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Muskaan 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak gets Muskaan home

Muskaan 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gayatri thinking how shall I tell them about fertility tests. She asks Muskaan to come with her. Ronak asks where are you going. Gayatri says we have some work. She takes Muskaan to hospital. Muskaan asks are you fine, tell me. Gayatri says don’t ask me anything. Muskaan says I trust you. Gayatri says you trust me, so just do as doctor tells you. She feels sorry. Muskaan stays inside the ward. Some goons come and kidnap her. Doctor hurts himself. Gayatri asks what happened. Doctor says she injected me and ran away from the backdoor. Gayatri asks what, where did she run away. She goes to check. He says trust me, she has run away. She worries and calls Muskaan.

Sir ji calls Tabassum and says Muskaan is taken to airport, tell Sheikh that I fulfilled my promise. Muskaan is

on the way. Gayatri comes home sadly. She sees the arrangements going on. Sir ji asks what happened. She takes him to room and cries. She says maybe Muskaan learnt about tests and felt bad, she has run away, I should have not taken her, what will I tell Ronak. He asks what, did anyone see her. She says yes, Muskaan injured doctor and ran away. Bua comes and asks what happened, what’s the test results. Sir ji says Muskaan has run away. Bua asks what, how and where. Gayatri cries.

Bua says don’t worry for her, that girl isn’t right so she has run away, forget her and talk to Rajni, Kajal is right girl for Ronak. Sir ji says I understand, you did a lot for Muskaan, but she left, I will talk to Ronak, I will go and handle things. He goes downstairs and stops the marriage preparations. He says marriage won’t happen here. Dolly asks what’s happening here. Sir ji asks how will marriage happen when the bride has run away. Ronak comes and asks who has run away.

Sir ji says Muskaan. Gayatri comes crying and apologizes. Ronak hugs her and asks the matter. She says I made a big mistake. Ronak says your marriage is cancelled, since Muskaan has run away. Ronak asks what, she didn’t go anywhere. He calls Muskaan inside. Sir ji gets shocked seeing Muskaan. Muskaan says sorry, Ronak called me for emergency and I had to go. Ronak says its not her mistake. Dolly says you always make her run. He asks Gayatri not to worry. Sir ji thinks how did this happen, my plan was fool proof. Ronak asks Gayatri what is she thinking. He says I know everything, where you took Muskaan, this is against society, I couldn’t imagine you could do this, I called Muskaan to stop her, its not your thinking, someone made you do this, think if Muskaan asked me to go for tests, its bad and against respect. Gayatri says I got greedy for the heir. Muskaan catches Bua and taunts her. Ronak asks Gayatri not to cry. Ronak goes to Sir ji and says I will take you in flashback, how the twist came in your story, your planning was fool proof, but there is a small problem, Ronak is more smarter, I m your blood.

He says when Gayatri went out with Muskaan, I went after them, I m curious to know what will happen next. FB shows Ronak seeing Gayatri with doctor. He hears Muskaan has run away. He sees Muskaan kidnapped. He calls Hanumanth. He catches the goons. He frees Muskaan. He sends the goon in Muskaan’s place. FB ends. Ronak asks sir ji to talk to sheikh. He goes.

Ronak and Muskaan argue. She says I m here because of this deal, stay in your limits.

Update Credit to: Amena

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