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His Lust Or Love Season 2 (Episode 2)

Assalam O Alaikum Beautiful People
How Are You All?
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Episode 2
the episode start with Sanskar waiting for Swara in Hall… Swara came out wearing Black Peach Georgette Patiala Salwar Suit… Sanskar was Mesmerized seeing Swara…. he get up and came close to her while kavtha get jealous…. Sanskar said
Sanskar: we r going inside send snacks and tea in room saying this Sanskar took Swara inside and hug her tightly making her shock… he looked at her and then slowly lean towards her lips… Sanskar capture her lips in a passionate kiss and keep kissing her… Swara moan and reciprocate with same passion… Swara was in love with Sanskar but she didn’t understand what’s wrong with him after that night… she kept saying sorry but he’s not that Sanskar anymore… Sanskar broke the kiss and start licking her neck… he suck there making Swara moan in pleasure… Sanskar bite there to mark Swara his and he did left his mark… Swara hold Sanskar tightly feeling him… Sanskar’s hand moved to Swara’s br*asts and he start squeezing them…. Swara moan his name loudly making Sanskar hard… Sanskar push Swara on bed and came on top of her…. Sanskar start kissing Swara lips and moved his hardness against her… Swara was reciprocating with him and was holding him tightly just then someone knock on door making them come to reality…. Sanskar sign in disappointment and get up from bed… he said
Sanskar: come in
kavtha came with tea and snacks and out it on table… both kept standing there and Sanskar said
Sanskar: what go out now or you’ll keep standing here like this
both kavtha made faces and felt from there… Sanskar sat down and said
Sanskar: get ready will go out
Swara: Sanskar please forgive me
Sanskar: have tea and get ready
Swara: Sanskar please
Sanskar get up and pin Swara against the wall and said
Sanskar: stop ur blo*dy sorry ok I said get ready don’t forget u r my bought slave and I’ll do whatever I want to do with u and how I want to treat u get this straight in your f**king mind saying this Sanskar left from there asking her to be ready fast… Swara broke down crying hard and kept saying
Swara: sorry Sanskar please forgive me please don’t hate me please
after a while Swara got ready in Elegant Black Lace Long Sleeve Maxi Dress which was gifted by Sanskar… she came and Sanskar was mesmerized seeing Swara… he came close to her and said
Sanskar: beautiful
Swara smile but soon her smile fade remembering what all Sanskar said a while ago… soon both left from there leaving Gadodia family jealous….
sorry for the late update guys how’s it?

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