Thursday , November 26 2020




Normal day…

After twinkle and Kunj first kiss things changed little bit kunj didn’t leave single change to tease twinkle and flirting with her while twinkle just give him blushing smile and shy look.

Twinkle was in kitchen making breakfast today servant on off.Kunj getting ready in room he gets ready and went downstairs he went towards dinning table and see twinkle busy in kitchen he keeps his laptop bag in side and went towards her.. he stands beside twinkle.


Twinkle:(she looked at him) good-morning..

Kunj: what happened you looking so sad..

Twinkle:I’m not why I’ll. You sit I’ll bring breakfast.

Kunj:I’ll help you na.. Kunj helping her twinkle give smile to see him.They take breakfast to table and both sits.And having their breakfast while kunj admiring twinkle.They completed their breakfast. Okay twinkle bye.

Twinkle:yeah bye.. he cupped her face and kissed on her forehead and went for office.While twinkle get busy in her work she gets tired today she did whole house work alone.After sometimes later when everything is complete she went in her room and lay down become so tired. Chinki called twinkle she picks up her call.

Chinki: hi Meri twinkle ji..


Chinki:what happened you sounding low..

Twinkle: hmm just get tired today servant on off..

Chinki:poor where is your husband ji..

Twinkle:my husband ji went his office or else where he’ll go..

Chinki: hoo what’s going on..


Chinki:you know what I mean twinkle.


Chinki:aur hows kunj twinkle..

Twinkle:Kunj is know chinki kunj kept fast for me.

Chinki: aww. Twinkle tell chinki whatever kunj did for her on karwa chauth day.. twinkle is so beautiful hoo kunj..


Chinki:and what you give him😛😜.. twinkle closed her eyes and recalled their first lip-lock.. beautiful shy smile appeared on twinkle lips she bites her lips.. bata na..

Twinkle:I give him something really special what he wanted that I give him..

Chinki:aisa kya de diya tune..

Twinkle:ab how I’ll tell you..

Chinki:hmmm now I understand.nooky?😜

Twinkle:shut up. Nothing is like this..

Chinki: bata na yaar what you give him..

Twinkle: hmm he wanted..

Chinki: haa In curiosity voice.. what he wanted..

Twinkle: Kunj wanted kiss bas..

Chinki: what he wanted kiss just..

Twinkle:haa why just it was our first kiss.

Chinki:hoo first kiss seem interesting..

Twinkle:what I’ll do he makes so puppy faces, so I give him kiss.

Chinki:good you give him.. how was your experience twinkle Sarna 😂😝.

Twinkle:hatt.. you tell me about you.. what’s going on in your life how’s your fiancé..

Chinki:great.. my fiancé is too good..

At office Kunj was working and remembering their first kiss he just smiling.And working he imagined twinkle face on paper whereupon he writes.Yuvi and rishi come there. And look at Kunj both get confused to see him he was smiling without anything Itself. They understand his condition both look at each other face and smirked and went behind kunj chair without doing any noise and both give kiss on kunj both side of cheeks kunj get shocked and look at them while they about burst out in laugh loudly. Kunj making eww face and rubbing his cheeks..


Rishi: kunj really you so lost in your dreams yaar come out of your wifey dreams once your love story starts and become like us than you will realize our condition in first session it was looking like so fairytale after daal chawal 😂😂. They both take seats opposite him.

Yuvi: I don’t think so see my and Mahi life so smooth..

Kunj:yup everyone life not like yours and Maya..

Rishi:have some shame yaar you talk about your sister what type of saala you Are😂😂..

Kunj:kamina jija and kamina saala what a combination 😝😝😛..

Rishi: that’s true yaar I’m so lucky had brother-in-law like you but you aren’t my wife brother but before my besties..

Kunj:haa yup but don’t forget end of the day somewhere I’m her brother as well. So think twice before hurting my sister..

Yuvi:he is so smart Itself calling her b*t*h.

Kunj:that’s our love😂.just than Alisha entered in cabin Yuvi and Rishi and gesturing Kunj While Kunj make faces.

Alisha: kunj sir wanted file so..

Kunj: yes he gives her file.. she look at him and went from there..

Yuvi:this Alisha is a so cheapo..

Kunj: but she is good for me sometimes benefited for me😂😂.

Rishi: how??

Kunj:after hearing her name twinkle easily get jealous 😂😂..

Yuvi:that’s superb used alisha trump card.

Kunj:at karwa chauth day I used her name only..

Rishi:what you get I mean hoo congratulations😂😂😂..

