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Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update – A child named ballal is born to a trader.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with prabhu ganadhipati leaving by blessing narayan while brahmadev calling narayan for help from the asoors as narayan understands because of this prabhu might have given blessings to me & he goes to see those asoors as he is asking them what you want & they tell him we wish to eat both of you & narayan attacks them with all his kinds of weapons but unable to kill then he meditates mata adhishakti for help & she arrives blessing narayan & tells the asoors saying if you wish to achieve your motive then you have to ask him once what he wishes as per last wish policy & intimates narayan to ask only one wish which they will give you. The asoors ask narayan before eating you what you wish & he asks them you boon me that you both shall be killed by me & they boon him but gets confused & tells him that you can’t kill here on this pure place but the place should be without water & on dry place & narayan emerges in his huge form lifting both of them keeping on his lap & kills them by flowing their soul in pure water where he was sitting & brahmadev feels impressed.
Narayan explains devi laxmi this way i became the inventor of earth & brahmadev it’s architect & devi laxmi tells him that’s why you kept this prabhu’s idol on this place.
They both pray prabhu as he emerges to bless them both but before telling them to start your journey through ballereshwar & they both pray mahaganadhipati.
A villager named kalyan doing trading business selling various items as general store handling by him where all villagers purchase from him but was little cheap in handling & one day his wife comes to his shop giving him good news that god has heard our prayers as i am pregnant & he becomes so joyful that he tells everybody to take whatever they want & also arranging to prepare sweets to celebrate with villagers.
Narayan telling devi laxmi he was very happy but there was something which was going to happen out of this as there was a stone of mahaganadhipati under a tree which nobody knew.
Kalyan while sleeping dreaming about his son being praised & appreciated by his villagers feeling very happy about it & he gets up hearing voice of drops which he realizes to prepare & does his work fast.
The son child gets born to kalyan by which he jumps in joy telling all villagers to celebrate while he is arranging celebration.
The child is named as ballal & tells his wife that our child will learn & achieve a lot of knowledge which i could not do in my life as he brings various kinds of books for him.
Narayan tells devi laxmi kalyan forced his wish on a small child for not making him to play instead learning to achieve knowledge.
Ballal was obedient child of his father & supporting his thoughts for him while kalyan’s wife feeling confused. Ballal use to get ready to go to gurukul while all children’s of his age playing.
A cart puller is feeling difficulty to pull his cart while ballal sees & helps him as he praises ballal for helping. Ballal sees a pest coming under his cart so he stops him telling this also has life given by god which is to be saved & he keeps on a stone but again sees something missing & keeps flowers & water to eat & drink but unknowingly he had kept it on mahaganadhipati’s idol image which blesses him in future.

Precap : Kalyan is telling ballal showing children’s playing outside that who do not wish to study they play this way but you are not that son of mine. Ballal while studying inside room a ball comes inside & he takes towards those children’s but also plays with them while a villager is complaining about him to kalyan & kalyan lifts a stick to go & hit him but he faints while playing as his mother comes running towards him & kalyan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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