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IB & Naamkaran FF- Hatred Love- Chapter 43

Hi, everyone!! Sorry for not updating since two weeks. Actually, I was not satisfied with the chapter and I have to rewrite it again and again. Thank you very much for your precious votes and comments on previous chapter.






ShivIka are shocked listening to Avni.

Shivaay: (angrily) What?? They made scandal of Ishana’s and Rudra’s picture together. Where is that scoundrel??

Avni: GauRan went to catch him. (She looks at somewhere.) They are coming!! (They turn and see GauRan coming there dragging the guy with them.)

Gau: Avni, he is the one right??

Avni: Yes, bhaiya!! (She slaps him hard on his cheek.) How dare you to harass my Ishu?? (Gautham too punches his face.)

Shivaay: You created a scandal between my brother and his bhabhi. Do you know that their relationship is like a mother and son?? (He punches his face plenty of times.) And you harassed a girl. A man like you is an insult to every man in this world!! Ranveer, arrest him and put a case where he can’t get any bail.

Ranveer: Definitely, Shivaay!! But before that, I need to do something else. (He looks at the guy.) Where is the real coverage of Omkara’s interview?? (The guy looks at him in fear.) Tell me now or I will shoot you to death till no one can find you. (ShivIka look at each other confusingly.)

Annika: What interview??

Ranveer: You will know soon. He and his other friend are the reason for Ishana to return here to take revenge on Omkara. (Looks at him again.) Are you going to tell me or….??

Guy: I will tell you. That video is with my friend.

Gau: Where is he??

Guy: At his house.

Neil: Take us there. (The guy agrees.)

Shivaay: Guys, we will follow your car. (RanGau nod.)





Omkara’s Room


IshKara still hugging each other.

Ishu: Sir, did you get me pregnant?? (Omkara nods.) You can’t even think of molesting me, how did you think of getting me pregnant??

Om: I told you I was insane at that time. That deed is unforgivable, Ishana.

Ishu: Can I forgive you for that, sir??

Om: No. Please don’t. Don’t you ever forgive for that, Ishana. Or you will be taken for granted by everyone. Don’t do that.

Ishu: Then, what should I do??

Om: Soon, I will reveal to this world that you are my wife. You can leave from here and concentrate on your life. You have to lead a peaceful life. You don’t have to suffer because of me anymore.

Ishu: Is this what you want?? (Omkara nods.) Fine. If you will be happy if I leave, then I will do as you said. I will leave from here. I will go away from your life. I won’t enter into your life again. You can leave peacefully without my presence. You don’t have to bear my torture again.

Om: (smiles sadly) Happy!!?? Who said I will be happy without you?? My life was hell since you left from here. I started to live only after you came here again.

Ishu: You are the one asking me to leave.

Om: I deserve that, Ishana for making your life hell.

Ishu: But still you cared for me inside the hell. You gave me pain but you did soothe my pain too. But I didn’t realise it. (Her tears are flowing uncontrollably from her eyes.)

Om: Don’t cry, Ishana. (He cups her face and kisses her both eyes.) Don’t cry. (Ishana looks at him whose eyes are having care and concern about her. She wipes his tears.)

Ishu: You are crying too!! (Omkara hugs her.) Do you know something?? I am used to your hug now. How am I going to live without your embrace after this??

Om: Should I stop hugging you??

Ishu: If you want to stop.

Om: I will never wish like that, Ishana. You are my life. (Ishana breaks the hug and looks at him.)

Ishu: What?? I am your life?? (Omkara nods.) Really?? (She looks at him hopefully. Omkara nods and brings his face closer to her. Ishana just looks at him coming closer to her. Their lips are just a few inches away. Ishana’s heart is beating fastly seeing him this close. Omkara realised what he is going to do and stops himself. She looks at him confusingly. He kisses the tip of her nose and looks at her.)

Om: Ishana, I will reveal to this world about you in another five days.

Ishu: So we are having only five days to be together?? (Omkara nods. Ishana hugs his arm and lies her head on his arm.) I wish these five days will move slow. (Omkara pats her hand and side hugs her.)



GauRan drag the guy towards a house followed by ShivIka. Avni is staying at the car with Neil. The guy knocks the door while others hide. Someone opens the door from inside.

Guy 2: Where have you been, yaar?? I was waiting for a long time. (Gautham barges inside and punches him on his face.)

Gau: You humiliated our Ishu!!?? How dare you!! (He hit him badly venting out his anger on him.) What my Ishu has done to you!!?? (Ranveer calms him.)

Ranveer: Gautham, control yourself!! (Shivaay holds Gautham. Ranveer looks at the guy.) Where is the coverage of Omkara’s interview?? Give me now or you will face the worst from us. We are at a peak of the anger now. It’s better for you to not to become the victim of our anger.

Guy: (towards his friend) Give them, yaar or they won’t spare us. We have touched the wrong place without realising about the consequences. (The guy goes towards a table and brings a pen drive.)

