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Mere Sai 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Makes Rohini’s Family Realize Her Pain

Mere Sai 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohini’s son shows Rohini’s signed property papers to Sai. Sai asks to recheck. Son checks and finds blank papers. Other son and bahus also check and see blank papers. Rohini thanks Sai for coming to her help. Son says this black magician/Sai has exchanged papers. Rohini slaps son. Son in shock asks if she hit him. Rohini says she would have slapped him long back and reminds Sai how he gave moral gyaan to Pari and her friend when parents punish them and stop them from going out, it is for their betterment. She tells her sons that if she had corrected them long ago, she would not have seen this day and reminds with how much difficulty she bought them up. Sons say she did not do anything special and asks her to get out of house right now.

Rohini says she built this house with great difficulty. Son says there is no proof that this house belongs to her. Sai asks is it and with his magic carves Rohini’s name on wall. Sons are shocked and yell Sai is doing black magic again, Maa was better in Shirdi itself. Sai says they don’t know what their mother went through when they kicked her out of house, he will make them realize the pain she went through. He smears hand on wall and visualizes Rohini’s pain after she was kicked out of house. Blind Rohini walks under son. Sons and bahus feel heat. Thorn pricks Rohini’s feet and she writhes in pain. They also feel same pain. She then shivers at night. They feel cold and shiver.

Rohini’s family finally realizing their mistake apologizes her and say they need her and will not let her go. They apologize Sai. Rohini asks Sai if he stopped her from work to make her realize her son’s face. Sai smiles. They all thank Sai again.

Precap: Sahdev asks Madhav what if Kulkarni sends them to jail and possesses their house, what about Bhama and Udhav. Madhav accepts wealthy man’s loan and agrees to convince Sai to treat his son first. Sai gets sad realizing that.

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