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Chandragupta Maurya 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta To Become 1-day Prince

Chandragupta Maurya 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta proves Dhananand’s elder brother is the one who ordered to steal Dhananand’s statue’s golden head. Brother tries to kill Chandragupta. Dhananand stops him and asks why did he steal golden head when he himself gifted golden statue. Brother says he lost all his wealth in preparing golden statue and since he wanted to get into his good books, he gifted statue and stole its head to get back his wealth. He pleads Dhananand to spare him for his mistake. Dhanand starts his drama describing emotionally how he walked holding his brother’s fingers in childhood, how his brother taught him using weapons, how much he respects his brother, etc., but he cannot break his own rules, and cuts brother’s finger from his teeth. Brother falls down writhing in pain.

Dayimaa orders guards to take king’s brother to vaidya/doctor. Everyone present there stand in shock. Dhananand addresses people that they saw his justice and asks Chandragupta what he wants in reward. Chandragupta says he showed his justice now and should show his kind heartedness by freeing his innocent friends and youngsters. Dhananand gives him axe and asks to free himself. Chandragupta frees his and hugs him. Soldiers free youngsters. Mura thinks this boy must be her son. A man fumes that Dhananand does not have right to prison his son. Chandragupta asks him to leave this place with his son before Dhananand changes his mind. Man angrily calls king Dhananand. Chandragupta holds his hand says samrat Dhananand ki jai ho. People chant along him. Dhananand walks away happily asking his aide to get this boy to his room as he seems unique and brave. Mura thinks one who praises Dhananand like a chameleon is not her son and walks away.

Chanakya and Bhadra sees improsed boys walking free. Bhadra says Chandragupta/boy is very clever and freed all boys from Dhanand’s clutch. Chanakya says he has to still test boy yet. Chandragupta sees Lubdak running and asks to stop him as he has to inform who his mother is. Dhananand’s aide stops him and says king wants to meet him. Chandragupta thinks this is the last time Dhananand is coming between him and his mother. He says he will meet king some other day. Aide pulls his sword and warns him to follow. Chandragupta follows aide and passes through palace, watching things carefully. He gets tempted seeing food and asks when king is so lean how does he digest so much food. Aide says it is for king’s dogs.

Chandragupta continues following aide and sees his father’s sword and war gear, asks whose it is. Aide says it is Peeliwan’s king’s who tried to go against king Dhananand and was killed by Dhananand; warns if Chandragupta does not follow him, he will kill him with Peepliwan’s king’s sword. Chandragupta thinks he heard Peepliwan’s name before. He then reaches king’s room and sits on chair. Aide warns him to stand up. Dhananand enters and sitting on his chair asks what he needs in reward, what if he makes him servant in this palace. Chandragupta says king’s heart cannot be so small, how can he make him slave again. Aide pulls his sword warning to behave with king. Dhananand stops him and asks Chandragupta what he wants then. Chandragupta says he wants to live as prince in this palace for 1 day. Dhananand agrees and asks him to live his dream for 1 day.

Chandragupta meets his friends who greet him as king Chandragupta and show their handmade royal seat for him, ask to show his justice for a day. Chanakya with Bhairav passes by and stops hearing them chanting Chandragupta’s name.

Chandragupta enacting as king orders to give 10 lashes to culprit/Stulbhadra, stops and says when citizens steal food, it is king’s mistake, so he should be lashed.
Friends chant his name as king. Chanakya notices from a distance.

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