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Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: deep fools everyone

Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes inside the room. Someone locks the door. Arohi says what is happening? Is deep behind all this? A wood falls on her. Deep comes and says you thought you would learn to fight and win from me? You forgot I am the player of this game.
Tara says to Virat I know you are mad at me for what I did. I am really sorry. Virat says we have to stick together. We have to get this house and all the money back.

Arohi says deep don’t attack like a coward come in front of me. deep says we have always been in front of each other. Deep comes. A sheet falls on him. Deep says save yourself you can’t die this easily? Arohi says come in front of me. Where are you hidden? He says all your games are over You will see one bad thing after every hour.
Tara says

that man doesn’t have much time.

Arohi says to Abhi he attacked me at that place. He has planned everything. I can’t let him ruin my life. Someone text on her phone her photo with Deep. Tara sends video and says how are you arohi? I know you are laila. I know a secret about you and your baby. Meet me in the hill jungle. Aroi says related to my babby? Abhi says she is lying. There is nothing. Arohi says she might know something. Abh says your baby’s chapter is over. Don’t get fooled. Arohi says I have to go there.
Tara calls someone adn says get them out. No one can save her. arohi comes there. Abhi is drivig behind her. Deep stops Abhi in a truck. He says I can kill you right now but I will give you a chance. He gives abhi a rod. Abhi beats him down. He says you can’t win from Deep.
Deep takes him to a place. Guru ma is there too. Abhi says leave guru ma. Deep says she is with you in all this. Everyone who messed with me has to payback. Every enemy of mine will die.

Arohi walks in the jungle. Tara calls and says get them out.
Virat drinks and says deep everything you took from me will be back to mine. Waasu comes and says virat drink outside this house not in front of temple. Virat says shut up. I will kick you out with your temple. Live with your last days. wasu leaves.

Deep comes to Tara. He grasps her hair and says you thought you could play with me. You killed those people and got me trapped. You know why are you alive? Because I kept you. You will die. Your brother virat got the news that he is zero again. Tara says you can’t kill me you love me. Deep says you should be ashamed to call yourself a woman. Your smile will go forever. There is a surprise fpr you. He shows her the clothes. She says these are tara’s. Deep says these are the clothes you got those hounds smelling. Tara says keep them away from me. DEep says scared? I have planned a lot more for your death. He throws those clothes on them. Tara runs. Deep says keep running. If you stop the bomb will blast. OR the dogs will catch you and kill you.
Arohi looks for Tara. Deep shows the cats her face. The dogs come running after Arohi. she runs. Arohi is scared.
Precap-Arohi is running from the hounds. Deep says I told you, your time is over Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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