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Shakti 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Veeran shocks Harak Singh with his betrayal

Shakti 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya thinking about Harman and recalls their moments. She recalls Harman refusing to marry her and calling her a kinnar. Door bell rings. Soumya opens the door. Sameer brings the food. He says we have to make arrangements for food from tomorrow. He says you have cleaned the house and asks her to write down the things of necessity. Raavi comes to Harak Singh and serves him food. Harak Singh asks where is Preeto and Harman. Raavi says they went to search Soumya. Harak Singh says everyone searches for support of each other, but I am left alone. Raavi says no and tells that we are one in Soumya’s matters, but we all need your love and support always. Harak Singh looks on. Soumya washes the plates after having food. Sameer says this food was not tasty like your cooked food. He says

his dream came true to have a life with her and asks her to work infront of him all day, and he will just stare at her. He lies to her and asks her to end the work. Soumya says work is finished. Sameer thinks he made her his, and thinks you are just Sameer Singh’s Khushi now. Harman searches for Soumya on the road and asks the man if he saw Sameer and Soumya by showing their pics. Man asks why he wants to stay with characterless wife. Harman slaps the man and says my wife is not characterless. He says I did a mistake. Preeto apologizes to man. Soumya packs the tiffin for Sameer. Sameer says it is like husband and wife’s home and gives her mangalsutra. He says I know we are not married, but we have to marry some day. He says I want to give you all rights of a wife and says you can sleep on the other side of bed.

Soumya says after marriage. Sameer says as we are here, people might question you about our marriage. He asks her to keep it with herself and wear it if she wants. Soumya nods her head. Sameer leaves for work. Preeto asks Harman not to fight with anyone. A seller asks Harman to buy a chain for his wife. Harman thinks of Soumya and buys a chain. Preeto smiles. Harman pays him money and tells Preeto that he will throw the things off from Soumya’s neck and will make her wear this chain, so that she tells that he is mad, stupid, but loves just Gulabo. He says I love Gulabo. Soumya looks at the mangalsutra and thinks how can I accept this knowing my truth, but I can’t forget that Sameer accepted me knowing my truth. I can’t betray him and recalls moments spent with Sameer and Harman. She thinks of Sameer’s words that he don’t care about her identity. She thinks I can’t forget what he did for me and thinks my heart is refusing to let me wear mangalsutra.

Sameer’s mum looks at Sameer and thinks Soumya made my business man’s son as labour, and thinks she has reached here and will not leave Soumya. Soumya locks the house and goes out. She thinks to work and help him financially. She sees a job vacancy for a waitress. Harak Singh asks neighbors about Veeran and his wife. Just then Lawyer comes there and ties court notice on the wall. Harak Singh asks what is he doing? Lawyer says he is Veeran’s lawyer and it is written on the notice that this house is of Veeran Singh and his wife.

Harak Singh tears the papers and pushes Lawyer. He says this house is mine and is made of my hardwork. Veeran comes there and helps Lawyer gets up. He tells Harak Singh what will happen if you tear this paper and says nothing will change. Harak Singh says I will not leave you and your wife for harming my son. Veeran asks him to think first that they have become homeless now. Harak Singh says I will kill you right now. Lawyer says if you kill him then you will be jailed. Veeran says if my brother kills me then he will get jail as his new home. Harak Singh asks how did this house become yours. Veeran reminds him that once he signed the papers and gave to him on the dhaba. Harak Singh says you had said that you have torn it. Veeran says if I am a fool to tear it and says that paper was fake which I torn. Harak Singh is shocked. Veeran says I have to bend infront of you for a smallest thing.

Soumya goes to the restaurant and asks for job. Manager says you seems to be from a good house. Soumya says she is in need of work. Manager asks why do you want to work? Soumya says my name is Khushi and tells that she wants to meet financial expenses of the house. She says she can make tea, coffee etc. Manager says here, everything is made in machine. Soumya says she will learn anything fast. Manager asks her to come for work tomorrow morning. Soumya says ok.

Preeto and Harman come to Saya’s house and tell that Sameer’s mum must be knowing where is Sameer? Saya says she will never tell us where is she? Harman says if Lavneet calls Sameer’s mum then she will tell her where are they?

Soumya comes to the restaurant to do the work. She wears waitress’s clothes. Soumya wears it. Harman tells Preeto that he has an idea and goes to terrace and threatens to give his life

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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