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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha worries for her sons

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mihika saying Ishita asked me to prepa for grahpravesh. Raman talks to Ishita on phone. He says what you are doing in wrong, fine we are with you in this madness. He jokes that Ishita is getting the baraat, its a funeral of lovers. Everyone goes to see the baraat on hearing the noise. They see Ishita getting the baraat and ask her. Raman smiles. Ishita says I have got the grooms by doing their bidaai, Rohan and Karan will stay with us from today. She asks Mihika did she prepare for welcome. Rohan and Karan get shocked. Mihika says yes, all set. Mihika keeps the kalash. Ishita asks Rohan and Karan to hit the kalash and come in, the judge would have not gone too far. Rohan and Karan topple the kalash.

Raman jokes on them. Sudha says I won’t let my kids stay

there. Kaushalya stops her and says come with me. Sudha says I can’t let them stay here, I m not coming. Kaushalya says Ishita won’t send them with us, come. Amma says Ishita has taught her a good lesson, I have an idea. He calls the watchman and tells something. Amma asks Sudha what’s happening, you can’t make noise here. She asks watchman to take the two women out. Sudha says shut up. Amma says I will take you to police immediately, send them away. Sudha and Kaushalya leave. Amma says I have taught her a lesson. Appa asks her to come.

Kaushalya says Ishita can’t hurt them. Sudha says she has insulted my sons, she got them here in a palanquin. Kaushalya says she wants to teach them a lesson, she isn’t that bad person. Sudha asks whose side are you on. Kaushalya says I m on your side, but truth can’t be denied, come.

Ishita asks Simmi to come. Simmi sits with her. Raman joins them. They make Rohan and Karan get up from the sofa. Raman says he ruined my sofa. Mihika and Aaliya pull the sofa and make Rohan and Karan fall. Ruhi asks how did they fall, why are you laughing, they would have got hurt. She makes Karan fall again. They laugh making fun of Rohan and Karan. Raman says change is the only constant, they don’t know anything, we will teach them, they will respect women and not cheat, they will learn to talk with respect, they don’t have their mum, their wives will teach them. Rohan says you can torture us, you can keep us here, we want a divorce, we have no interest in your daughters, we don’t consider them wives. Ishita says we aren’t desperate to hand them over to you, we got you to teach you the most imp lesson of your life, those who don’t know respecting women, we will teach you, you won’t ever forget this, welcome to your new school. Raman says we shall have food. They all go.

Raman says hats off to you guys for getting Sudha’s sons here. Rohan says they don’t even know that guests are like Lord, we are son in laws, they didn’t ask us to have food. Karan says I don’t want to stay here with them. Sudha asks lawyer did he find some solution. Lawyer says reconciliation is the only way. Sudha says I can’t compromise with Bhallas, they took my brother’s life, I want my sons back. Everyone praises the food. Rohan and Karan look on. Raman says Rohan and Karan won’t eat this, they will have just healthy food. Karan says let them enjoy, when mom takes us away, we will show what we are. Rohan says I wish we get out of this mental asylum. Sudha says you are giving the worst solution, get out, you mean we are at the mercy of Bhallas, no way, get lost. Lawyer goes. Kaushalya asks Sudha to control herself. She calls Rohan. Karan says they are ill mannered, I m feeling hungry now. Rohan says I m here to rescue you, I will order chicken for you. He says my phone is switched off. Karan says even my phone is dead. Sudha says their phones are switched off, how would they be, did they have food or not. She cries.

Rohan and Karan look for the charger. Rohan says they must have a charger. He asks Ishita to give the charger. Ishita says we don’t share our personal things, its a good thing that phone is dead, you will get a good sleep without radiation. She goes. Rohan says strange family, they didn’t think where will we sleep. Karan says I can’t sleep empty stomach. Rohan asks him to control it. Ishita comes back. She says I forgot, you both must be… They say hungry. She says you would be sleepy, take this sheet, sleep in the kitchen. Karan refuses. Simmi says sorry, I forgot to give the bedsheet, there are holes on it. Rohan asks how do we sleep on it, I will sleep here and… Simmi says don’t touch the sofa, mumma will bear you, she gets much angry. Karan says no way, even our dog sleeps on the bed. Aaliya says don’t compare yourself with cute dumbbell. Rohan says you will have to give us a decent bed if you want the relation to stay. Simmi scares them. Ruhi says there is no vacant bed, you have to adjust, Karan said he likes to try new things, its a new experience. Karan says I won’t sleep there. Ishita says wash the dishes and sleep. Rohan and Karan say we don’t know washing utensils. Simmi asks them to learn it.

Inspector says justice needs to be delivered. Aaliya slaps Rohan. Everyone smiles.

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