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Santoshi Maa 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh assures ushma to help search rest of the three goons.

Santoshi Maa 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nidhi running inside the room locking the door & ties herself with ceiling fan as indresh & all are also running behind her to stop her but the door is locked as indresh is trying to calm her as abhay breaks open the door & all go inside while indresh trying to stop her but niidhi is warning him if you come ahead then I’ll kill myself.
Ushma intimates mata santoshi that polomi’s powers have entered in nidhi due to which she is behaving this way & mata tells her to use your powers to release polomi’s powers & she tries but nidhi smartly warning her too as singhasan also shouts ushma. Indresh asks her what you wish & nidhi tells him I wish promise from you while santoshi mata intimates ushma to stop indresh by giving any promise or it’ll be difficult for indresh to break the promise & indresh asking nidhi what promise you wish & she tells him to complete seven rounds of our marriage so that no third person will come in between us & he falls in confusion thinking while singhasan intimates him to take promise which is not bigger than her life & as he is about to take ushma tries to stop him shouting but then too he ignores & takes the promise as ushma & mata santoshi are shocked. Devi polomi gets delighted saying this trick of mine has made ushma devi unable to digest hence all will know I am also more powerful than santoshi devi & her birds praise her.
Polomi releases her powers while nidhi releases herself smiling towards ushma & all of them disburse.
Dev rishi asks mata santoshi what is this happening due to which Devi polomi thinking bigger powerful than you & mata explains him saying that you & polomi are in same thoughts but by doing such things does not proves a person is powerful instead shows the person’s foolishness to support wrong deeds to happen in this world & dev rishi praises mata’s thoughts. Mata also tells dev rishi that now instead thinking all this we have to search other goons so intimates ushma to search others goons to take out the truth of swati so that we’ll think later how to tackle indresh’s promise too.
Ushma goes to goons room for searching of any clue but they are not in their room & bubli also joins her to help telling her they had already left after yesterday’s pooja completion & ushma thinking they might be hidden somewhere.
Devi polomi informs goons to not to release this ring given to you or you conditions will also happen like bhasmasoor & tells them to part yourselves on various directions so that you won’t be located by anybody.
Indresh remembering swati’s life with him earlier & tells ushma that might be these things are happening then too I am still there to help you & she tells him we need to search those three goons who are not there now & they only know about swati but indresh tells her it was sent by his father then too she tells him I know your family hasn’t killed her but those goons have so anyhow we need to search & he too takes oath that if found then I’ll also won’t leave them inspite they being in front of us but need to inform police for searching which I’ll do.
Ushma arranged pooja bhog to perform & feed children’s by indresh who arrive in singhasan’s house.
Mata santoshi is plucking flowers while dev rishi asks her why are you plucking these nine colour flowers & she explains him today is the day of mata sidhhatri for whom these flowers are offered doing prayers which make people calm & peaceful.
Indresh’s mother telling indresh to start pooja & offer bhog prasad to these children’s & she is telling nidhi also to join indresh but she refuses saying let indresh do but give me prasad first as I am feeling very hungry then ushma goes near her touching due to which her powers enter in her body & explains her to perform pooja & feeding children’s is very big thing by which goddesses get impressed & she accepts her advice.
Mata santoshi praises ushma for doing this while she responds saying if polomi’s powers are kept away from nidhi then it might happen that nidhi will automatically leave him as she was never interested in him earlier & indresh’s promise also won’t be affected by which he’ll return to swati again in futute.
Nidhi starting pooja along with indresh & serving children’s but in meantime polomi gets bugged & she throws her powers towards nidhi by which water glass falls from her hands on her feet getting hurt & she has to leave inside. Ushma thinks it seems polomi hasn’t liked this.

Precap : Devi polomi comes cursing nidhi it was not good that you performed this pooja & she slaps nidhi which is unknowing to nidhi. Mata santoshi intimates ushma to help nidhi from polomi. Ushma devi is warning polomi unless I do not find the truth I won’t sit idle but polomi tells her you won’t be able to find & ushma tells her I will anyhow find it from those asoors but feels like you might be involved in swati’s killing is it? & polomi is stunned.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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