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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Daughters seek justice from Kunti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema scolding Shakti for going alone to the market. Shakti says she went to get gift for Dhairya’s birthday. Kanhaiya asks what happened? Prema says you should have gone with elders and complains to him. Kanhaiya says you shall not go alone on road. Prema gets worried for him. Shakti says I know how to ride cycle. Prema says you will not go alone. Shakti says my legs reach the ground and says when I grow up then I can’t ride the cycle. Prema asks her to stay like child as they are children. Surili and Chanchal tell that their mummies called them grown up kids. Buddhi and Shakti ask if we are not grown up. Pratibha calls Surili, Dhairya and Chanchal and asks if the arrangements for picnic is done. Surili says we will do next week. Dhairya says we will do slowly.

Pratibha says teacher called and asked to send money. She asks why did they write their name? Dhairya says mummy told in the morning that we are grown up. Shakti ask Kanhaiya to give cycle to her. Kanhaiya says I can’t do. Prema comes and asks her why did she waste sauce. Shakti says it was squeezed out from bottle. Prema says you are not a child, but grown up now. Shakti gets confused. Panjiri asks Dhairya to become a child and not try to become like grown up. Pratibha says you all will not go to picnic, but complete your homework. Dhairya asks what gift you will give to me? The girls think that they are confused, if they are children or grown up.

Chanchal says if she have grown up then would have filed the case. Buddhi says we can file a case in Dadi’s court. Chanchan says our mummies will be standing in witness box. They make arrangements of table chairs and witness box. Kunti says I thought they are joking. Pratap is dressed as lawyer and Kunti is dressed as judge. Bahus come there. Pratibhi says we thought they are joking. Kunti says order order and asks Pratap and Shakti to start the proceeding. Pratap says children is confused why khichi is cooked daily. Shakti says he is having a misunderstanding and tells that their mums confused us by saying they are children and then grown up. Kunti says you came to court for this. Shakti says buddhi will fight the case. Buddhi says I can proof and calls Pratibha and Panjiri. Pratap jokes. Panjiri and Pratibha come to the witness box. Buddhi asks what do you say to Dhairya.

Panjiri says I don’t remember. Buddhi says you told Dhairya that you have grown up and then later in sometime, you told that she is a child and asks her to behave like kid. Buddhi tells that Pratibha also scolded Surili and confused them. Pratibha says Panjiri will answer. Panjiri says I want to say. Buddhi says you can go and calls French mummy to witness box. Kunti gives permission. Pratap asks her to swear on Kunti’s specs and say truth. Prema says yes. Buddhi says you have scolded Shakti twice and asks why? Prema says Shakti was going out in cycle. Buddhi says then why did you scold her when she wasted sauce in plate. If you couldn’t see that she is a girl, why did you shout at her. She says others mummies also have done the same. She says she wants justice for her clients. The girls tell that they need justice. All bahus get tensed. kunti is tensed too. She says she will give the verdict in the evening and dismiss the court. All mummies and daughters look at each other.

Kanhaiya comes home and asks Kunti why did she call him in a hurry? Pratap says case was filed against the bahus. Kanhaiya says they might be playing, and you called me. prema says that they want to know if they are grown up or children. Kunti says kids are kids always. Bahus say what will be the verdict. Panjiri asks Kunti to scold kids and tell them that they are children, but have to behave maturely. Prema says how to make them understand that their both mistake is different. Pratibha says we have to show them something.

Precap: Kunti gives the verdict that all children shall behave like elders and their mummies shall behave like them. All bahus wears clothes like their daughters. All daughters wear clothes like their mummies.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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