Kunj:shut up saale break down on your Bangalore express. We just share kiss for the first time she leaves her all hesitation and come to me finally I share my first kiss with my wife🥰and my love..


Rishi:for this let’s do party what’s say kunj.

Yuvi:right see tomorrow is Diwali let’s celebrate together my mom and dad went to Amritsar for celebration, so we all buddies celebrate together it’s so amazing what’s say guys??

Kunj:idea was not bad.. even MAA and papa too calling.

Rishi:hmm what about Mr. Sarna.

Kunj:you leave about him.. finally, your mother come back.

Rishi:yup and now sitting on maya head.

Yuvi:hehe this Mother in laws is like this only everyone isn’t like my mom and my mom and Mahi share so good bond.

Kunj:same even twinkle and Usha MAA too.

Rishi:you both know my mother.. naman come there and informed them boss calling them they get surprised why their Hitler boss calling them.they went.. boss kept board meeting they get busy in meeting. Other-side twinkle and Chinki still talking on phone than they end the calls. Twinkle sleep without having anything..

After sometimes later kunj and his gang get free from office they went to bar and sit having drinks.Kunj didn’t drink too much just normally..!Twinkle wake up and see the time she still feel sleepy.she cuddles blanket little bit cold. She check her phone and didn’t find kunj calls and messages today.

Twinkle:why he didn’t message me and didn’t call me as well where he is busy till now let me call him.twinkle calling him but his phone coming out of the range…

Kunj:okay I’m going twinkle is all alone and you know my neighbor is so silly..

Yuvi:haa you go.before anyone will come to see your moon 😂😛..

Kunj:yes she is my moon did you have any problem with this..

Rishi: even we should too leave.. they four of them sits in their cars and drove off.

Soon kunj reached the house and he didn’t ring the bell directly open the door with another key of house he went inside and see living area light was off.

Kunj: where is twinkle today she is at home na?? He on the lights and went upstairs goes in room he entered in room his eyes went on twinkle and who cuddling blanket tightly and looking so cute her eyes were closed kunj Keep the bag in side and went towards her and side beside twinkle caress her hairs.. he press her shoulder he knows she gets tired today “lot..Twinkle feel and open her eyes and turned her face and see kunj..


Kunj:yes me.. what happened she fully turned towards him..

Twinkle:nothing where are you till now haa.Don’t tell me in office.. I know your office hours end..

Kunj:he smile. Spying at me haa.. yup I wasn’t in office just went with Yuvi and Rishi or Naman here only.

Twinkle:acha.. koi galt kaam kiya😛😛😜. He bends down their face is closed..

Kunj:na twinkle Kunj Sarna ji.. I’m still virgin 😂😂😛😛you don’t worry. I’ll not do my Kala muh with anyone expects than you😂😂😛.. Twinkle hit on his chest..

Twinkle:shameless I don’t know what you do in office..

Kunj:I just think about you whole day in office😛😛..

Twinkle:acha ji.soon everyone will call you mad..

Kunj:let them call whatever they wanted I don’t care about anyone just about you.. Tere bare me soch ke jo sakoon jo milta hai na that you don’t much peace I get when I think about you twinkle.

She looks at him with smiling face.Kunj tucked her hairs behind her ears.. how’s your day??

Twinkle:hmm good.. you tell me about you.

Kunj: my too went good.. only you run in my mind in office as well.. so ultimately awesome 😂..

Twinkle:pagal today this servant not come I get tired lot..

Kunj:hmm I can understand that’s why I told you hire two servants na..

Twinkle:no need of this.. I don’t want to waste my husband money.. Did you have your dinner??

Kunj:nope without you how can I..

Twinkle: okay you go and get freshen up I’ll make dinner quickly. Kunj see the time..

Kunj: don’t make anything leave it today I’ll oder from outside it’s already late and even you are tired.. you tell me what you wanna have.

Twinkle:Chinese 😛😛..

Kunj:okay.. Kunj oder the food..

twinkle get up and give kunj his night dress and Kunj take and went in washroom.He come and sit while twinkle take her nighty and went for changing.. Kunj went downstairs and see oder had come he went toward door and take the oder and give money and closed the door and went in kitchen fill everything in vessel

And place everything on tray and went in room back kept all things on table and waiting for twinkle just than twinkle come out of the washroom Kunj get enthral totally to see twinkle in back s*xy long nighty gown.Her eyes went on kunj who lost in herself she gives smile and tired her hairs and went towards him and sit beside kunj.

Twinkle:let’s have dinner husband ji..

