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Gupta Brothers 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Veeru hurts Amba

Gupta Brothers 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv telling that Ganga’s responsibility is his. The shop owners say that they will not stop her. Ganga looks at him and cries. Shiv asks them to go. Ganga tells that she has seen someone fighting for her the first time. Shiv and Mama ji ask her to open her shop. Ganga looks at Shiv and gives keys to him. She says you have given me new life, so this chance is yours too. He takes the keys from her hand and opens the shop. Veeru gets angry on Jaya for talking wrong about Shiv. Jaya says he is my brother too and tells that Shiv Bhaiyya is really helping that thug. Amba says Shiv has taken a stand for her and made everyone’s mouth shut in the market to get her shop opened. Veeru says this is not possible. Jaya says I know that you will not believe me and that’s why I am still connected on the video call with my friend. Veeru sees Shiv opening the shop and lighting the diya. Song plays…..She imagines a happy life with him and a imagination scene is shown.

Jaya asks will you break my head now and asks him to see what Shiv bhaiyya is doing with that woman. Veeru breaks her phone in anger. Jaya asks why did you break my phone. Veeru says whenever you comes, you brings bad news and asks her not to come there. Amba asks him to break Shiv’s head, don’t know what is he doing with her. Jaya asks Veeru to bring new phone for them. Veeru asks her to go. Alok holds him. Amba says we tried to tell you truth and you are threatening us. She tells Alok that there is something wrong for sure. Veeru asks her not to say anything. Amba asks him not to forget that they have brought them up since childhood and asks him to show his attitude to Shiv. Veeru gets angry and pushes Amba. Amba falls on the tulsi pot and gets hurt.

Ganga comes to the orphanage and gives gifts to the kids. Orphanage lady asks her to tell what happened? Ganga says for the first time, I felt that I am not orphan and someone supported me and took a stand for me. The old lady says I have understood everything and asks what does he do? Ganga says he is like me, responsible for me. She says he has understood who the real Ganga is? The old lady says you are destined to get Shiv.

Shiv comes home and sees Kaki’s forehead bleeding. Jaya tells him that Veeru has broken her mother’s head. Shiv asks what? If Veeru? Amba says we have never thought you all as others children, but thought as our own children. She says now you have shown our status, we will not come in your house again. Jaya says he has raised hand on Maa today. Shiv is shocked. The neighbors say what happened which forced him to take this step.

Shiv scolds Veeru and asks did I give you these values to raise hand on the woman. He asks how dare you and how did this come in your mind. Veeru says I got angry. Shiv says your anger is your enemy. I told you thousand’s times that anger is bad. Veeru says I can’t hear anything against you. Shiv says she is our Amba kaki, helped me to brought you up. He says she has taken care of you all and fed food to you too. Veeru says Amba was relating you to that thief and told that you took her guarantee. He says I couldn’t believe it. Shiv says why, and asks if he thought that he is wrong. He says if you thought me wrong then I will never forgive you. Maa looks on. Shiv says I couldn’t teach you about the helplessness because of which they are forced to take wrong step. He goes on blaming himself.

Doctor tells Jaya that he has to stitch Amba’s wound. Amba asks him to do the work and boils in anger as he sits to stitch his wound. Alok tells Shiv that Veeru did a big mistake and asks him to forgive him. Shiv says he has hurt my feelings. I will not talk to him. Maa tells Shiv that Amba told Veeru about Ganga and him, which couldn’t be bear by Veeru.

Precap: Ganga thinks she couldn’t stay without Shiv and gifts him handkerchief with his name written on it. Alok notices it. Later Veeru cuts his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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