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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari’s Grandma

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena with dadi goes shopping, dadi says who will pay, Saxena says bhabhi gave card but she has forgotten password but don’t you worry i have money tell me what you want, dadi says few things women buy on their own, and anyways i feel like shitting, lets go. saxena says theres Washroom, Saxena says oh she went to gents toilet i like it.

Tiwari watching old photos,angoori asks who is this beggar like kid, Tiwari says shut-up its me, Angoori says thats dadi right and where is dadaji, tiwari says actually dadi ran away with a tailor, he went to her to stitch a kurta,she fell for his physic and he for her.

dadi and saxena walk in,saxena says dadi shopped for 20000,tiwari says what, dadi says whats wrong, tiwari says anything for you, saxena shows saree dadi bought for angoori,

dadi narrates a story about how disgusting Tiwari was,tiwari asks who did you shop this for,dadi says this body im using will wear right, Tiwari says that unemployed person,dadi says thank that kid because of him we met.

Anu says no Meenal i dont believe in all this, Tiwari and dadi walk in, dadi asks what place is this, Tiwari says this is my bhabhiji, dadi says she is pretty, tiwari says sure she is, anu says enought of it what is all this, tiwari says this is my dadiji,dadi says do you bathe with white wash,anu says stop it vibhu,dadi asks who is this vibhu, Tiwari says the body you using, dadi says oh your husband you love him lot right,anu says ever wife does,dadi says not his mother she keeps talking about that pandit Rampal,anu says tiwari control her, tiwari says dadi give her gift.

dadi says heres gift for you wear it,anu says it’s pretty but i dont accept saree in gifts,tiwari says please, anu says okay. angoori tiwari and vibhu having dinner, Saxena with them too, all serving dadi.tiwari says have kheer, dadi says no i may have sugar, Tiwari says how will you,you are dead, dadi says atleast this body can, tiwari says that unemployed vibhu, dadi says im going you aren’t grateful to this body.vibhu acts as if dead. all start pleading, angoori says for me come back, dadi says anything for you my darling.

Boys asks Gulfamkali to stay at night with them,she says anything for you, Gulfamkali performs for them and Gupta, while everyone enjoying,Hapu enters and shocked to see boys completely fine, Hapu shouts stop it,boys start acting unwell again, boys say it was dance therapy, hapu asks how does it help, Gupta says its to.mentally keep them fit, Gupta says here’s bill of remaining tests.hapu says what 20000, Gulfamkali says if you injure them you have to aid them too, Hapu says its too much in my pockets.

pre cap: Dadi says what are you doing with Angoori, Tiwari says spending romantic time, dadi says i came so far for you,i will spend time with her not you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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