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RIANSH: Luka Chuppi – Preface

Hey, you all! I’ve been following Ishq Mein Marjawan for a while now, and really appreciate the brewing chemistry between the lead pair. Over the past few days, I’ve read through a few FF’s on the show and it inspired me to create something of my own. Although, this would be a small stint, but I hope it sounds good. Here’s an introduction to it, Happy Reading!


Luka Chuppi (Hindi, Noun): The act of concealing in order to be found by someone else.


Riddhima stacked the books on the counter and fished through the belongings of her hand-bag, trying to look for the membership card. “I guess, I forgot the membership card. Issue these on your name, nah!”

When the silence continued enveloping her minutes later, she looked up and widened her eyes. A cluelessness began clinging on her and she mentally slammed her forehead for not checking earlier.

Riddhima (softly): Hello, uh- Can you tell me where Isha – the owner of this library would be?

She stared at the back of the cashier before her and tapped her foot against the wooden floor patiently. She mentally berated herself for forgetting the membership card back at home and pressed her palm against the stack of books. She dearly needed these books to prepare for next week’s lecture.

When the cashier turned toward her minutes later, several emotions fleeted within her, but the expressions on her face evaporated into thin air. In a reckless moment, all she wanted to do was run from there, forgetting about that day and the lecture next week. And in another contradictory moment, all she wanted to do was stay.

Vansh (nodding his head): Hello, Riddhima!

Riddhima (pulling herself out of the reverie): Isn’t Ishani around?

Vansh: She asked me to be here for a while. (folding his hands across himself) But the least you could have done was say hello.

Riddhima: Sure. I must’ve had punctured your ego there; Hi!

Vansh (sighing): I’ll check with Ishani when she’s planning on returning, then.

Riddhima: Thanks! (muttering under her breath) Obviously. Because running away has always been your signature.


RIDDHIMA SHAH: A research developer and a visiting lecturer in top-graded universities who holds her work in high regard. She’s a frequent visitor and borrower of “The Solace Library”, due to her need to prepare for her lecture deliveries at universities. She’s best friends with Ishani Raisinghania, the inherited owner of the Library, but despises her older brother. She’s been reluctant for her marriage, but is seeing Kabir Sharma for a possible alliance lately.

ISHANI RAISINGHANIA: The inherited owner of “The Solace Library” who has always intended of living around her family and the books in the library. The Solace Library is her sanctuary, and Riddhima Shah is her best confidant.

VANSH RAISINGHANIA: An entrepreneur aiming to scale his small-firm business in the country. With his ambitious attribute, he has always prioritized his career over his family and chased his dreams. His family includes his mother and his younger sister, Ishani Raisinghania. He’s recently returned to his hometown to spend time with his family and childhood friends.

KABIR SHARMA: An assistant professor in a top-graded university who has had an interest in Riddhima Shah. The two of them have been seeing each other since a brief period of time to understand and learn more about each other, but haven’t firmed their decision for Riddhima’s insecurities and reluctance.


That’d be all for the introduction. Please let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Thank you!

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