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Shakti 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat brings baraat at Heer’s doorstep

Shakti 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Soham to remember that whoever comes inbetween Heer’s way have to move. Soham says you are doing the same thing which you have done with my father. He is taken away by the Police. Rohan breaks down and cries, tells that one brother has done wrong with another brother for his sister. He apologizes. Harak singh asks him not to cry and tells that he has supported the right person. He pacifies Rohan. Virat tells Heer that he came to meet her for the last time, as she will become his wife and he will become her husband tomorrow. Heer says when you become husband then your love will change. Virat says yes, I might change and love you more. He lifts her and says I will protect you all my life. Heer says she wants him to lift her and make her get grah pravesh done. They see the tea dhaba and sit there to have tea. Heer says love gets less after marriage. Virat says I know that I have done wrong with you, but I will marry you and give you all happiness of this world. He promises to fight all the toughest situations, will never let any trouble come on her and tells that from today, we are two bodies and one soul.

Preeto comes to Saya’s house holding the fruits basket. Saya says you…Preeto says Heer is getting married and tells that everyone is convinced, even me. She says she is scared, but trusts Heer too. She says Virat will handle Heer and asks her to pray for Heer, that her life shall not be like Soumya. Saya looks on.

Virat gets ready for the marriage. Gurwinder does his aarti and compliments his looks. Virat thanks her. Parmeet says Heer is waiting for you and says we shall take the baraat now. Heer gets ready in bridal dress and wears jewellery. She asks Raavi to place her maang tika in the centre and tells that she has not worn earrings till now. Raavi asks which bride talks so much. Heer smiles. Mahi says my Heer says that. Heer asks how am I looking? Mahi says very beautiful. Heer tells that today she will be going to her sasural, and promise to do puja and keep everyone happy there. She says do you remember that I got many slaps to marry Virat. Preeto hears her and goes. Mahi says Soumya has taught you all this. Heer says yes and asks how do you know? Mahi says who else can think like this. Raavi smiles and gets emotional. Mahi asks them not to think them as her sasural people, and asks her to think them as her family, then she will get love like she is getting here. Heer talks to Soumya’s pic and tells that her sasural will be her first home from now and her mayka will be her second home.

Preeto comes to room and asks what to do about Heer’s dreams of sasural. She says she shall make sure of her safety too. Harak Singh asks what are you thinking so deeply. Just then baraat comes there. Heer smiles. Harak Singh, Preeto and others hear the music. Raavi says Virat might be coming with baraat. Sindhu checks and says Virat has brought the baraat. She goes with Sindhu. Harak Singh and Preeto stand outside to welcome them. Rohan asks Heer, why is she crying? He reminds her about Soumya telling her she doesn’t need make up. A fb is shown. Rohan tells Heer that you are shedding a fat tears and asks her not to cry. Heer laughs. Rohan says Groom has arrived. He goes. Heeer looks at the baraat from the window.

Saya sits sadly and imagines parmeet calling Heer and gets shocked seeing her dressed up as a kinnar. Heer asks what happened? Parmeet says my bahu can’t be a kinnar. Heer asks what are you saying? Parmeet asks her to go and see. Heer looks at herself in the mirror and gets shocked. She says this is a lie, this can’t be truth. Parmeet says this is reality and a kinnar can’t be my bahu. Heer says Virat loves me and I am his wife. Parmeet says Virat has gone blind and tells that their family can’t grow with kinnar bahu. She brings kerosene oil, pours on her and lights match stick. She says you have kept us in dark and don’t deserve the right to live. She burns Heer. Heer writhes in pain. Saya comes out of her imagination, thinks Virat might love her a lot, but his family will not bear it. She thinks to stop their marriage and tell the truth to Heer.

Preeto asks Mahi to apply tilak to Virat. Mahi says you have more right on Heer than me and asks her to apply tilak to Virat. Preeto gets emotional and takes the aarti plate.

Saya comes running there. Virat greets his mother in laws. Preeto applies tilak to Virat and asks them to come inside. Just then Chameli, Roma and others come there. Roma asks Sant Baksh to give money for his son’s marriage. Virat asks them to take money. Chameli says I will not take money, but give me a promise then you will take care of Heer and will never leave her irrespective of the circumstances, and also protect her. Virat promises her that he will take care of Heer’s happiness than his own happiness, will not leave her till his last breathe and says if you think that I am not keeping up my promise then come home to remind me. Chameli asks him to remember. Virat says yes, Chameli Maasi. I will remember. He goes inside with others. Saya is still running and coming there. Pandit ji asks them to call the bride. Heer is brought there.

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