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Taken For Granted (Rumya FF) – Part 16

Omkara’s POV

My life hasn’t been the same since Gauri left, ever since she left I have been feeling nothing but guilt.

My life hasn't been the same since Gauri left, ever since she left I have been feeling nothing but guilt

I feel like I have become Mr TEJ SINGH OBEROI, this is not the same Omkara who wouldn’t even hurt a fly… I have changed. I am sorry Gauri, please come back… I need you! I shouldn’t have hurt you like this… I am sorry. Since the day you left until now… I have been taking DRUGS. The only way to feel happy was to take drugs… they make me feel happy and emotional at the same time. You know Gauri, painting reminds me of you, you are my inspiration. I shouldn’t have hurt you like this… I shouldn’t have become my father.

After you, Anika and Priyanka left… my life hasn’t been the same. Both of my brothers are always prioritising their work over their family. Mr Shivay Singh Oberoi, he has become a Tej Singh Oberoi… I may have hurt you Gauri but I have realised my mistake… I know that you are not one of those girls, but Shivay, he didn’t even try to find out the truth. You know Gauri, my so-called mother has finally realised her mistake, but I told her to stay away from me.

Flashback = Bold

Jhanvi (cupping me) – Om… I am sorry my baby, I should have been there for you…

Me (angry and moving her hands away from mine) – Yes, you should have… if you aren’t capable of being a good parent then why did you have us? You know what, since young, the only people that cared for me were dadi and Shivay… all you were doing was getting drunk or arguing with dad. You aren’t my mother ms Jhanvi Singh Oberoi… you are no one.

After my fight with Jhanvi, Shivay came to me and tried to convince me to forgive Jhanvi, but I refused to and that’s where Shivay found out that I started taking drugs, he put me into Rehab.

Seriously Shivay? Rehab, isn’t going to do anything to me, you don’t get it… I don’t need Rehab… Rehab isn’t going to solve any of my problems, I want someone to give me advice… I want Gauri back… I want to apologise to her… I want to show her my love. Both of my brothers are so busy in their own world that they don’t even have time to talk to me. I feel so lonely and depressed…

Author’s POV

With that Omkara faints after taking the drug in his hand.

Shivay (screaming) – Omkara!!

Shivay lifts Omkara up and puts him on the bed while immediately dialling the number to call the doctor.

Jhanvi (coming in) – Om! …

As Jhanvi is about to approach Omkara, Shivay stops her and with his bloodshot eyes, he calmly asks Jhanvi to leave.

Shivaay (calmly asking) – Please leave!

Jhanvi being really concerned about Omkara after seeing him in this condition, couldn’t stop herself and runs towards Omkara despite Shivay’s warning and cups his face.

Jhanvi (crying) – Om…please wake up…Om!

Shivay who is looking at her with sympathy decides to ask Jhanvi to leave because he knows how much Om hates Jhanvi right now

Shivay (angry) – LEAVE!

Half-heartedly looking at Shivay’s anger, Jhanvi leaves but stays outside the door to see what is happening.

Shivay lifts up Omkara and puts him on his bed, while the doctor comes running in.

Doctor (scared) – You called, Mr Oberoi

Shivay (trying to control his anger) – Check my brother

The doctor immediately rushes to Omkara due to his fear of Shivay.

Soon Pinky comes running in and looks at Shivay angrily.

Pinky (angry) – Shivay! I have been looking everywhere for you, did you like any of the photos I showed you? When will I get a daughter-in-law, I want to be a grandmother soon…

With that Pinky tries to drag Shivay to go to her room, but Shivay forcefully lets go of his mother’s hold and angrily looks at her.

Pinky (scared) – Sh…Shiva…

Shivay (angry) – Leave now!

Pinky immediately runs away not before insulting Anika more thinking it is her fault that her hera beta changed.

Doctor (coming out) – Mr Oberoi! Your brother is in a very critical situation.. He is on the verge of depression and those drugs that he is taking aren’t helping him either

Shivay (upset) – I know doctor about Om’s situation but can you please tell me why did he faint?

Doctor (worried) – Mr Oberoi he fainted because of the decreased blood flow to the brain and also because he has low blood sugar. Please make sure he has his regular diets and Mr Oberoi… it seems to me that the patient needs to leave his house for a few days and have fresh air because for the past 9 months I am seeing him, his condition isn’t improving. I… I am sorry to say this Mr Oberoi but if this continues happening then… the patient may die… either due to having too many drugs in his body or due to suicide…

Shivay (angry and holding the doctor’s collar) – NO! MY BROTHER WILL NOT DIE, YOU HEAR ME…

Jhanvi who has heard everything comes running in and tries to get Shivay to let go of the doctor’s collar.

Jhanvi (crying) – Shivay… please let go

After a few minutes, Shivay lets go of the doctor’s collar and runs towards Om while Jhanvi apologises to the doctor.

Shivay (crying) – Om… why are you becoming the old Om… I need you, Om… don’t do this…

Doctor (approaching Shivay) – Mr Oberoi, the patient will get his conscious after a couple of hours.

After saying this the doctor runs away while Jhanvi looks at Om, with tears in his eyes

Jhanvi (crying) – Om…

Shivay (angry) – How many times, do I have to tell you? Leave from here

Jhanvi (angry) – Who are you to decide whether I stay or not, I am his mother… I

Shivay (angry) – Mother! Bade mum… I don’t want to open my mouth right now… your own son wants to stay away from you… just leave.

Jhanvi clearly hurt leaves the room while Shivay immediately calls Khanna.

Shivay (angry) – Khanna! Get the private jet ready… I and Om are going to Mumbai.

Precap – Rikara and Shivika feel each other’s presence

Thank you guys for the likes and comments that you guys gave in the last chapter. They mean a lot to me. Please continue to like and comment. Note: The next update will be the last update before the story goes on hold for 2 weeks. Sorry

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