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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Money proposes Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Guddan says please don’t get Agastya married to Niya. Pushpa says who are you to say that? Guddan says for Rashi and Agastya. She says so you will stop my son’s wedding? Guddan says I saw you DIL’s true color. She slapped and shoved Rashi. Rashi cries. Agastya says are you okay Rashi? Pushpa says this is a new drama. Agastya says no ma. It’s my daughter. It will be my decision. Agastya asks Niya did you hit my daughter? Tell me. She says yes. everyone is shocked. Agastya says how dare you? He shoves NIya and says tell me. How dare you. Niya cries and says yes I hit because Rashi hit me. She shows her bruise and says see this. You all know how she is. Guddan says you’re accusing a kid? Shame on you. Niya says Rashi was hurting me and you were enjoying me. I was trying to save myself. Niya says I always considered Rashi my daughter but she doesn’t consider me her mom. You provoke her Guddan. Guddan says Id didn’t do anything. Pushpa says stop it. It’s a drama. I know you are both lying. Rashi cries and sobs. Agastya doesn’t respond. Guddan says you couldn’t be a good friend couldn’t you be a good father? Agastya says enough. He says I can’t tolerate all this anymore. He drags Rashi. Rashi cries and sobs. Guddan is also crying.

Puspha says enough Guddan. Everything is over. This was your last mistake. Choti sobs and cries. Choti begs and sats please don’t do this. Saru says I have a solution. It will give her peace and you your win as well. Pushpa says you still want to help her? Saru says you can have your restaurant but you will have to give this Jidal house. Guddan says don’t say that, please. I can’t sacrifice one thing for another. This house is everyone’s not mine. This can’t happen. DJ says it can happen. Nothing is more important than your dream. we will build a house again. I promise Guddan I will make all your dreams come true. DJ says we agree. Pushpa says brig the papers right now and sign them.

Aarav says no DJ. We can’t get in their pressure. These people will keep doing this. They are beggars. Pushpa slaps Aarav but he holds her hand and shoves her. Pushpa falls down. Agastya holds her. Pushpa faints. Agastya hits Aarav and says how dare you? Agastya and Aarav hit each other. Guddan and DJ try to stop them. Pushpa says Chiku.. Pushpa can’t breathe. Aarav brings a bat and hits Agastya on the head but he moves. It hits money. Everyone is shocked. Agastya is injured. Saru picks the papers and puts them in her bag. She says calla a doctor.

Scene 2
Doctor checks Money. Niya calls police. She gets Aarav arrested. Guddan says please don’t do this. Inspector says we have a complaint. Money says there is no complaint. I fell on my own. Everyone is shocked. Shona says why did you do this? He says because I love Guddan and I want to marry her. Shona says in heart what a sixer. Pushpa says he has lost his mind. Shona says what can I say. Money says will you spend your life with me Guddan? Guddan says thanks for what you did but I don’t love you. I can’t accept this proposal.

Money locks himself in a room. Shona says please save my Mone Guddan. Please Guddan. Pushpa says you will be responsible if anything happens to Money. I will get your entire family in jail. Saru says you will all go to jail or say yes. Guddan thinks about it.

Precap-There are two brides and two grooms under ghunghat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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