Kunj:haa.they both having dinner in between dinner kunj get busy in phone he was playing games from otherside even his gang too..

Twinkle:Kunj your this habit is so annoying why you leave your food everything just game game like small kids haa.. have your dinner it will get cold..

Kunj:you have I’ll later see this Yuvi will win to me.. twinkle admire kunj and see his innocent face he got happy in this game..

Twinkle:(think in heart).See this sadu he look so cute babaji give him all happiness of mine too.. she feed him food with her hands he happily having food twinkle give smile after both finished their food twinkle take everything in kitchen place everything on their actual place and come back in room and see kunj who laying down on bed and busy with files.. she held her head.she went towards him sit beside kunj.This sadu is so boring first busy in his silly game now in these files what I’ll do. She called Mehar and talking with her and lay down her back facing to Kunj. Kunj see her.

Kunj:she have time for everyone expect that me.he leave his files in side and look at her wait for her that she’ll end the call but not keep talking with her brother and bhabhi which irritating Kunj lot.he lay down near her. Rest her head on her head listening mehar side conversation twinkle see him..

Twinkle:kunjj in low voice..

Kunj: what kunj Leave this phone your husband is here.

Twinkle: acha ji..

Mehar:what happened twinkle what your lovey husband saying..

Twinkle:nothing bhabhi.Kunj playing with her hairs and kissing on her ear lobs twinkle clutched the bedsheet.. his one hand around twinkle waist held her hand linked their fingers tightly rubbing his nose on her head twinkle closed her eyes.. rubbing his feet on her silky legs.. bhabhi I’ll call you later this sadu didn’t let me talk to you she end the call and turned and look at Kunj who giving her smile.. kunj what is this.

Kunj: good finally you end the call..

Twinkle: what you wanted now didn’t let me talk to bhabhi..

Kunj:Arey I wanted you mujhse baat kar na.. here is your husband..

Twinkle:you Itself busy in your work now just disturbing me.. what did you think about tomorrow finally Diwali it was our first Diwali I’m so excited kunj.

Kunj:even I’m too let’s celebrate this time in your style Diwali 😛.

Twinkle:sure you’ll love it.. both looking at each other’s face kunj held her hand

Take near his lips he kissed on her fingers tips twinkle look down.He understands her shyness.. he went closer to her neck he nuzzles his face in her neck hook..

Kunj: what happened why so suddenly you become so cold haa..

Twinkle:in moan voice why I’ll become cold.

Kunj: I know my touch effects on you..

Twinkle:who told you this..

Kunj:acha I’ll show you..

Twinkle: what??

Kunj:I’ll prove it..

Twinkle: how..

Kunj: wait. Kunj started kissing on her one side neck slowly she closed her eyes tightly. Ab??

Twinkle:no.. he smile and giving her wet kissed twinkle press her breath..he kissing her passionately while twinkle just saying no kunj giving her more deeply than he push on bed she lay down on in straight position he lay come up on her and raise his face, and she open her eyes and look at him..

Kunj: still no.

Twinkle: yes 😎. He kissed on her both cheeks twinkle give smile he kissed on her forehead and punch her nose and bite her earlobe twinkle moaned loudly kunjjjj.he move his finger on her face sensually. Kunj kissing on her face over all.He become arousal that twinkle understands.

Kunj leave her and lay down.. what happened why you stop I win na.. he look at her with corner of eyes.

Kunj:really I leave you if I went ahead than I’ll not return back😛😛..she hit on his chest..

Twinkle; I don’t think so.. I proved you wrong.

Kunj: acha ji wait a second he fully come hover all on twinkle she got tensed.. my touch affect you lot if not than. His hand reached on her nighty gown rope he about to untied twinkle held his hand.

Twinkle: kunjjj..

Kunj:what happened he smirked. He went closer to her face her eyes and his stuck on each other eyes pupil. In hunky voice twinkle today let’s celebrate our night 😂😛.. he controlled his laugh. What’s say don’t worry I’ll not bore you’ll Love me I’m sure 😝.. she smile and manage to hide it from kunj she pulled his cheeks.

Twinkle:a big no and you are very shameless Kunj you always flirt with me stop doing this and let me sleep tomorrow is Diwali i have work..

Kunj:every-time spoiled the mood huhu.. he about to get up while Twinkle quickly give him quick peck.. Kunj shocked and look at her she hide her face under blanket Kunj ruffles his hairs and lay down and dim the lights he slowly slowly lock his hands around her waist and pulled her near to him twinkle smile and held his hand back and both sleep kunj back hugging her.

