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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 39

Hai!! I am back with today’s episode. Thank you so much for your support through comments. Please keep supporting through comments. Lets go to the episode now

Akash sees the tears in Naina’s eye

Akash: Naina..Naina can you hear me..did you just shed a tear…Naina….

The nurse comes in

Akash: Nurse..can you see it she just shed a tear

Nurse: Sir..coma patients do hear whatever we talk and they can respond like this too. Hasn’t this occurrred in the past 2 yrs

Akash: I don’t think so

Nurse: If so then its a sign of her recovery. Don’t worry sir your wife will get alright soon. If you dont mind can you stay out for some time. I must give her towel bath

Akash gets happy on hearing that Naina is recovering. He goes out with a smile on his face.

The scene freezes on his smile.

The scene shifts to a roadside pani puri shop. Naira and Mishti are enjoying themselves there. 

Mishti: Its been so long since we enjoyed like this

Naira: Haan mishti

Abir bumps into them

Abir: Bhabhi..

Naira: Abir..nice to meet you here

Abir: How are you bhabhi?

Naira: I’m good

Abir: Hello Mishti

Mishti: Hai Abir

Kartik comes there

Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: Oh my!! you both are here. What a coincidence

Naira: Haha..

Abir: By the way our love for pani puri is common which has made to collide

Kartik: You guys wait here I’ll go and get some icecreams

Naira: I’ll come with you and help you

Mishti: Didi seedha seedha boldo na romance kar na hai

Naira stares at her and follows Kartik. Abeer laughs at this

Abir: Seems like you have a great bond with bhabhi

Mishti: Haan we grew up together

Abir: Grew up? Have you really?

Mishti gets irritated and: Don’t comment on my height

Abir: Arrey you got me wrong..I watched you sisters enjoying before we came. It looked like two children enjoying together. Thats what I meant. Height is nothing its the heart that matters.

Mishti: I’m sorry Abir many people have taunted me regarding my height

Abir: I understand your situation. But you are very beautiful the way you are

Just then Kartik and Naira come there with icecreams. All four enjoy the ice cream.

Mishti looks at Abir playing with his hair and is lost in him.  The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Prerna’s office. Anurag rushes inside. Prerna’s assistant Asha is there at the reception

Anurag: Is Prerna inside?

Asha: Yes sir mam is inside

Anurag: I have to meet her its urgent

Asha: Just a minute sir.

Asha connects through intercom to Prerna and informs about Anurag’s arrival.

Asha: You can go inside sir.

Anurag enters the cabin and hugs Prerna

Prerna senses that Anurag is tensed. She holds his face and looks into his eyes

Prerna: Anurag!! Is everything alright?

Anurag in his mind: Should I tell her about the phone call, better no. Atleast not till I find who is behind that call

Anurag: Nothing Prerna I was missing you a lot. Now I’m okay.

Prerna: Take your seat

Anurag: Prerna I have to go. You are fine right

Prerna: I am absolutely fine.

Anurag: Call me immediately if you feel something fishy around you

Saying this Anurag rushes out and calls Akash

Akash: Hey Anurag..tomorrow morning Aditya’s case is coming to court. Your bua and fufa’s death will get justice

Anurag: Thats good

Akash senses the shakiness in Anurag’s voice

Akash: Whats bothering you

Anurag tells him the happenings

Akash: I’ll take care you don’t worry

The call cuts and Akash goes inside the room.

Meanwhile Anurag’s phone rings and its the same unknown number

Anurag attends the call. The stranger laughs

Anurag: Hello

Stranger: Anurag..Anurag..I didn’t say that I have harmed Prerna I just said don’t accept the Jindal deal and make me hurt her. But you rushed like that to Prerna’s office to make sure her safety

Anurag is shocked and looks around

Stranger: That much love on your wife. Then don’t accept the Jindal deal. And did you call anyone to tell about me? [He laughs again] Anurag don’t strain to find me I’ll tell you myself..I’m actually your mentor in this field…you know your dad was desperate to grow his business like mine and you have almost reached it.. I am

Anurag [in a shocked state]: Mr.Bajaj

Stranger: Wow you are brilliant.

Anurag: Mr.Bajaj you don’t need Jindal deal you are much higher than that

Bajaj: Wow I love hearing my praises. Its not my need and the reason isn’t bigger than your wife’s or brother’s safety

Anurag: Why are you targetting her?

Mr.Bajaj: I am not targetting her I am targetting your weakness. I guess your company turnover is not important than your beloved wife.

He cuts the call. Anurag is all perplexed. Meanwhile Akash enters the room. He sees that Naina is looking at him

Akash closes his eyes and: This shouldn’t be another illusion of mine..Naina should have opened her eyes for real…Please God

He slowly opens his eyes and realises that Naina has opened her eyes for real. Tears start to roll down from Akash’s eyes.

He slowly walks towards Naina.

Akash: Naina can you see me?

Naina [in a feeble tone] Aaakaashhh

Akash: Naina you are seeing me and calling my name for real..i’m not in a dream world right.

He pinches himself and shouts. Naina has a faint smile on her face.

The nurse hears the sound and come in. She is shocked to see Naina looking at her.

Nurse: Sir…Doctor..Mrs. Akash has regained consciousness..

She rushes to call the doctor.

Akash: Naina..its not a dream..that means you are alright

Naina; Aaakaashhh whhhaaat happened too meee?

Akash: Nothing dear..nothing happened. Don’t talk and strain much just listen to what I talk

He sits near her holding her hands and starts talking stories. The scene freezes.

Its next day early morning. Kartik is sleeping. He is woken up by Naira dressed in  saree and she has coffee in her hands

Kartik smiles at her.

Naira: Its morning wake up jaan

Kartik: Good morning jaan

Naira keeps the coffee on the side table and turns to leave. Kartik jumps on to hold her hand to stop her…but..he falls down from his cot.

Kartik: Ouch..

He then realises that its all a dream

Kartik: Ufff.the dreams are back now..I thought that after I confess my feelings the dreams wont be back but nowadays the dreams are getting even more realistic

He hears a knock on the door. He gets up .

Kartik: Come in

Abir enters laughing

Kartik: Why are you laughing now?

Abir: I heard you fall [he laughs again]

Kartik: Will you stop laughing now?

Kartik gets angry.

Abir: Cool..cool bhai..what happened?

Kartik: Nothing

Abir: Wait..I’ll guess…you had a dream

Kartik: Abir?

Abir: Am I right

Just then Dadi calls their names

Kartik: Dadi is calling lets go down. He rushes out and Abir follows him. The scene freezes.

Anurag is in his office. Its the day to sign Jindal deal. He calls Prerna but her phone is switched off. He gets tensed. The episode ends.



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