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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers 

Recap-Adi informs zoya that he is returning to USA alone

As he has urgent work zoya is upset that adi didn’t share this with her

In their argument  adi admits that he never wanted to marry n married Zoya because  of some force

A disheartened zoya asks adi to stop the car n walks away


Zoya is walking

She is deeply  lost in thoughts

Tears fall from her eyes

She remembers how adi  was behaving indifferently with her

His words echo in her ears

Adi is driving

He seems restless too

Adi’s pov-I think I was too rude n direct with zoya I could  have told her all this calmly

But one day I had to tell her I couldn’t fake.

She might be very hurt

When she comes to know the entire truth  she will break my family will break. I Can never let zoya make out my reason for going to  usa

Am feeling  helpless

But what can I do


She said she needs time


I think I should  return  back home


Zoya  is shown walking

Adi returns home

Adi is restless

Adi decides to call her

He changes his mind

Zoya sits on a bench in park

She breaksdown

Adi looks at clock

Adi’s pov-zoya has still not returned  I need to go n check

Adi leaves in his car

Zoya is shown walking  on road

Zoya is lost in her thoughts

She remembers  how her ammi n abuu were happy to see her get married

She remembers  adi’s words

A car is approaching  zoya

Zoya is all lost

Car stops with a bump

Zoya Jerks

Yash comes out of car

He shakes zoya

Yash (worried )-zoya what’s wrong zoya from so long I was calling  ur name i was pressing  the horn Y are u walking  like this on road

Zoya Zoya say something

Zoya hugs him

She breaksdown

Adi reaches the spot where he dropped zoya

He keeps looking  around

He starts sweating

Yash makes zoya in car

He offers her water

Yash-zoya pls tell me what happened

Zoya (lump in throat )-he never wanted to marry He was forced to marry me

Zoya cries

Yash-Zoya see if u knew he had someone in his life in past n plus he refused for marriage  u should  have not taken risk

Zoya (confused)-someone  in his life what r u saying  yash

Yash-zoya u knew about pooja  n adi

Zoya cannot  understand  anything

Yash opens some locker of car n shows her printouts

Zoya is shocked

Yash-Wasim uncle told me u all knew about this N she is adi’s past so u decided  to get married  i tried to talk to u but by the time I reached Mandap u were already married

Zoya (teareyed )-I dnt know anything  Yash

Yash is shocked

He feels guilty

Yash-how could  wasim uncle do this ???

Zoya opens car door

N walks out

Yash-where are u going zoya

Zoya-To get answer of this

Yash tries to stop her but she leaves

Adi looks around

He shows zoya’s  photo in his cell to people

Adi gets worried

Anjana  is setting  up things in her room

N zoya enters

Anjana  (excitedly )-so my bahu is back Beta how was ur pet phera

Zoya’s eyes are welled up with tears

Zoya -maa whats this

She shows her printouts

Anjana  is shocked


Precap -Anjana -She is Adi’ s past 5 years ago they broke up She left adi Adi was heartbroken n decided never to get married

Zoya i felt only u can improve  my adi’s life am sorry my mamta stopped me from telling  u truth

Zoya is standing  in room

Adi’s enters

He is relieved  to see her

He hugs her

Adi-thank God u are fine i got so worried

Zoya-u want to return to usa as pooja is waiting  for u

Adi is shocked

Adi-pooja is my past zoya I want to return as I have urgent  work

Its upto to you to decide  if u want to trust me or not

Yes I never  wanted to get married

After pooja left me

But I can’t  cheat u

Pooja  is no longer a part of my life

Rest if u feel am cheating  on u

U can serve me divorce  pprs




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