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You are only mine- ragsan- part 7

Hello all. Thanku so much all that u liked this ff. Thanku for comments. And new sissy’s also commented. Thanks for support. This gives encouragement.

In this FF Ragini is not negative and not obsessed. She really loves sanskar. It’s just her nature to b serious always. Remaining abt her u’ll come to know as story goes on..

@sinha mansion
Ragini and Naina enters. Shejan were waiting for them only as they know everything through TV.

She: wait Ragini. Wats this? Can u explain? This time u can’t ignore our questions.

Rag: u already seen in TV rite. Then y r u asking again?

Jan: y dint u tell us abt this before? We r happy that u r ready for marriage. But we r ur parents Ragu. Can’t we deserve that too?

She: we don’t have any prob abt ur choice. U r free to select ur partner. U shud have told us before media.

Rag: ok mom, dad. I agree. Am sry for that. I had to inform u first. But I don’t know how it came to mind and I announced suddenly.

She: well. No prob. Who’s that boy? When u both met?

Rag: he’s manager in xyz company. Before 2days he had come to our company for presentation. From that time I fell for him.

She: smiling. So love at first sight. We don’t have prob abt boy’s status. Whether he’s middle class or rich. I just want u both to b happy. (He keeps his hand on her head)

Ragini looks at him with serious smile only.

Nai: but uncle. He’s not ready.

She: who?

Nai: that boy. I mean his name is sanskar.

Janki feels that she heard this name somewhere. But soon she left that thinking and concentrated at Naina’s words.

Jan: wat do u mean?

Naina looks at Ragini for a while. She was quite. She continues and tells everything whatever happened between ragsan. (Naina and Ragini r best friends. Though Ragini is serious but she never scolds naina as she treats her as a imp person in her life)

She: Wats this Ragini? Is this true?

Rag: yes dad.

Jan: how can u do like this? U can’t force him. And he’s not a thing to get.

Rag: but mom I love him. If I leave like this he’ll love or marry someone else. And I can’t take it. He’s only mine.

She: ragini. U shud talk with him abt this with love. By expressing ur feelings. Not by forcing. By forcing u’ll get bad impression.

Rag: dad. I’ll already did this. There’s no point to discuss. He came to know that I love him. Just a thing which is left is just he has to agree.

She: wat if he won’t?

Rag: leave that on me. I know how to make.

Jan: little angry. This is abt 2 lives Ragini, not a game. Don’t do any such thing which makes u to regret later.

Rag: no mom. I won’t. Trust ur ragu.
Saying this she goes to her room.

Jan: shekhar. I think we shud talk with that boy.

She: I too think same.

@ragini room

Nai: keeps her both hands crossed on her chest. M waiting.

Rag: for wat?

Nai: raises her eyebrows.

Rag: sit. I’ll tell.

Naina sits on bed in Indian style luking at Ragini.

Rag: on first day of presentation, when I entered company I saw 2 guys doing chit chat abt company. As I couldn’t see their faces I went to my cabin and I saw them through cctv. That time seeing sanskar’s face I fell for him on that moment. Actually I wanted to scold them for their talks. But I fell for his innocent face, his cute smile. And next I saw him saving mom outside. From that I came to know that he’s gud hearted too. Then while he was giving presentation my concentration was just on his cute face and smile. To be frank Naina, for the first time I never listened any presentation. Coz of him only I signed deal with them. Thinking that he wud b with me all the time. Then again next moment only I thought wat if other girl comes in his life. I can’t tolerate that. So I did this. This is my love story. Now happy?

Nai: smiles. Ya. Happy for that atleast u loved someone except aunty uncle and me. And u selected perfect boy. But wat that 48 hrs and all ha? R u loving him? Or calling him for war?

Rag: he’s also not less. Stubborn. I liked it. But there was no choice.

Nai: now tell me wat u r going to do?

Rag: just see.

Nai: tell me atleast. I can suggest to abt wrong and rite.

Rag: later Naina. Now I told u enough. Shall we sleep now?

Nai: bossy Ragini. Come let’s sleep.

Rag in mind: I don’t know wat I’ll do. I just want u to agree. Coz YOU ARE ONLY MINE.

Both sleeps.


Same time at maheshwari home

Karsan enters and sees Sujata, uttlak r waiting for them. There was tension on their face.

Suj: sanskar, whatever I saw in TV, is that true? U dint tell us?

San: mom how can u even think that I love someone and don’t tell u all. U all r my life.

Suj: then wat was that?

Karsan tells them everything. But they dint tell abt 48hrs matter. They don’t want to give them tension. All became shocked.

Suj: then wat will u do?

San: leave it mom. I’ll handle. Now m hungry. In this all we dint had food.

Suj: we too. Come will serve.

All happily had dinner with as usual their nokjhok. Sanskar tried his best to not give tension to his family in this matter.

San: mom when dad is coming? Did he get transfer?

Lak: no Bhai. He had called us evng. He has submitted request but still they dint approved.

Utt: I wish soon they approve. Then we all can stay together.

(Ram is doing job in private company in Delhi from 3 yrs. Now family wanted him to b with them in Mumbai)

They finished thier dinner and went to their rooms.

@sanskar room

San: thanks Karan for not telling abt mine and Ragini’s conversation. I thought u’ll tell that too.

Kar: I can understand sanky. I too don’t want them to b tensed. We’ll handle whatever comes.

San: thanks bro.

Kar: u call me best friend, bro, well wisher. And now thanks ha?

San: sry. They hug eachother.

San: hey I forgot to tell lucky abt his training in our company.

Kar: we will tell tmrw at breakfast. Now let’s sleep. We both became disturbed by today’s happenings.

San: u r rite. But I’ll never let her win. She can’t do anything. I’ll never agree for our marriage.

Kar: ok darling. Now sleep.

He drags him to bed. Both sleep.


Mrng at breakfast
San: hey lucky. Gud news for u. Our sir agreed for ur training in our company. And if he gets impressed then he’ll give u job in our company only.

Lak: wow. That’s great news Bhai. Thanku so much.

San: today I’ll ask him abt joining date.

Lak: ok Bhai.

San: uttara. Wat abt ur exams? Finished?

Utt: just started Bhai. Only one subject over. Remaining this whole week.

San: do well. Al d best.

Lak: Kar Bhai. Wat abt my Bhabhi? Did u find her name?

Kar: no Yaar. Just missed. But next time definitely I’ll catch her.

San: with both hands?

All laughs.

Both leaves for office.

San in mind: time has started bossy Ragini. U can’t do anything. M also sanskar. And I know how to handle u.

@sinha mansion

Ragini gets ready and left for company.

Rag in mind: time started sanskar. Get ready to say yes my love.

Screen splits in 2. Both side ragsan’s confident faces.

So how’s this sissy’s. Waiting for views. Love u all.

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