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RadhaKrishn 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Challenges Radha

RadhaKrishn 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Competition starts between Barsana and Vrindavan vasis. Ayan and Balram with their teams compete pitu/lagori game. Ayan wins twice. Radha cheers Ayan. Krishna tied to a pole does his Leela. Radha imagines Krishna in all players except Ayan, thinks Krishna was tied, then how did he come here, she has to stop his magic, else he will win. She walks to Krishna. Krishna watches her and starts acting. Radha asks if he thinks he will win via magic. Krishna asks if she thinks she will tie him via Maiya and make him lose, he will participate and his team will win for sure. She says she will not let him do that and throws flowers on him. Krishna asks to let him concentrate on his magic and closes eyes. She opens his eyes forcefully. He says he can do magic with mantras and chants vague mantras. Radha

thinks how to shut his mouth and stuffs butter in his mouth. Krishna continues chanting mantras and she stuffs butter in his mouth. People pass by discussing Ayan defeated Balram in first competition itself. Radha smirks at Krishna. Krishna laughs on her. She wipes her butter smeared hands. Krishna signals her to smile. She smiles and says he lost 1st game, she will bring Yashoda aunty during next game as he cannot do magic in front of her. Krishna says he won either ways and thinks spending time with her is his biggest win. He asks her to bring maiya as she will free him. Radha walks away saying let us see. Krishna thinks his Radha is so innocent.

Ayan taunts Balram that he may not win at all, so he should bring Krishna to at least compete fairly. Balram fumes and via telepathy asks Krishna why did he ask to lose, he would have won easily against Ayan. Krishna asks not calm down, they have to lose first and then win. He says that time should come soon as he does not want Vrindavan to lose. Krishna says Vrindavan is Radha and Krishna’s land, it will not bear defeat.

Second competition starts. Hosts announces to get butter from milk and whoever gets more butter will win. Yashoda, Kirtida, and others compete. Radha joins late and links her pot with everyone’s pots. After competition, Kirtida excitedly says everyday she makes 2 pot butter in same time, today she made 4. Radha says she used all their help and got more butter and this signifies with unity can, they can win any competition. Jatila asks whom to declare winner, everyone made 4 pots butter. All audiences chant Radha.. Jatila gives bouquet to Radha which Krishna prepared.

Balram laughs on Radha and says Krishna told how she tricked Yashoda and got Krishna tied to a pole to win competition. Radha agrees. Balram signals to look at back. Radha turns and gets nervous seeing Yashoda. Yashoda confronts Radha to win competition, she tricked her and made her tie her innocent son. Radha tries to speak. Yashoda warns to stop lying, she punished her son because of her. She rushes to free Krishna. Balram taunts Radha and says now Vrindavan will win.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that human’s brain records memories, they have to decide what to record, they should record happiness, instead they record pain and sorrows, which in turn force them to take revenge; hence, they should remember only happiness.

Precap: Yashoda frees Krishna and tells him that his son will win and sit on swinger. Ayan makes wild bull sniff Kans’ sent black magical perfurme and thinks it will kill Krishna. Krishna reaches competition venue.

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