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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Role reversal in Kunti Nivas

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pratibha telling that kids will learn from Practical example and tells Kunti that she will write the verdict for her and she has to just read infront of girls. The girls talk about the elders. Shakti says elders’ life is easy. Chanchal says we will do what we want. Dhairya says I can’t do work. Buddhi says we will be freed from mummy’s net. They ask Dhairya to be silent when Kunti is giving verdict. Dhairya says my birthday. They say we will celebrate. Everyone gather for Kunti’s verdict. Pratibha says kids will be shocked now. Kunti reads that court will not say children are children or elders, but the test will decide. She says the test name is iski topi uske sir. She says all children will live elders’ life and elders will live children’s life. She

says the test will start at 7 am and says after 2 days they will decide if the children are children or if they have grown up. Girls get happy surprising bahus.

Next morning, all girls wake up and say no mummy woke us today as we are elders now. They wake up each other. Chanchal asks Dhairya to wake up. Dhairya pushes her and she falls on bed. Chanchal asks her to see Gulab Jamun. Dhairya wakes up and asks where it is? Chanchal says it will come in sometime. Kunti comes to them and gives them 1200 for the household expenses for the day. She asks them to spend wisely and says 14 people stay in this house including you. She says if you forgot then will remember seeing the clothes. She gives them clothes to wear too and says you are elders for 2 days. She comes to Dhairya and wishes her happy birthday and gives her money. Dhairya thanks her. All sisters thank Dhairya and hug her. Chanchal says we will celebrate your birthday specially with special breakfast. Dhairya says breakfast. Buddhi is dressed like Pari. Chanchal is dressed like Prarthana. Dhairya is dressed as Panjiri. Shakti is dressed as Prema. Surili is dressed as Pratibha. They come to hall and stand holding each other hands. They see the breakfast on the table, chips, burger and cold drink. Kunti comes there and asks will you eat khichdi. They laugh and ask who eat this khichdi. They tell that they will eat burger etc. Kunti reminds them that they are elders today and kids are someone else.

Pari comes dressed as Buddhi. Prarthana is dressed as Chanchal comes to hall. Panjiri comes dressed as Dhairya. Prema comes dressed as Shakti. Pratibha comes dressed as Surili. They behave like kids and sit to have the food surprising the girls. They get happy seeing the burger, pastries, samosas, chips. The girls think it is our favorite. They eat everything. The girls are just watching surprisingly. Pratibha thanks the girls for making them eat the wonderful food. Prema says they have fun. Pratibha says lets go and play now. Kunti asks the girls to eat Khichdi. The girls bring their mothers’ plates and keeps in kitchen. Chanchal tells that Dhairya can’t eat her burger today. Dhairya asks her not to make her remember and says she is getting teary eyes. Chanchal says it is our mistake, we forgot to bring their food. She tells her sisters that the saree is difficult to wear. Dhairya says we shall get something ordered, but then they eat khichdi from the same bowl. Chanchal says we have money and all day. We will celebrate Dhairya’s birthday and run the house.

Pratibha comes to room and says they had fun today. Prema says didn’t you feel pity on girls and says we have their food, but they have khichdi. Pratibha says it is healthy food. Prema asks if your heart is not melting and asks them to stop the test. Pratibha says we have done this to teach the kids and not to eat burger and pizza. Prema asks Panjiri if she saw Dhairya’s face and says she was upset. Pratibha says they have to do this for their learning. She tells Prema that they are doing this for children’s betterment. Panjiri says what could be the best gift than learning. Prema goes upset.

Dhairya and buddhi bring carrom board to hall. Buddhi says she will bring her favorite food. Pari comes and says she wants to play carrom. Buddhi says they are kids. Pari says they will play now. Dhairya says we will play carrom. Pari tries to snatch the carrrom from the girls. Kunti asks Buddhi and Dhairya to let the kids play. Pari smiles. Buddhi makes a sad face.

A customer comes to the shop and asks for the return amount. Buddhi gives her 1000 Rs. Prema and Pratibha makes the hall dirty. Shakti asks who will clean the hall. Pratibha says you shall clean it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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