Guy 2: The complete coverage is inside this pen drive. (Ranveer punches his face and takes the pen drive from him. He sees a laptop on the table and plugs the pen drive in the port. All of them watch the interview where Omkara didn’t say anything wrong about Ishana.)

Annika: Omkara didn’t say anything wrong. He defended her only.

Ranveer: Exactly, Annika!! But this guy edited it and made it like Omkara humiliated Ishana. The truth is these two are the one humiliated her. (Shivaay hits both of the guys.)

Shivaay: How dare you to mess with my family?? And you created a scandal between a bhabhi and devar. Don’t your parents taught you that bhabhi and devar’s relationship is like a mother and son?? (He punches their faces plenty of times.) Just see what I am going to do with you.

Annika: We should upload this full interview in social media. Then only people will know how cheap is their channel.

Ranveer: No need, Annika. Omkara knows what to do. We don’t have to waste our time here. We have important work than this. I came here only for this video. We got it. Let’s leave.

Annika: How about these cheapdas?? How can we just leave these two like this??

Ranveer: Shivaay knows what to do with them in Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s style. (Shivaay nods and smirks at them.)



SidLana’s House


AvNeil and GauRan reached there with ShivIka. Neil is on the wheelchair which has been pushed by Gautham. Siddharth stares at Shivaay angrily. Avni noticed his state.

Avni: Bhabhi, that day I told you right, someone helped me to complete my rituals?? (Swetlana nods.) He is the one. (She said pointing at Shivaay. All of them are shocked.) If he didn’t help me that day, I might not be able to complete the ritual correctly. He took all the pain for me.

Neil: (confused) What ritual??

Swet: Neil, Avni prayed for you and Pooja to get well soon. So she wanted to climb the stairs at Lord Shiv’s temple on her knees. But she fell weak because of fasting. She was almost collapsed but he held her and helped Avni to complete her prayers. He continued the ritual by climbing the stairs on his knees. (Neil feels bad that Avni prayed that much for him and Pooja. He holds her hand. Annika hugs Shivaay proudly.)

Neil: (looks at Shivaay) Thanks, Shivaay. (Shivaay just smiles.)

Shivaay: Thanks, Avni. (All look at him confusingly.) I thought you will hate me or scold me for our deeds to your friend.

Avni: I might behave like that with you if I met you before our temple meet. That one gesture of your’s is enough to melt my heart which was holding anger on you. That day you told me that God gave a chance to you to rectify your mistake. Maybe that was the one. If Ishu knows about it, she will be very grateful to you. Her anger and hatred will be gone just like that.

Shivaay: She is very lucky to have all of you. I wish I had a friend like you but unfortunately, I don’t. (Avni smiles. Mishti cries.)

Avni: Oh my baby!! Did you miss your mamma?? Sorry, baby. Mamma went to the temple to pray for your Pooja ma and papp…. (She stops looking at Neil who is looking down.)

Gau: Avni, we forgot to tell you one good news.

Avni: What??

Ranveer: Your husband Neil finally accepted Mishti as his baby. (Avni is surprised as well as SidLana while ShivIka look at each other confusingly.)

Avni: Really?? (Gautham nods.)

Shivaay: Wait a minute. Mishti is your baby?? (Avni nods.) Not Omkara’s??

Neil: No, she is our baby.

Annika: Then, why did….??

Ranveer: That was Rudra’s idea. Ishana has nothing to do with that.

Shivaay: But how come Om agreed with them??

Ranveer: Because he didn’t want anyone to badmouth Ishana’s character.

Annika: Really?? Then, why he tried to…..??

Neil: He didn’t!! (ShivIka and SidLana are confused.) That was a misunderstanding. He didn’t try to molest Ishu.

Annika: How do you know that??

Gau: Just now Omkara told us. Even Ishu aware of this and she believes him. (Shivaay smiles feeling relieved.)

Shivaay: I told you, na, Annika. My Om won’t stoop that low.

Annika: I am happy that he didn’t do like that to her but he did stoop very low than that by making her….

AvNeilGauRan: No!!! (ShivIka and SidLana are shocked as well as confused seeing them reacting like this.)

Ranveer: Another truth you have to know. Not only you. Even RuMyaPri need to know about it too.

Shivaay: What truth??

Neil: Omkara didn’t make Ishu pregnant.

Shivaay: What do you mean that he didn’t make her pregnant?? He accepted that the baby was his.

Ranveer: He lied, Shivaay!! The truth is no one knows how Ishana got pregnant. Om has nothing to do with that. (He narrates to them whatever Omkara told them just now. ShivIka and SidLana are shocked to the core knowing this truth. One side they are feeling angry on the person who did like that to Ishana and another side they feel bad for Omkara who took the blame on himself for the mistake which he didn’t commit.)

Shivaay: Om didn’t say it to me also. Even though, I….




