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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer runs away from the palace

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Archie getting Kedar to show Lali. She says Lali was here with the dog, she disappeared. He says its a bad sign, maybe Kaal Bhairav is going to kill someone, we shall leave, please come. Veer does Yash’s final rites. Kedar and Archie talk to doctor about the injured man. Kedar says we shall leave now. Archie says this man has told me about the danger on Veer. Kedar says yes, Sukhiya will be fine. The man says yes, Sukhiya and his family will be thankful to you, just go. Archie says tell me if there is anything. He says sure, just go. Someone looks on. Maharani says if this is the curse, then Veer will have to get married and become a prince. Rajmata says last time, Veer left us when we spoke about the marriage.

Rajguru says its imp to convince him. Maharani

says who will explain Veer. She asks Kashinath to tighten the security, Veer shouldn’t go out. Veer comes there and says I m going to get Archie, I learnt she went to hospital. Maharani says yes, but she has come, she is waiting in the guest room, stop, you can’t go, you have responsibility of the Rajya, you have to be crowned as the prince, you need to take Yash’s place.

He asks what are you saying, Yash died a day ago, I m not interested in managing the heirship. Rajmata and Maharani stop him. Maharani asks him to go to his room. Guards stop him from going out. Veer goes to room. Akshay shows CCTV camera feeds. He says Veer has gone to meet Archie. She says Veer shouldn’t go out, he has to become a prince, I m worried as he doesn’t listen to me, its my bad fate. Veer comes to Archie. He says you have to go from here, whatever happened today, you will know the curse on our royal family. She says so you confessed love and denied it, you are worried that I will live a widow’s life, my love for you got stronger, we didn’t choose this love, this was in our fate, now I won’t move back, if I have to face this curse with your love, I will do it, I won’t go anywhere. They cry.

He says I won’t stay here as well, I will meet you in Bhopal. She says I know you have packed the stuff, you won’t come there. He says I will meet you, I promise, come to me after two days. He turns to see at the door. He asks her to just go. Gauri gets possessed by Kaal Bhairav. Rajguru asks how did you come at this time. Gauri says Veer is breaking the rules and going to run from royal palace, it will be a disaster, the entire village has to face the destruction. She faints. The people get discussing about Veer’s move to elope.

They decide to stop Veer from running away. The man says we won’t let Veer go. They leave. Rajmata asks Vandana to have some food. Veer hides from the guards. He tries to leave. He hears the guard informing other. He faints the guard and takes his disguise. Everyone come to talk to Veer. Guard stops them. Rajguru asks guard to let them come in. He asks the people to talk calmly. Kashinath says people have come to ask your answer, they got warned by Kaal Bhairav, sorry, Rajguru is also with them. Maharani says go and see where is Veer. Veer acts as guard. Kashinath says be careful, Veer shouldn’t leave. Veer runs out of the palace.

The man says Veer has left, now none can save us. The people start leaving. Maharani says catch Archie, Veer will surely come for her sake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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