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Would you miss Aarav and Suchi in Zee’s Bhootu?

Zee TV’s Bhootu started on 21st August, 2017 with a child show concept to entertain the viewers. But within a few days, Suchi entered as Pihu’s angel who made many efforts to make Pihu reach her mother Anandita. As it passed, Aarav made an entry and fell in love with Suchi. Both of them were expressing their love in many ways. At last, the murderer of Pihu turned into be Mansi (Aarav’s sister) who always acted mad and tried to kill Anandita. The show is now concentrating mostly on Suchi exposing Mansi’s true intention to Aarav with Bhootu’s help. Saddened by the fake acting of Mansi, he vows to get her arrested. Currently, it is in the track of Mahasangam with Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morey.

As its the remake of Zee Bangla’s Bhutu, it will turn into episodic series. It will be between Bhootu and Gopal where in each episode children will get helped by Bhootu. She makes funny acts too. The show will be revamped back to children entertaining show. It was confirmed by Sana Amin Sheikh and Kinshuk Mahajan. Lets see if Arshiya Mukherjee (Bhootu) and Viraj Kapoor (Gopal)’s acts interest the audience. Would you miss Aarav and Suchi in Bhootu? Let us know your opinion by likes and comments.

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