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RadhaKrishn 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Balram Punishes Sam

RadhaKrishn 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Balram informs Krishna that Sam pushed Anirudh into river and if princes do mistake, what will happen to Yudukul’s dignity. Radha says Sam must not have done this. Krishna says Sam will not lie and he made a mistake. Jambavati asks Sam if he pushed Anirudh into river. Sam accepts and says he saw father Krishna romancing Radha and playing bansuri for her while he never did that for his mother, so to separate Radha and Krishna he pushed Anirudh into river and divert Krishna’s attention towards Anirudh, he cannot bear Radha and Krishna together and his blood boils seeing them together. Jambavati says he should not have hatred for Radha and Krishna and should lie that Anirudh slipped and fell into river and he didn’t push Anirudh. Next day in sabha, Krishna asks Sam if he pushed Anirudh into river. Sam says no as he loves Anirudh. Krishna asks if that is the case, he will make his victory immortal by praying Mahadev. He starts prayer when Sam stops him and accepts that he pushed Anirudh into rive to divert Krishna’s attention from Radha as he doesn’t want to see Radha and Krishna together and he hates Radha. He continues venting his anger out on Radha and Krishna’s togetherness. Balram says he made a sin and as a punishment he has to shift to Gurukul for further studies. Krishna accepts Balram’s decision and walks away.

Sam runs behind Krishna pleading him not to separate him from his mother. Krishna says he made a mistake and has to bear punishment. Sam says his brother pronounced punishment and not him, so he will not accept it. Krishna says there is no other go now. Sam returns to Jambavati and pleads her not to separate him from her and to call guru here. Jambavati says world would shatter if that happens and always students to go Guru. He pleads to convince Krishna to stop this punishment. Jambavati walks to Krishna and pleads. Krishna says she should have thought before getting boon for Sam from mata Gauri even after knowing about Sam’s arrogance and mistakes. Jambavati says she should be punished then and not Sam, how will Sam live without her guidance. Krishna says even he and Balram lived in ashram for a few years and its a rule that he cannot change, he can convince Rukmavati and Revati to send their children along to be with Sam. Jambavati asks if that can happen. He says he will try.

Krishna meets Rukmavati and Revati and pleads them. They hesitantly agree seeing him pleading. Radha walks in and says its good for Sam. Sam reminds her of her to fulfill any of his demand and says she should accompany him to ashram. Krishna gets teary eyed hearing that. Radha looks at him emotionally.

Precap: Krishna asks Radha how will they bear separation for such a long time. Radha says they have to for his son. In ashram, Sam denies to sleep on floor saying he is a prince. Guru says he is an arrogant kid. Sam says he is a kid today and soon will become a powerful man. He

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