Next day in morning twinkle wake up and see kunj and herself and give smile she about to get up but can’t kunj holding her nighty rope she slowly take out and went in washroom and get freshen up.And went downstairs and make tea for kunj and come back in room. And see Kunj sitting taking yawn she smile to see him her hairs still wet.. she went towards them and wish him good morning..

Twinkle: good morning today you wake up Itself great..

Kunj:hmm..drink your coffee and get freshen up quickly Kunj..

Kunj:hmm.. he went in washroom doing his shaving he whistling twinkle Listen because washroom door is open she look at Kunj and went towards him..

Twinkle:Kunj don’t cut your face like last time..

Kunj:hmm.. he shaved and wash his face and show twinkle.

Twinkle:hmm looking fine.. 😂😂😛,,

Kunj:whatever siyappa Queen. Twinkle eyes went on wall there she see lizard and get scared immediately hugged kunj with jerk floor was wet due to this kunj falls down on bath tub whole tub was filled with water. Twinkle on kunj. What the-F—

Twinkle: Kunj lizard 😭😭..

Kunj:Twinkle it just a lizard not lion okay..

They both totally drenched in water.. Get up you motu..

Twinkle: help me.. twinkle take support of shower tap due to this shower tap on and shower started.. twinkle again slip on kunj. He rolled down her and come on her… both looking at each other eyes.. kunjjj.


Twinkle:leave me let me go..

Kunj:let’s enjoy na..

Twinkle:what.. he going near her lips already her lips is wet.. Kunj removed twinkle ears and kissed on ears.. with another hand removing her bangles water falling on them.He lifted her in bridal style and went in room and place on bed and come on her she just look at him.he removed his shirt and throw it in side and captured her lips tightly her hand went on his nape and caressing his hairs rapidly while their lips moving on their love rhythm

They break the kiss and both share deep eye lock and Kunj caress her lips.He bite her collar bones.She moaned his name slightly both don’t know what they doing it. Kunj again lock his lips with her kissing each other’s slightly and nibbling each other’s lips..just than Kunj phone ringing. They ignore it again ringing Kunj don’t wanted to break kiss but twinkle break the kiss..

Twinkle:kunjjjj… Kunj phone.. she didn’t maintain eye contact. Kunj look at her than phone gritting his teeth..

Kunj:what the f**k this phone.. who is??

Twinkle:Kunj leave me..

Kunj:let me see first who disturb our romance.She become all red she Itself don’t know why she didn’t stop him when he come closer to her.. Kunj see the phone it was rishi who calling him. He pick up the call.. while twinkle push him and went in washroom.

Kunj: haa bol..

Rishi: what happened still you sleeping haa.

Kunj: hatt nonsense man can’t you call me later haa break my moment..

Rishi: hoo Tere moment 😂😂. Saale Leave today your romance get ready my mom kept Diwali celebration at my place so she invites her bahu brother and I my bestie with your gorgeous wifey😜😜😛.

Kunj: kam bol.. don’t put your devil eyes on my beautiful wife..

Rishi: now come back in world and please talk to your sister once she wanted to talk to you..


they end the call and Kunj went in washroom and get freshen up he went downstairs and see twinkle busy in work with servant..he sit twinkle send breakfast and tea with servant for him.Kunj having his breakfast alone he dial maya numbers

She pick up his call..

Maya:so finally you got time..

Kunj: haa thanks to god that I call you..

Maya: haa shut up always on your fighting mode first happy Diwali..

Kunj: Diwali toh raat ko hai na😂😂..

Maya:you are really mad kunj. And you call everyone specially Manohar papa and Usha MAA.

Kunj:hmm I’ll call them did you talk to nani..

Maya:hmm she just ask about you..

Twinkle come and sit beside kunj having her breakfast..

Maya: and did his call come..

Kunj:leave it na. You tell me.. if your mother-in-law so please tell me everything. Her silly rituals..

Maya:hmm leave her kunj. And please come on time don’t be late. I have you only na..

Kunj:even me too.. 😛😛.bye see you soon.end the calls..

Twinkle: what happened with whom you were talking..

Kunj:me maya.. Kunj call Usha and Manohar he talk to them and with other family members as well.he give phone to twinkle and she to talk to them..

Twinkle: what I’ll do mummy ji this kunj didn’t have time..

Usha:haa this boy is like this only,. Celebrate your Diwali nicely don’t leave him. Than Kunj call Leela and Rt..

Kunj: haa MAA..

Leela: finally you remember your this MAA. Kunj chuckled 😛,,

Kunj:haa I remember you.. aap bhi bhulne ki cheez ho kya.. twinkle enjoying kunj bonding with her mother. Wish you a happy Diwali MAA.

