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Love after arrange marriage Ep-8-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-8-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

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@1546redqueen … Just wanna tell you I couldn’t reply you on Insta , was busy , I just liked that , don’t feel bad , I will see  it today… I think it was regarding your FF …

I will definetly see it ..

Replies to comments got from Episode- 7

  • Riansh_fan- Thank you soo much !
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  • Riansh Lover- Ishani is evil , in real also and in this also …
  • M- Yeah!! She’s back..
  • Abhipasha Banerjee – Right!!!
  • Riansh Lover- Haha!! I also loved the scene
  • Diha- Thank you soo much for your love and support ..
  • Naira U Singh – Thanks
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  • Mou – Thanks for loving …

Episode starts with ..,

Its dinner time , all are sitting on dining table , soon Ishani comes . Vansh says to Riddhima,”Riddhima, let’s go and eat dinner while watching movie. What say?” Riddhima nods yes and goes with Vansh . Riddhima asks,”How did this miracle happened ?? Vansh , you want to watch movie with me ??” Vansh says,”Yes” Riddhima says,”A business typhoon watches movie also?” Vansh says,”Aren’t business typhoon humans ??” Riddhima laughs . Vansh says,”Did I cracked a joke ??” Riddhima says,”It doesn’t needs a joke to laugh on, your face is enough to laugh on.” Vansh gets angry and says,”Do I look like joker??” Riddhima nods yes . Vansh stares and then Riddhima nods no . They both eat dinner . Riddhima says,”Vansh, lets play a game.” Vansh says,”You are a kid ???” Riddhima says,”No, That’s why I married you to prove that I am not a kid.” Vansh says,”What have you eaten , why troubling me ??” Riddhima says,”Becuase I ..” Vansh asks,”I…??” Riddhima says,”I wish to do it ..Haha!!” “Now sleep don’t trouble me more” Vansh says. Riddhima says,”I won’t sleep, what will you do.” Vansh beats on his head and says,”O God!! Save me.” Riddhima laughs . They both sleep . Ishani enters the room to kill Riddhima as she wanted that Vansh should marry her friend . She keeps knife at Riddhima’s neck. Fortunately, Vansh is wake up , he holds Ishani’s hand and screams,”Riddhima.” Riddhima wakes up and sees someone holding knife . She runs towards the swithces and turns on light. Vansh sees that Ishani tried to kill Riddhima . He brings Ishani down and calls all . Everyone gathers there. Vansh says,”Mom, Daadi , see Ishani tried to kill Riddhima , fortunately I was awake so I saved her .” Anupriya and Mrunal scolds Ishani . Daadi also scolds her. Vansh says,”I will give her punishment now.” Anupriya says,”Vansh , leave her , she’s your younger sister.” Vansh says,”She tried to murder , its a crime , I won’t spare her.” Ishani says,”Bhaiya I am small , I won’t do it again.” Vansh says,”I won’t let you do it again , you wouldn’t be allowed to go out from your room ..” Ishani says,”I am not a criminal , its like jail.” Vansh says,”You deserve this only.” Vansh takes Ishani to her room and lock it from outside . He goes to sleep with Riddhima . Riddhima says,”Thank you  Vansh , If you wouldn’t be there I..” Vansh keeps finger on Riddhima’s mouth and says,”I won’t let you die.” Riddhima and Vansh look at each other. Riddhima says,”Now , lets sleep.” They both sleep. Next day , Anupriya calls all . Everyone comes there. Anupriya says,”Tomorrow’s Karva Chauth , so who will keep fast ??” Riddhima says,”I.” Anupriya says,”Good , Chanchal what about you??” Chanchal also nods yes. Daadi says,”That’s good , so Anupriya , Riddhima , Chanchal will keep fast and Mrunal , Vansh and Aryan you would bring a gift for them.” Vansh says,”Daadi , please you bring something for Riddhima, I am busy.” Riddhima says,”Daadi you keep fast for Vansh, I have some work to do tomorrow.” Vansh says,”The wife keeps fast.” Riddhima says,”The husband gives gifts.” Daadi says,”Yes, Riddhima’s right , Vansh if you wouldn’t give gift then Riddhima wouldn’t keep fast.” Vansh says,”Ok Daadi , if you say then I would give.” Daadi says,”Its your wish whether to give or not , I don’t force you.” Vansh says,”You all are confusing me..” Vansh leaves .Chanchal goes to Riddhima and says,” Aww, Poor, your husband won’t give you gifts..” Riddhima says,”Now you see , Vansh would give me gift.” Chanchal says,”We will see.” Riddhima leaves.

Precap: Riddhima’s worried whether Vansh would give her gift or not. Vansh says,”I would give gift.” Riddhima turns and sees Vansh talking on phone , she gets sad. Vansh thinks,”Poor Riddhima, Its too simple to befool you.”


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