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Vikram Betaal 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani Dev troubles Vikram to make him change his decision

Vikram Betaal 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vikram thanking Navgraha for coming infront of him. Acharya ji says they gave their darshan to a human for the first time. Vikram thanks them and tells that he got the chance to work in their service. He promises that he will choose between Surya grah and Shani grah on the basis of their qualities and says the one who is superior will be head of the Navgrah. He asks Kavi Kalidas about Surya Dev’s Mahima being his bhakt. Betaal thinks today he has taken a big responsibility and thinks Satyanishtha is a big exam. Nobody could pass in this test except Raja harishchandra, if you get successful then will become Dev else you can’t reach Betaal Ghati. Kavi Kalidas tells about Surya Dev’s importance and says we can’t imagine our life without Surya Dev. Vikram asks Acharya

ji about Shani Dev. Acharya tells that Shani Dev is Surya Dev’s son and he gives the phal according to their karma. He says when he gets happy, he gives kingdom to someone and can snatch it. He says if he gets angry then everything will be ruined. Vikram says I heard you both and says both life and justice is necessary, but life is first and then Justice. He announces that Surya Dev is superior than others grah and is the head of all grahs. Shani Dev comes infront of him and asks him to stop. Vikram welcomes him.

Shani asks what do you mean to say that Surya Dev is superior than me and refusing to acknowledge my identity. Vikram says Surya Dev gives life to us and is superior than you all. Shani says I don’t want to hear anything from you. He says the life will be like of animal if there is no justice and asks him to change his decisions. Vikram says this decision is right for humans. Shani asks him to change his decision. Vikram says I can’t back off from Satyanishtha and says Surya Dev is superior. Shani says you have to change your decision and have to tell infront of everyone that Shani Dev is superior. Betaal thinks you have challenged Shani Devi, if this is your ego or Satyanishtha. It will be proved if you stick to truth till the last. Vikram plays Veena. Padmini looks at him. Vikram asks if she liked the Veena’s tune. Padmini says I am tensed and worried. Vikram says I have done justice. Padmini says Shani Dev is not happy with your justice and got angry. Vikram says I have to do justice without any selfishness. Padmini says he can ruin anything and asks don’t you know him. Vikram says Shani Dev also don’t know me.

Virat Singh comes to Vikram and tells that a man came and tells that he has some precious horse which nobody can buy. Vikram says I have to meet him. He comes to the man and asks where is the priceless horse. Shani Dev is in disguise of a man and tells that the horse is priceless, but he will give to the person who can control it. Vikram asks him to tell the price. Shani asks him to think and says only I can handle it. Vikram asks him to tell where is the horse? Shani Dev shows her horse. Vikram rides on the horse. Virat Singh says Maharaj can do anything. Shani Dev says Maharaj have to ride first. He makes horse go crazy and thinks you have to change your decision. Vikram thinks it is difficult to control this horse. He thinks what does this horse wants? Horse takes him to enemy nation. A man sees and thinks why he is going to Ujjaini’s enemy. Vikram’s ornaments falls down. He thinks where did the horse brought him, and thinks it seems he has crossed Ujjaini. Horse makes him fall down.

Shani Dev comes infront of him. Vikram says Shani Dev, you are here. Shani Dev says what do you think that the horse brought you here. Vikram says yes. Shani Dev says this is your Shatru Rajya Tamalpradesh. Vikram says I couldn’t figure out that I came so far. Shani Dev laughs and says I have snatched your Palace, kingdom and your ornaments. He says you are not Chakravarti or Samrat. He asks him to change his decision and tells infront of everyone that he is superior. Vikram says circumstances changes everything, now I have nothing, but the truth will not change. He says my decision is same even now and says superior grah is not you. Shani Dev says you will have my reflection until you accept that I am superior. Vikram looks on.

Shani continues to trouble Vikram to make him change his decision. Enemy King punishes Vikram badly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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