Leela: even happy Diwali you too my son. Wish you both come here..

Kunj: next year paka.. than he give call to twinkle she too talk to her mother..

Twinkle:I missed you all my MAA.

Leela:even we all miss you we thought our one and only dhamad will be with us.

Twinkle:mummy ji too saying this. This sadu don’t wanted to go..

Kunj: I didn’t stop you. You can go If you wanted wait I’ll book your Amritsar tickets MAA don’t worry your daughter will be fire crackers with you only MAA..

Leela: really you coming twinkle..

Twinkle:MAA you don’t listen to him. Okay MAA bye take care of yourself I’ll Call you

Later.. Kunj finding tickets for twinkle.

Kunj: you should go and get ready.

Twinkle:Kunjj I didn’t say anything. Choddo you sit I’m you going she went from there while kunj sit and watching twinkle she ignored him he laugh out to see her..

Kunj:I know maya Di didn’t tell me she always feel bad.. what type of father we had he didn’t care about us at all that’s why every time rishi mom get chance to taunt her but her brother is alive still.He went for shopping. Twinkle didn’t see him.

Twinkle:now where is sadu went.. maya call twinkle and tell her.. she knows her brother is so oblivious(bhulakad). She invited her bhabhi.

Maya: so twinkle come please..

Twinkle: haa I’ll maya..

Maya: okay I have to call my another bhabhi mahi ji..

Twinkle:ha bye..why this maya calling us always bhabhi 😛😛. Maybe just for fun.

She selecting clothes for her and Kunj.

See this man he didn’t come till now don’t know where he went why I care Leave him.

Kunj busy in shopping rishi mother is typical punjabi old minded woman slightly greedy.Kunj buy all gifts he don’t know what to do so he take whatever comes in his names.He went in jewelry shop he seeing many jewelry but he didn’t like anything he went in side there he see watches. His eyes went on one watch when last time kunj or maya and Rishi went for shopping maya love one watch that piece is here only.

Kunj: please show me this watch.

Salesman: yes sir.. he saw him watch.

Kunj:this was best for maya Di she’ll love it.Please pack this..Kunj pay the bills and

Now what I’ll gifts this siyappa queen haa.

Everything I give her.. this time I’ll asked her what she wanted it I already kangal 😛.. he did with shopping. He left for house soon he reached and keep all bag in living room and see the time uff I’m late hope this girl is ready she’ll take 2 hours in make up. He went in room and went inside see twinkle standing in front of dressing table getting ready she busy in her make up kunj sit and seeing her twinkle see him through mirror he understands she will angry with him he went towards her and give her backhugged. He rest his chin on her shoulder and lock his hand around her waist. Both look at each other through mirror.

Twinkle: leave me..

Kunj:looking hot twinkle. Whom you wanted kill it today.

Twinkle: don’t buttering I’ll not come in your words get it and where are you till now..

Kunj: I’m here only.

Twinkle: go and get ready..

Kunj:hmm. He make her turn and look at her head to toe she looking breathtaking. Aww twinkle 😛😛..

Twinkle:I know my looking beautiful.Didn’t need your compliments.

Kunj: where is my clothes..

Twinkle: here..

Kunj: I’ll not wear this Indian clothes.

Twinkle: than what you will kunj. Not that jeans and shirt at least on festival you can wear this clothes see at karwa chauth day you look handsome..

Kunj: hmmm If I wear you’ll forgive me.

Twinkle:hmm okay fine go now..he take the clothes and went in washroom Twinkle smile.She get ready fully. She wearing sha ra ra And waiting for kunj. He come out of the washroom twinkle see him he looking really cute. While he making faces.She went towards him and fold his Kurta sleeves and fix his collar.See you looking perfect.Kunj get ready.twinkle click his photos and their selfies.Kunj looking her just.. he pulled her in hug..

Twinkle:kunjj don’t start again. He going near her while she coming in backwards.

Kunj:why you going in backwards.

Twinkle:because you coming near me..

Kunj:hmm point hai.. but why I’m your husband why this hesitation he pulled her. If that idiot rishi call doesn’t come than today I’ll not let you come out of the bed. He winked at her 😛😛😝. She covered her face with her both hand palms..

Twinkle:chiii kunj.. didn’t think once before speaking.. let me go..

Kunj:okay I’ll leave you I wanna taste something.She look at him and understand his intentions. He about to captured her lips before she covered his lips with her hands.

