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Internet Wala Love 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya confesses love to unconscious Jai

Internet Wala Love 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat, Vihaan and Rupa taking Jai to hospital. Aadhya is already waiting for him there and is teary eyes. Rupa tells Jai not to worry. Aadhya tries to see Jai, but Rupa stops her and says you have become eclipse of his life. She says today he is in this position because of you, and says you might have upset him and said something. Aadhya pleads infront of her to let her meet Jai once. Samrat hears them and is happy. Rupa asks Aadhya not to meet Jai as she is going to talk to Doctor. Samrat thinks this is the result of taking panga from me. He comes to nurse and tells that someone is calling her. Nurse goes. Samrat changes injection in the medicine tray and goes. Aadhya is crying a lot and don’t see Samrat there. Nurse returns and takes the medicine tray. Aadhya walks

towards the ward and collides with Nurse, the medicine tray falls down and the injection breaks. Rupa tells Aadhya that she is inauspicious for Jai as until she is here, Jai won’t get fine. Aadhya walks behind with teary eyes. She sees Nurse telling Doctor that the patient is serious. Aadhya gets worried for Jai and asks Doctor to save Jai. Doctor says Jai is safe and got consciousness, if you want you can meet him. Aadhya says yes and then thinks of Rupa’s warning. She prays to the temple in the hospital.

Rupa tells Jai that it was good that she reached there on time. Rajat and Vihaan tell that Aadhya found……Rupa stops them. Doctor asks about what had happened to him. Jai says I helped an old man crossing the road, then I fainted and don’t remember anything. Rupa thinks who must have done this and asks who is that old man. Doctor says patient needs rest and asks them to go out. Rupa asks him to go. She goes out and tells Rajat and Vihaan that she is with Jai and asks them to go, and not to meet Jai for few days. Rajat says Jai will be alone. Vihaan holds his hand and takes Rajat with him. Rupa thinks now nobody will come close to Jai and harm him. Vihaan calls Aadhya and tells that Rupa aunty made them far from Jai. Aadhya worries for Jai and thinks if he is fine or not. She closes her eyes and sees Jai standing on her window. She asks are you fine? Jai says I came to meet you, you didn’t come to meet me, I thought I will see you when I open my eyes, he says we are team and nothing bad can happen when we are together. Aadhya asks him to come inside and sees blood on his hand due to chemical. She says I won’t let anything happen to you. Jai faints and falls down. It was her imagination. She runs out of house, saying I won’t let anything happen to you.

Aadhya runs out of house and stops on road. She imagines Jai and he tells that he wanted to see her first, but you were not there. He moves hairs from her face and says if anything had happened to me then you wouldn’t have meet me for last time too. Aadhya says nothing will happen to you Jai…I am with you. She realizes it is her imagination and cries badly worrying for him. She blames herself for Jai’s condition and cries. She calls Jai. Rupa is sitting with Jai and disconnects the call. Aadhya calls again, but Rupa ends the call again. Aadhya takes auto to go to City hospital. Rupa calls Aadhya and asks her why she is calling jai and troubling him at home. Aadhya says I just wants to talk to him once. Rupa ends the call. Aadhya thinks I have to meet you anyhow and asks driver to take auto to Jai’s home. She thinks if Rupa sees me here then she will not let me meet Jai. She drags the ladder and brings it near Jai’s room balcony. She climbs on it to reach the room. Bin tere song plays…….

She goes inside the room and sits on the bed beside him while he is resting. She keeps her hand on his head and cries. She kisses on his hand and rests on his shoulder. She says do you know why I am so worried for you and why I couldn’t stop you from coming to meet you, as I am in love in you and can’t go away from you even for a minute. She says I love you Jai. Jai is unconscious and can’t hear her. Aadhya says I love you very much. She looks at him and smiles. Chahat ka silsila hai plays…..She says I won’t let you end up in any problem. She says you have always saved me from many troubles, now it is my turn. She says when I am with you, I am very happy and feel safe. She says don’t know why I used to fight with you and I couldn’t see how much you care for me. She kisses on his hand again and cries. She rests on his shoulder while crying.

Aadhya takes care of jai and changes his shirt. In the morning, Ash lies that she took care of him all night. Jai asks Rupa if Aadhya came in the night.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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