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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Samar’s Romantic Dance On Stage

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Samar hosts event next and says it is time for dance and asks to guess who will come to dance first, according to him, she is best dancer he knows. Chachi gets excited and asks if it is him. Samar says no. Satya reminisces goons discussing about bomb and gets tensed. Naani asks what happened to her. Satya says she is fine. Sarika comes on stage and dances on Music bajega loud to Radha naachegi. Akash flirts with female Samar’s employee and walks behind her. He gets intimate with her and asking what he will get if he gives her job. She asks how much salary she will get. He says double, thrible and tries to kiss her. Rama walks away trying to receive phone call and seeing Akash asks what is he doing here. Female employee hides. Akash nervously says checking phone network.

She says let us go in. He asks her to go in, he will come later. Once she leaves, female employee comes out.

Chachaji comes on stage next and starts his shayaris. Goon’s boss in lieu of serving juice drops a note in Satya’s pallu. Satya reads note if she wants to save her daughter, she should come to parking lot. She runs towards parking lot when she reads a note on wall to go and get another note on stage if she wants to save her daughter. She runs on stage and searches note. Jaya and Samar notice her and takes her down, asking to tell what happened to her. She nervously tells whole incident and shows chit. Jaya sees chit empty and shows it to Samar and Satya. Satyya takes them to corridor to show note on wall, but does not find any. Jaya asks her to relax, someone must have pranked her and asks to relax. Satya continues panicking. Samar says she has to perform next and take her in. Boss enjoys Satya’s condition, calls his aide Manoj and says this should be Satya’s last performance.

Samar takes mic again and says he is blessed to have 2 mothers, mother and MIL, and calls them on stage. They both walk on stage and dance on Dola Re Dola..song.. Manoj from balcony points gun on Satya, but Rama comes in between repeatedly while dancing. They both walk down and take their seat. Boss calls Manoj and scolds him for missing chance and says they will kill Satya today at any cost. Naani pampers Satya while Daya praises Rama. Satya asks where is Jaya.

Kabeer takes mic next and announces Jaya and Samar’s dance performance. They perform beautifully on Tu Nazm Nazm sa…song.. Everyone clap for them. They get down stage and raise each other.

Precap: Boss calls Satya and says her daughter is inside and does not have much time. Chandelier falls down. Satya shouts Jayaaa….

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