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Mere Sai 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Last knot left!

Mere Sai 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vasundhara’s husband (Kondiba) is not able to sleep. Flashback shows him requesting Vaid ji to treat his son. Vaid ji asks for Rs. 100. Vasundhara’s husband reasons that he cannot arrange for so much money. I can be your servant for life. Vaid ji refuses. Spend your life with your mental kid if you cannot arrange money. Kondiba requests Vaid ji again but he throws him out of his house. Kondiba is walking around sadly. From where will I arrange Rs. 100? How will Veenu be fine without treatment? He notices a house with an open window and gets thinking. He steals jewellery from that house. Flashback ends. Kondiba cries. How will I face Sai? I am sorry Sai. You had to be bothered because of me. I tried to get Veenu’s treatment done on time but I got caught beforehand. I recalled Vasundhara’s words when I was caught. Sai supports us when no one else can. You are God. Only you can understand my problem. I told police that you gave me that jewellery but the truth will be out in open tomorrow. I wont be able to get my son treated. I should have lowered my head in front of you with devotion but everything will be over tomorrow!

Sai is still untangling the yarn. Do you know where fear stems from? Keshav and Tatya sit down next to him. Sai says it stems from gunah, lies. The one who commits crimes walks on the paths of lies and deceit. He knows that justice will be served. One must do penitence too. There is no need to be afraid when you walk on the right path. Keshav agrees. We know that you have not done anything wrong so we shouldn’t be afraid. That’s what you are trying to tell us. Sai smiles and looks at the yarn. There is one last knot left. He leaves it as it is. Tatya says you never leave anything pending. There is just one knot. Sai says this isn’t the right time to fix this one. Keshav tells Sai he always talks in riddles. What if Magistrate fails in understanding you tomorrow? Tatya adds that one must be direct in front of Magistrate. Sai tells them to look at the flowers. Two different types of flowers are growing together. They haven’t changed their colors or fragrance according to the other. Why should we change when nature does not change? Keshav tries to explain but Sai tells them to make sure everyone is at ease tomorrow. We are expecting a lot of people tomorrow. They agree. Keshav says we have heard everything but we are still worried as to what will happen tomorrow. Sai says Allah maalik and smiles.

Next morning, Keshav is headed to Dwarkamai when Kulkarni Sarkar remarks that Ganpat was a fool but Nanasaheb Joshi is coming here today. He is just and honest. Who will save your Fakir today? I wanted to see him leave Shirdi but I had never imagined that it will happen this way. He will be dragged out of Shirdi in chains. Keshav calls him crow and addresses Sai as cow. A crow’s curse cannot kill the cow. Kulkarni Sarkar reminds him to be in his limits. Keshav says there was a time when no one knew about Shirdi or about Kulkarni Sarkar but it is known today because of Sai. Shirdi wont survive without him. Him getting saved from this mess would benefit you. Pray for him! He leaves. Kulkarni Sarkar glares at his wife.

Villagers make preps for the temporary court in Dwarkamai. Chandorkar ji looks on with a heavy heart. Appa Kote and Tatya reach there as well. Sai is looking at the holy fire. Vasundhara, Veenu and Kunda are on their way to Shirdi. Sai looks at the yarn.

Villagers head to Dwarkamai. Sai is holding the yarn. Abdul says I know that no one can come to Shirdi without Sai’s wish but what does he want. What’s the point of setting the court here? Bheema says we will find out the real reason behind Sai’s this act today. We will also find out who will be benefitted from it. Sai sits down.

Kulkarni Sarkar stands in front of Nanasaheb Joshi’s carriage and greets him. Srikanth and Govinda greet Nanasaheb as well. We are registering every visitor’s name in a book. Please make an entry. Nanasaheb nods. Has the court been setup? Srikanth nods. You can rest for a while if you want. Nanasaheb says I get paid to work. This case has been pending since a month. We must come to a decision today. Srikanth gets thinking. It was done a month ago? Nanasaheb says Kondiba was nabbed from Dhule a month ago and he told us that he got them from Sai. Srikanth says his name would also be in this register then. Nanasaheb checks the register but there is no entry in Kondiba’s name. Ganpat ji says it means he was lying. He never came to Shirdi. Kulkarni Sarkar says we must not forget that this register has not been authorized by me or English Government. The names might be entered here as per their convenience. It might be that that Fakir went outside Shirdi to meet Kondiba. He isn’t bound by time. Kondiba might have come here at night. Srikanth ji wont be around all the time after all. This Fakir is capable of black magic. A lot many people are under his spell already. Nanasaheb Chandorkar and Ganpat Ram are two such examples. Be careful or there will be no justice. Ganpat ji says our heads bow only in front of God. God resides where truth is. Let’s go.

Nanasaheb reaches Dwarkamai. He uses a cane to balance his one leg. Everyone looks at him curiously. Vasundhara, Veenu and Kunda also reach Shirdi. Villagers stand behind Nanasaheb as he takes his seat. Kondiba looks at Sai with guilt. Kulkarni Sarkar sits next to Nanasaheb and Chandorkar ji. Vasundhara reaches Dwarkamai and looks at her husband. She greets Sai with folded hands. Veenu gets excited as soon as he sees Sai and hugs him. Sai looks at the last knot. Everyone looks on in surprise. Sai tells Veenu where his Baba is. He will be with you today but stand with your mother for now. Veenu readily goes and stands next to his mother. Vasundhara thinks Veenu never understands someone’s words in one go but he followed Sai baba’s words in one go. Kondiba thinks Sai knows the truth yet he is being so merciful. I wish I had guts to say the truth. I am in a dilemma.

Precap: As per Kondiba, you gave him the stolen jewels that were recovered from him. Is it true? Sai accepts it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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