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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir spoils Ishika and Roop’s jungle romance

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shamsher dropping Kamla and his daughters to temple. Kamla asks him to do darshan. Shamsher says I will be here and asks them to go. Palak and Jeetu come there. Shamsher calls Jeetu. Jeetu greets everyone except him. Shamsher hugs Jeetu and befriends with him again. Kamla asks Palak how her studies are going on? Jeetu tells that Palak is not going to college and is sad. Jeetu says my wife went to her son’s place and Palak is doing all the work. Kamla asks her to come home. Shamsher asks Jeetu to get her married. Palak says no. Kamla says Roop and Ishika are studying after marriage. Shamsher asks Jeetu to get Palak married and talks about her alliance. He says he knows a guy and says he will call them to his house. Jeetu agrees.

The hotel staff member

shows the tent which is set for honeymoon couple. Ishika and Roop likes it. Himani tells that the handkerchief is not of a boy, but belongs to some man of Patel family. She says everything will come out in finger prints examination, and says once she gets the proofs then she will find the culprit. Rupesh says this handkerchief is mine. Himani asks what are you saying? Rupesh takes it in his hand and says I gave my handkerchief to the worker as he was sweating. Kanchan tries to say, but Rupesh holds her hand. Himani asks him not to get scared and tell her. Rupesh says this handkerchief is mine and thanks her. Himani asks them to take care and call her. Himani leaves. Rupesh tells Praful that he is returning his stuff to him. He says you need it more as you are sweating. He says we know who is guilty and says Roop made all arrangements of our safety. Kanchan takes Rupesh from there. Vaishnavi is shocked.

Ishika says if any wild animal came. Man says everything will be taken care of. Ishika asks Geet to click pics and says I want to kill her along with mosquitoes. Roop says you agreed to come here. Ishika says she agreed as Geet was flirting with you. Roop looks on. He asks what did you say? Ishika says you would have refused her and says it is your mistake. Roop says it is a wonder.

Ishika says don’t know why mosquitoes is biting me. Roop says it is my sweet blood and says he did this global warming. Geet says she has half an hour to click pics and asks Ishika to pose with Roop like she is posing. Ishika says I know and poses with Roop. Roop asks are you jealous. Geet asks them to enjoy and say bye to Ishika and Roop. Ranvir looks at them hiding and thinks to ruin their happiness. Roop says I like to see you jealous. Ranvir thinks you both will be scared and looks at the rocket. Ishika and Roop look at the firecracker and says I love this together. They look at each other. Tujhse milne se pehle bhi….song plays….Roop looks at Ishika as she smiles. Ishika also looks at him. Ranvir looks at the rocket and thinks it will launched and will not land on moon, but on your honeymoon, and then boom…..He lights the rocket aiming at Roop and Ishika.. It gets released and is about to hit Roop and Ishika. Roop sees it and falls with Ishika. Ranvir fumes and thinks destiny will not save you again. Roop says you are looking like Adivasi and laughs. Ishika goes away from there and realizes someone is following her. She turns thinking Roop is behind her, but Ranvir is following her. Ishika gets scared and runs back.

Kanchan gives medicine to Rupesh and says I will not support you. She says you knew about Praful and others’ conspiracy, but you were scared to tell the truth. Rupesh says what would have happen if I have told. He says our family must have got insulted infront of court. He says there is no serious matter. Kanchan asks shall we wait to something big happen and says if that happens, then we will have nothing, but to repent.

Ishika comes running to tent and rests on the bed. She thinks Roop is on bed and asks him if he is hearing her and tells that she felt like Ranvir is behind her. Ranvir is on the bed with her and touches her. Ishika thinks why Roop is touching her. Roop calls her from outside. Ishika runs out calling Roop on seeing Ranvir. Ranvir smirks. Ishika takes Roop inside and tells that Ranvir was inside the tent on bed. Roop tells that he will first bandage her leg. Ishika faints and falls on him. Ranvir thinks plan is successful and thinks you both will be shocked soon. They come back to hotel. Doctor scolds Roop for bringing Ishika on honeymoon without knowing her fully. Roop tries to say. Doctor asks him to become friend of his wife and then expect her to do wifey duties. She says you want her to wear small dress. Roop tries to say, but Doctor asks him not to give excuse. She asks him to connect with her emotionally. Ishika smiles. Doctor goes. Ishika laughs. Roop says she is gone and asks Ishika to relax. He says Doctor knew half truth, but said right that we shall befriend each other. He says our marriage is a deal and compromise, but until we are together, we shall stay as friends. He extends his hand for friendship. Ishika smiles. Tujhse Milne Se Pehle Bhi….plays….Someone knocks on the door. Ishika says I will think.

Waiter tells Roop that Ishika called the taxi. Roop thinks why did ishika called the taxi and calls her. Purvi is leaving while crying. Roop doesn’t see her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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