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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: RB expresses his liking for Nia

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nia coming to kitchen and seeing Pammi and Amber cooking together in the kitchen. She greets them good morning. Amber asks her to come and have tea. Guneet asks Amber if he saw her earring. Amber says it is kept in the cupboard. Guneet says it is not there and goes with her to give it to her. Pammi asks what you will eat in breakfast? Nia says anything. Amber and Guneet comes back from room. Guneet says she will go to office. Amber says I will drop you. Nia says let her go. Guneet asks what is the problem if I go by myself. Nia gets worried and shares with RB that dad is overprotective about Guneet ji too. RB says she can handle him and asks him not to worry. He asks her to make the press release ready. Nia asks him to brief her about what to write. RB says it is your company, you can do anything. Nia recalls Kabir’s words and asks RB why is he doing this, as there are many people who are more competent than me and asks if this is professional or is there any personal reasons. She asks him.

Amber asks Guneet to come. Guneet asks him about her age. Amber says 40, but looks 20. Guneet says she is not habitual and don’t want anyone to drop her. Amber stands out. Guneet asks if he called taxi. Amber says I returned it and tells that he is providing her taxi service today. Guneet looks at him. Amber says dhak dhak started in my heart because of it and sits on his bike. Amber drives off.

He says I can’t decide if you are fool that you don’t know answers or smart enough to hear answer from his mouth. He says I like you, more than friend and it is much more. Nia is about to go from there. RB holds her hand and says I know that still love Kabir and can’t see love me. He says I can’t change my feelings because of your feelings. Nia asks him to leave her hand. RB says I knew that you will react this way and that’s why I never said this. Nia asks really and says I thought you are giving me this opportunity as I am talented and creative, but you gave me this opportunity as….RB says you are right, if you think less about yourself then you are a big fool. He says do you think that if I am a fool to handover such a big company in her hands just because I like you. He says I felt that you started knowing me and says I don’t need to involve you in business to keep you near me.

He says about Wenet, I will get many people to run the company. He says today in the evening there is a takeover announcement and says ifs he comes then he will understand her answer. He says ball is in your court, decision is yours.

Guneet and Amber are riding on the bike. Amber holds her hand and keeps on his shoulder. She smiles. Song plays. She keeps hand back on the bag. He keeps her hand again on his shoulder. Amber gets down and calls the customer. Amber asks if he is coming? Guneet says yes. They see a young couple holding each other’s hands. Amber turns and is about to hold her hand. When she sees the customer and goes to him. The customer argues with her for making him wait. Guneet says she had work in the house and tells that she has called him after reaching here. Amber walks towards them and scolds the man for misbehaving with his wife. He asks him to apologize. The customer refuses to buy the products and leaves. Guneet says now he will never buy.

Amber and Guneet return home. Amber asks what is tomorrow’s timing? Guneet says I can go by myself. She comes inside, while Amber goes. Swara is already waiting for them. Guneet greets her. Swara tells that she came to invite them for party at her house and may be Kabir and she will announce their engagement tomorrow. Nia comes there and says hi. Guneet says tomorrow is party in their house. Swara leaves. Nia says I used to organize kabir’s house parties and it seems he has become far from me. Guneet asks her to sit and says he has moved on, everyone has their lives and asks her to move on. Nia asks what do you mean? Guneet asks her to move on and says you shall get someone who loves you. She asks her opinion about RB. Nia says nothing. Guneet says RB likes you. Nia says she is not interested. Guneet asks her to get interested and says may be in party, Swara and Kabir announce their engagement. Nia says engagement. Guneet says it is your life and decision and asks her not to lose love again. Guneet says you shall try once. Nia goes.

Precap: Amber and Guneet spend some good time. RB tells that he has takeover their company “Wenet” and now they all will report to their new CEO. He says here comes the new CEO. Everyone is shocked to see Nia there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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