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Shubharambh 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani gets ready to break her fast with Raja

Shubharambh 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rani about to see her pic in the photoframe, when Mihir comes and holds her hand. He takes her towards the cupboard. Rani asks what are you doing? Just move away right now. She asks him to leave her and tells that her hand is paining. He thinks to do something to stop her from seeing the pic and pushes the photo frame down in the cupboard. He asks her if she has started thinking about him. Rani asks what nonsense? He says I don’t let anyone spy in my life. Rani says even I have no interest in knowing your personal life and says I just want to surprise you by making you meet your wife on karwachauth day. She says you shall understand that I had never in my heart for you and will never have. She walks out of his room. He says I heard and understood, atleast you have thought about me for surprise. He takes out the photo frame and kisses on it.

Gunvant asks Kirtida to open the rope. She says already she is feeling weak due to fasting and now..Gunvant says I should have sent you to the shed rather than bearing you. Kirtida gets angry and says stay right here then. She manages to open the rope and they laugh.

Utsav comes to Kesha and asks about mummy and Papa. She tells that mummy has gone to neighbor’s house. He asks if mummy asked her to keep fast. Kesha says no, but she has kept fast herself. utsav says neither we have anything between us nor this baby is mine. A lady comes and hears them, asks what did you say Utsav.

Rani gets ready and thinks she will see karwachauth moon with Raja. She imagines Raja getting her ready. Shubharambh ho plays….She finds it was her imagination and comes out running. She finds a big photo frame of Raja and smiles while walking towards it. she reads Raja’s message and says this is sent by Raja for me. Asha says Raja knows that you are missing him on karwachauth day and that’s why he sent his photo to you. Rani says now it is my turn to break the fast. Asha asks her to break her fast with Raja. Rani leaves. Mihir says you will break fast with me and calls someone, tells Rani is going, be ready.

Kirtida looks outside through the upper window and sees Darshana. Gunvant asks her to act helpless infront of her. Kirtida asks her to open the door and tells that she has to make arrangement of puja thaali. Darshana says I have arranged the plate. Kirtida says I have to see the moon, open the door. Darshana says ok and is about to open the door, when Hitank comes there and stops Darshana. He says nobody will open the door. Gunvant says everyone is angry with us, we shall not do black deeds for some days. Kirtida says we didn’t do anything this time. Gunvant says we have to know about the enemy. Rani leaves from there. Mihir signs the man and thinks Rani will celebrate karwachauth with her. Darshana asks Asha not to take tension, says Rani will reach on time. A guy comes there with the parcel. Hitank takes it and says someone sent gift for you. Asha says for me. Mihir says tik tok and looks on.

Precap: Mihir as a mysterious caller calls Rani and asks her to save Asha. Rani runs home to stop Asha. The bomb blasts. Asha gets injured and asks Rani to go and break her fast. Rani tries to break her fast seeing Raja’s photoframe. Mihir makes it fall. Rani falls on it and sees Raja’s face breaking her fast.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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