Omkara’s Arts Room


A slap lands on Omkara’s cheek which is none other than Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Shivaay: How could you do that, Om?? I can’t believe that you have gone this much low to take revenge on a girl. I know she did wrong by snatching your Gauri. But that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want towards her. Who gave you the rights to do like that to her?? (Omkara keeps silent.) It’s a sin, Om. You should not play with a woman’s motherhood. Even Rudra knows that but how come you didn’t aware of that??

Om: It’s my baby. (Shivaay slaps him again.)

Shivaay: I did wrong, Om. I must have stopped you when you brought her here by marrying her forcibly. I stood by you was the first mistake I have done. I wish I can take that girl away from here but my ego is stopping me. (Omkara just keeps quiet without saying anything.)


*Flashback Ends*


Shivaay: He didn’t tell me even I have scolded him badly. If I know it that day itself, I must have found the one who did like that to Ishana by hook or crook.

Ranveer: That’s why he didn’t tell you. He knows that you can find the person. Then, Ishana will get to know about it too. And she might harm herself if she learnt that the baby belongs to someone else. Besides that, your family already badmouthed Ishana’s character at that time.

Annika: You are right. Ishana should not know this. She won’t be able to take this. Let this truth be among us. Poor girl, she already suffered a lot.

Avni: No, Annika. Ishu should know the truth. She must know that Omkara didn’t do like that to her. Omkara should not take the blame on himself for the sin which he didn’t commit.

Ranveer: The problem is Omkara doesn’t want to tell the truth to her.

Avni: We only can unite them if Ishu learns the truth.

Siddharth: Not only that. Ishu should know who did like that to her and she has to punish that creep herself.

Swet: But how she will handle this painful truth?? Even I can’t take this. How my poor Ishu….?? (She cries. Siddharth hugs her.)

Annika: Swetlana is right. We also can’t bear this, how Ishu is going to take it?? It’s so hurtful. No girl should face this. (Shivaay hugs her.)

NeilGau: Omkara. (All look at them.)

Neil: Omkara is the one who can soothe her pain.

Gau: Through his love. We will talk to Ishu. She will never refuse us. But we won’t tell her the truth first.

Neil: Shivaay, Annika, both of you try to talk to Omkara. If he still refuses, then we will talk to him. (ShivIka nod and about to leave.) Shivaay!! (ShivIka turn to him.) Thanks for saving Ishu that night.

Gau: And for keeping her at your house safely during our absence. I never thought that I will thank you for whatever you did. But somewhat I felt like if Omkara didn’t marry her forcibly and took her to your house, she must have faced something worst than that. I feel like Omkara has saved her life unknowingly. (Shivaay just pats his shoulder. Ranveer’s mobile rings.)

Ranveer: Hello!! Yes, Mr Pradeep!! Ok. I will come in a while. (He ends the call and about to say something when his mobile beeps. He looks at the message and thinks something.)

Neil: What happened, Ranveer?? Who called you??

Ranveer: I told you about the waiter, right?? His neighbour told me that he is back to his house.

Shivaay: That’s good. Let’s go there. (Ranveer is about to say something when Gautham’s mobile rings. He answers the call.)

Gautham: Hello!! (His face becomes happy.) Really?? I will come in a while. (He ends the call with happy tears.)

Ranveer: What happened, Gautham??

Gau: Pooja has gained consciousness. The nurse called me. (All of them become happy. Gautham hugs Neil.) Our Pooja has gained consciousness!! (Avni hugs him.)

Neil: Let’s go and see her.

Gau: Neil, you are just back from the hospital. You take rest first. Tomorrow, we will take you there.

Ranveer: Gautham, you go to the hospital and see Pooja.

Gau: How about the waiter??

Ranveer: We will manage here. You don’t worry and just go and see your Pooja first. (Gautham hugs him and leaves from there.) Avni, Siddharth, three of you stay here with Neil. I and ShivIka will go and meet the waiter.

Siddharth: I want to come with you.

Ranveer: Siddharth, you have to be here. Please. (Siddharth agrees. Ranveer and ShivIka leave from there. Ranveer takes his mobile and dials a number.)





Rudra’s Room


Rudra: Where this Ranveer has gone without telling us??

Soumya: He said that Shivaay bhaiya said those guys pictures are not in the files.

Prinku: Then, who are those guys?? If they are doing this, they must be a criminal, right?? How come their pictures are not in the police record??

Soumya: Prinku, these files belongs to the cases handled by NeilGau bhaiyas. Maybe their files are not here. (Rudra’s mobile rings.)

Rudra: Ranveer!! (Answers the call.) Hey, Ranveer!! Where did you go without telling us??

Ranveer: Rudra, relax. I will explain to you later. Put on the loudspeaker first. (Rudra does as he said.) Guys, just now Mr Pradeep called and told that the waiter is back to his house. Three of you go there first. ShivIka also will come there. Lock him and confront him as much as possible. I have to go to Mahi’s house. She said she found something in one of the footage. I will go and see it first. Then, I will come there directly. Don’t let him escape at any cost!!

RuMyaPri: Ok.

Ranveer: Be careful, ok. (They end the conversation.)




To be continued…..


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