Twinkle: every time not Kunj Sarna.. you take your kiss in morning now no more forget it.. he held her hand,,

Kunj:so what I wanted now too. Give me one kiss.Promise afterwards I’ll not tease you.Finally you leave you shyness little bit.she blushed so hard kunj see.Hayee this blushing today you are the reason of my death 😂😜..

Twinkle:bas baate banwalo tum se toh..

Kunj: please one kiss..

Twinkle: a big no. Kunj leave na servant will come.. let’s go na everyone must be waiting for us only.

Kunj:huhu Cheater lets go they both left for rishi house.. they reached and see whole bungalow decorating beautifully.

Twinkle: Kunj it’s so beautiful.

Kunj: hmm they both went inside..

Their close one relatives and friends was come too.Kunj holding all gifts which he bring for maya in laws. Maya see him she went towards kunj and hugged him tightly.

Maya: you took so much time.. Twinkle see maya hugging Kunj she give normal cold smile..


Yuvi: looking good in these clothes kunj.

Maya: yeah I saw first time 😛😛..

Rishi:this all twinkle magic on our kunj..

Twinkle:acha ji what about you..

Mahi:you both looking perfect couple..
Kunj went towards rishi mom and meet with her she busy in her attitude Kunj give her all gifts while maya and Rishi look at Kunj and they didn’t tell him they stop him don’t bring anything because in his mother eyes there is no value of this..

Kunj: how’s you aunty.. rishi mom Narmada

Narmada: fine what about you where is your wife.. maya bring twinkle..

Maya: she is kunj wife twinkle mummy ji..

Twinkle:namaste aunty.. she take her blessing..

Narmada:khush raho.. Kunj and twinkle went from there and sit with Yuvi and mahi or naman and Asha..

Naman: happy Diwali Kunj..

Kunj:same kunj eyes on maya and Narmada they were talking.. think hope Mrs Malhotra will like everything. Mahi and twinkle get busy or Asha as well kunj and yuvi sitting together.

Yuvi: what happened why are you so nervous.

Kunj: not nervous hope rishi mom like gifts yaar.

Yuvi: hmm don’t worry maya and Rishi come there.

Rishi: kunj why you bring so many gifts haa who told you.

Maya: yes.

Kunj:so what I bring I’m confused so for everyone I bring it.. what your mother said .

Maya: nothing you know her without knowledge how you did this all..

Kunj:hmm I’m Kunj Sarna I searched on internet and get to know.

Maya:why you spend so much money yours kunj..

Kunj:so what you know na what happened last time.

Maya:that’s why.. waste of money..

Kunj:you don’t think about this. Matter that you are happy na.. Yuvi and Rishi look at Kunj and give smile..

Maya:my brother become matured😛.

Kunj:haa mamaya😛😛.

Maya: kamina.. she went from there..
Kunj went in side.

Rishi:how they both fight and love each other’s lot as well..

Yuvi:True.. they all went in garden and firecrackers and enjoying lot.naman and yuvi or Kunj fire cracker and keep it near maya cracker fired she get shocked they laugh out too see her face expression that was so much funny..


Yuvi:maya you are like this firecrackers 😂.,

Kunj:haa boom 😜😛😛..Kunj take sparkle and held twinkle hand she look at him.. he went near her ears happy Diwali Mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna 😛🥰..

Twinkle:even you too mr Kunj Sarna..they both happily together fired sparkle. They all enjoying lot while Rishi and yuvi take sparkle and running behind each other’s they started playing with crackers..

Rishi:abey mahi save me..

Kunj:Yuvi burned his face.naman and Kunj fired rocket..

Twinkle:look at this boys firing crackers like kids..they all sit in groups..

Mahi:let’s play games na..

Twinkle:haa.. they were asking each other’s any type of questions..

Asha:Rishi you have to answer my question

Rishi: go ahead..

Asha:ever been caught doing something wrong by your parents 😛. They four of them look at each other’s face and brushed out..

Rishi:very silly question never😂😂..

Asha:I don’t think so you are so cheap..

Mahi:ever you flirted with a person to win a bet kunj??..

Kunj: nope 😂😂. This is my rishi brith right not my😂. They hifi..

Twinkle:did you four of them ever kicked out of a bar.They raise their hands immediately.

Yuvi:numbers of time..even can’t count.

Now yours turn Asha ever you screwed around in an elevator.

Asha: I’m not like you hmm not at all..

Mahi:stolen money from your father’s wallet. Anyone

Rishi:me many times Itself he didn’t give so sometime stolen 😛😛..

Asha:maya what’s your favorite app..

