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Fan Fiction – Character Sketch and Some Questions for Audience

Good Morning beautiful people✨

Today I will be going to present a ff on immj 2 .

Characters -:


A very cute and sweet girl. A very good friend of ISHANI and SIA

Angre Sharma

Brother of Riddhima and a very good friend of Vansh. A business tycoon. 

Vansh Raisinghania

Vansh will be prescribed later on and. I want your all responses that how I should describe Vansh. 

Ishani Raisinghania

A very good girl and spend most of time with Ridhima and loves her a lot. Loves vansh a lot and overprotective for hime. Always want

Sia Raisinghania

I want to ask you all that whether soya should be positive or negative. 

Kabir –

Vansh’s manager and trustable person of vansh

Mohini Raisinghania

Grandmother of vansh,  ishani ,aryan and siya

Uma – Mom of vansh and sia

Chanchal – mom of ishani and aryan

Pratap – father of vansh and wants vansh to marry a girl before he dies

Aryan – brother of ishani and sia and loves Riddhima secretly amd wants to know the whether Riddhima loves him or not and visit Riddhima’s house with ishani and sia

Raj – father of Aryan and ishani

I hope you will like my character sketch and if you want any change in this characteristic and write in the comment section without any problem and I want to ask you three questions that how should I characterized Vansh and should I turn Siya into positive or negative character and how do you want a story like a romantic story a thriller story or a story of hatred betray  you can tell me your ideas in the comment section from that I will reply your comments in the next update and the sooner you comment the faster will you get the next update

Till then Bye ☺☺

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