully..bcz of ur stupidity ,happend like that
Ragini:what..u did nd u are acusing me..
Sanskar:stop chup chap chalo..
He left her..Ragini looks at him annoyed..
Ragini:i hate u …i hate u..i hate u so much
Sanskra:thanks chale..
Ragini frowns nd walks out of room followed by sanskar…
Suji:kya hua ragini…y did u wear sanskar shirt..
Sanskar:maa,vo..juice fell on her she wore my shirt
suji gives a nod..
Ragini:ok going to home
Suji:stay sometime naa
Ragini:no aunty..bye..
saying she leaves glaring at sanskar..
Sanskar was sleeping suddenly he heard ragini was calling him..he says with closed eyes, y r u calling me billy this time..he again felt she calling him..he opened his eyes annoyed but he doesnt find her..
Sanskar rolled his eyes..he immidiately dialed ragini no but it was switched off..he called swara’s no..
Swara:haan sanskar..
Sanskar:what that billy she there at ur home..
Swara:haan..actually she is not well..
Sanskar:kya hua
swara:her back got swell..she told thats paining her alot..just now i made her sleep…
Sanskar recalled how his nails pierced her skin…
Swara:sanskar..are u there
Sanskar:haan swara..ok..bye..
saying he cuts the call..
Sanskar came to ragini who is sleeping..
Ragini( slowly opend her eyes):kya..y r u disturbing..nd what are u doing here..(she askd annoyed)
sanskar:i came to give this ointment..
Ragini:for what
Sanskar:for ur back
Ragini:did u mix something in it..
Sanskar:shut up
Ragini:vaise..swara applied ok..
Sanskar:but this will work well nd ur pain will reduce fast..i will call swra,she will apply..
Ragini:she is busy with talking with laksh in phone..u apply
Saying he takes her head into his lap nd removes her top from her back nd gently applies with his fingers..
sanskar:sorry sorry
Ragini giggles..
Sanskar(hits her head slowly):dont do drama..keep quite..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar applied ointment nd looks at her whois fallen asleep in his lap holding his waist..
HE smiles..he slowly departed fro her nd makes her sleep on bed.. nd leaves to MM…

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