Kunj:maya Tere toh favourite app tinder hai na😂😂.they all laugh out.while maya started hitting Kunj.

Maya:so dirty you are kunj..

Yuvi:still maya 😂😛😛.. really tinder..

Rishi:I thought its only mine favorited never knows about you too maya 😂😂.
Kunj ever daydreamed about your wedding night.😛twinkle look at Kunj.

Kunj:why you were very much interested in this haa mera toh pata nahi But you were lot😂😂.. ever done it more than 2 times in a day you😂😂..Rishi winked at him..

While Mahi and twinkle closed their ears because boys started asking really dirty questions.They enjoying lot..

Twinkle:bas I don’t know you people are so cheapo..

Yuvi:great finally you know us 😂.after this they all sit for dinner.Even at dinning table they didn’t stop their masti.happily they finished their dinner..they give each other’s gifts.

Maya:give me fast kunj..

Kunj: wait a second greedy woman first you give to my wife than I’ll..

Maya:see this husband 😂..

Rishi:he is right.. maya and Rishi give gift to twinkle. Maya forward her hand she closed her eyes kunj take out the watch and put on around maya hand wrist. She open her eyes and see the watch and than look at Kunj.


Kunj:haa I saw this and you wanted na so I bring this only now forgot anything you’ll get now.maya look at watch and get so happy that kunj can see that smile on her face..

Maya:aww thanks..

Kunj:not welcome where is my gift 😛.

Maya:gift for you no gifts..

Kunj:Chii you should give me gift not taken from me..

Maya:so what I give you lot now it’s your time..

Yuvi:haa maya he earn lot😂😂 Kunj give him death glares.

Kunj:what about you saale😛..twinkle get call from Leela she went in side.

Maya:I give gift your wife now happy..

Kunj:ha so what you give her what about brother.. Kunj phone ringing he cutting the calls..

Maya:Kunj at least answer his calls..

Kunj:I don’t wanted you did na good.

Rishi:Kunjjj just for a seconds..

Kunj:I’ll not at all. Why he calling today he get time today and you maya di don’t wasted your time in him he don’t care about us..

Maya: Kunj he is our father..

Kunj: he is not our father.. he went from there.

Naman:Leave about this maya.. maya went behind him she keep her hand on his shoulder.

Maya:Acha baba sorry na. He look at her maya can see tears in his eyes which can’t come out of his eyes.she cupped his face and wiped know what Kunj you didn’t look good when you cry you know na in childhood you cried lot😛

Kunj:everyone cried in childhood..

Maya:hmm but my brother lot..

Kunj:did he calls you..

Maya: nope..

Kunj: than why you telling me talk to him..

Maya:he is upset with me you know na.

Kunj:let him upset tears escaping from maya eyes.. shhh.. he wiped her tears..

Maya:I feel so bad sometimes he didn’t talk to me Kunj.WhAt I have done it.when I see any girls with their fathers I feel so bad that my father isn’t with me..

sometimes my mother in law is right..

Kunj:don’t talk about her and leave mrs Sarna DI.what type of father he is 😡. Just hurt us nothing he give us,,you don’t worry your brother is here when elder sister become mother why not I take father place and fulfilled all your wishes.

Maya give smile with tears as well kunj kissed on her forehead ab aap Meri ek loti behan ho 😛😛..

Maya:haa great aap.

Kunj:tu is better 😛😛for you.. they share a tight sibling hugs.Twinkle come back and see maya and Kunj she get confused to see this she find kunj more closer to maya than mahi and Asha why??..

Maya:what present you give my one and only bhabhi 😛😜..

Kunj:my love is enough for her..come now they went towards everyone and they feed sweets each other’s.after sometimes later.

Yuvi:thanks for this celebration..

Kunj:yeah maza aagaya first time Diwali hai na.let’s go now..they bid bye to each other’s and left.Kunj and twinkle was in car twinkle playing with her chuda and looking at Kunj who was busy in driving just than Kunj got call the phone was connected with car Bluetooth.He pick up the call.hello.

Man:hello finally you pick up my calls.. Kunj press the car breaks with jerk.what happened my boy twinkle get shocked to see kunj.. Kunj take the phone and off the speaker..

Kunj:don’t call me get it..

Man:Arey after all I’m your father..

Kunj: whatever. He cut the call. And starts the car..twinkle observing Kunj in all the way.Soon they reached the house and went in side.. Kunj went and sit on couch twinkle see his face and understand she went and stand behind him pressing his shoulders.

Twinkle:kya hua suddenly.

