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Patiala Babes 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashok’s Dual Life

Patiala Babes 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lovely’s phone rings. Dadaji fumes that he will get heart attack due to Lovely’s phone ring some day. Daadi asks him to calm down, Lovely is married now. Dadaji asks to send her to her home then. Lovely picks call and informs Ashok is coming tomorrow, they will to pick him from Chandigarh airport and he will reach home by 11:30 a.m. Minnie taunts Babita. Babita shies. Ashok in London gets ready to leave to India. His girlfriend Meeta hugs him from behind and asks not to go. He will be back 1 week. She asks if he informed his family about her. He says no. She cries and starts emotional drama. He promises that he will inform family about them this time. She says I love you. He says I love you too and leaves.

Minnie checks clothes in Babita’s trunk. Babita asks

her to change clothes and sleep, her papaji is coming tomorrow morning. Minnie asks her to sit and dorning bridal dupatta on her says she is looking so beautiful, Papaji will go mad. Babita says she has gone old and got dark circle, she has a lot of pending work. Minnie says her friend say they look like sisters and not mother and daughter, says she looks Patiala queen, tickling her ribs. Babita laughs. Minnie says she really is beautiful and applies face pack on her face. Babita waatches her and Ashoka’s wedding video and cries emotionally. Minnie offers her tissue paper. Meri pyari ammi jo hai.. song plays in the background.

Next morning, Babita wears beautiful red dress and gets ready in front of mirror looking at Ashok’s photo, smiling shyingly. Lovely taunts her not to get too romantic in front of elders and walks away. Babita removes her jewelry and wipes her makeup weeping.

Minnie on terrace practices how to greet papaji and rehearses how to convince him to take her and Babita to London. She sees Ashok’s taxi and runs down calling Babes/Babita. Babita wearing old clothes and without makup is busy in kitchen. Minnie scolds why did not she get ready. Babita says she was busy in kitchen. Lovely’s husband Sukhi calls her saying saale saheb has come. Babita and Minnie watch from a distance. Lovely starts her emotional drama and excitedly meets Lovely. Ashok meets his parents. Parents gets emotoinal and asks why did not he come to meet them in years. Babita looks silently from a distance.

Dadaji introduces Minnie. Ashok says she has grown up big, which class she is in. Minnie says 12th. Ashok says time flies. Dadi says he came after 5 years. Dadaji asks Minnie to come near papa and says she is very mischievous. Ashok asks Minnie what subjects she has taken. Dadaji interferes and feeds him sweets. Dadaji calls Babita to bring tea. She corrects her hair looking in steel plate and walks in shyingly holding tea. Ashoka looks at her with lateral gaze. Minnie stands shyingly. Dadaji and Daadi start their pampering again. Babita asks Minnie why she is not talking to papaji. Minnie says Dada Dadi and Lovely bua have surrounded papaji, what she will speak. Babita asks to go and speak. Minnie walks to Ashok. Lovely starts her greediness and asks Ashok if he brought all her gifts. Ashok says yes. Lovely excitedly looks at her gifts. Minnie thinks her papaji was not available even when she was born and he came to India only 3-4 times till now, she and Babes used to talk about him a lot and veel as if he is near them, but today she is feeling as if she is standing in front of stranger.

Precap: Ashok walks out of Babita’s room saying he will sleep in corridor.
Minnie confronts Babita and asks what happened to her unique love story. Meeta calls Ashok and insists to inform Babita about them. Ashok says Babita does not know anything. Babita from behind asks what she does not know.

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