Kunj:kuch nahi.. he pulled her she come in front of him she sit on table opposite him.

Twinkle:Kunj you give everyone gift what about me..

Kunj:what you wanted tell me..

Twinkle:hmm lemme think.. I don’t want anything just your happiness sometimes you become so sad why..

Kunj:hmm why because when I didn’t see you 😂. My happiness in you twinkle.

Twinkle:why your happiness in you..

Kunj:you’ll know the answer one day..

Twinkle:acha ji😂😂😝 she pulled his cheeks.By the way aise toh you and maya fighting like cat and Tom..

Kunj:woh toh we did since birth 😛😛.. where is your gift.. he cupped her face.. twinkle when’ll I heard from your mouth for that my ears dying it.. she look down. And held kunj hand.

Twinkle:Kunj I know I’m not fulfilling as a wife duty but I’m helpless give me time you know my past didn’t let me..

Kunj: Twinkle you forget about your past just think about us.. didn’t you happy with me haa..

Twinkle: no kunj I’m very much happy.. why you thinking this..

Kunj: to be honest twinkle tell me if you feel you stuck in this marriage.

Twinkle:no kunj my life the best decision is marry to you.She went near his face and kissed on his forehead.caress his lips.I know I’m not giving what you wanted I just wanted time kunj..

Kunj:I don’t wanted that but you.. he lifted her in bridal style and went upstairs twinkle look at him and admiring his face they reached to room kunj closed the door and place twinkle on bed.Now you should sleep.. both lay down on bed and Kunj playing with her hairs..

Twinkle:Kunj go and change and let me too.

Kunj:leave na you change my clothes and I’ll yours 😂😛😝.. what’s say.

Twinkle:gande 😝..

Kunj:should I show you 😝..

Twinkle: na.. she get up and changed her clothes and give kunj clothes too he change in room only she closed her eyes making faces at him.Kunj didn’t wear shirt and sleep shirtless.. why you didn’t wear anything haa..

Kunj:my wish.. Kunj lay down on his stomach his back facing to ceiling twinkle see red spots on kunj back.

Twinkle:what is this.. Kunj..

Kunj:kya.. she touch. I eat sweets today allergy..

Twinkle:what.Take allergic medicine wait I’ll bring it.She bring medicine for him and give him forcefully. She applied cream on that spots Kunj enjoying it.. later kunj sleep twinkle caressing his hairs he look so innocent babaji.. I feel so bad.He showered so much love at me what I give him in return.she see his lips little cut was there she smiled while kissing she bite it. She bend down and place her lips on his lips kunj immediately sealed her lips twinkle was shocked to see this she freeze Kunj open his eyes and look at her winked her she try to break the liplock.While Kunj roll down and come top her and didn’t leave her lips.Kunj nibbling her lips and twinkle too give respond.Both kissing each other with full love and care twinkle hands on his bare back.Twinkle moaning loudly.. in between kiss.both out of the breath break the kiss and look at each other face. He kiss on her fingerS she blushed looking down 

Kunj:what did you think haa taking advantage of my sleeping today is best day I get kisses twinkle giggles out hide her face under his chest.I’m thirsty twinkle for your love and hungry for your hug.. he hugged her. I love you twinkle in heart. Waiting for you too.. they sleep in each other’s embrace after Diwali enjoyment they get tired they sleep till late.. twinkle wake up and see the time it’s afternoon she get shocked and give smile she get up and went in washroom get freshen up and wake up kunj.

Twinkle:Kunj wake up na it’s too late..

you have meeting in evening get up fast.

Kunj:hmm.She send him in washroom and itself went downstairs she went in kitchen make lunch for them kunj get ready and come down and went to kitchen

He give twinkle backhugged she knows who he is..Kunj feeling happy twinkle didn’t stop him when he normally going near her.He didn’t hesitated he can hug her and kiss her.. what you making it..

Twinkle:you can see.. he smell her wet hairs..

Kunj:you smell great..

Twinkle: I know. You leave me servant will see us.

Kunj:so what.. before romancing with my wife I have to take permission from any one..

Twinkle:kunjj stop.Tum dur raho mujhse get it..

Kunj:acha he leave her.. I’m going okay bye.

Twinkle:wait have your lunch first.

Kunj: huhu. He went from there while twinkle get busy in lunch kunj get call from his boss he left for office without in forming twinkle. She finding him and didn’t see kunj asked servant where is kunj she said kunj already left..

Twinkle: so mean let him come just than twinkle phone ring she went towards phone she take the phone and see the caller id her eyes get freezes phone falls down from her hands..

Episode end


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