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Excuse Me Madam 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Addu hires a fake uncle to save Sanam

Excuse Me Madam 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sanam comes to check his bag and hide Madam’s blouse but he doesn’t find it in his bag. He says where did it go? He looks around but sees Kranti coming there. She glares at him and says all is well? Sanam says yes, let’s go to sleep. Kranti says what were you doing here? Sanam says I came to get water. Kranti shows him madam’s blouse and says you were looking for that right? He is stunned. The flashback shows how Amar asked Kranti to check her husband’s bag sometime. She opened it and said I won’t find anything doubtful but she grabs the blouse and is stunned. The flashback ends and Krant sternly asks Sanam whose blouse is this? If you don’t tell me then I will leave this house today only. Sanam starts laughing and says you got fooled too. It’s Addu’s blouse. Kranti says I knew you would say that, call Addu here and ask him to try on this blouse otherwise I will tell Amar to lock you up. Sanam imagines getting beaten up by Amar. He says no, we can ask Addu in the morning, he must be sleeping right now. He thinks Addu should run before morning. Kranti takes the blouse with her.

Addu massages Amar’s legs and goes to sleep in her feet. Sanam silently jumps into their room and tries to wake Addu up. He slips him from the bed. Amar blabbers in sleep to go to sleep otherwise I will not spare you. Addu comes outside Sanam. Sanam asks him to go away from the house for 2-3 days as Kranti will try to make you wear the blouse. Addu says what will I tell my wife? I am not going away. Sanam pleads him.

In the morning, Sanam is tensed that Kranti will now meet Addu. Bhaisa curses him. Kranti comes there and tries to call Addu. Sanam says don’t disturb him. Amar comes there and says I can’t find Addu as well. She gets Addu’s video call. Addu says Amar my uncle got very ill so I had to leave in the night only. Sanam says if you need anything then let me know. Amar asks him to show his uncle. He shows them someone lying on the bed with a blanket on him. He says my uncle is lying on the bed. I will be back soon. He shows his uncle to Amar and she greets him. Addu ends the call and gives money to the fake uncle for acting.

Scene 2
Sanam comes to the office. Madam says did you give my blouse to the tailor? He says yes. Madam says I have misplaced his number so give it to me so I can contact him. Sanam says he lost his phone, he told me that his phone had some secret messages and his wife was about to find out so he threw his phone away. Madam says he told you all this in one meeting? Sanam says I am a likable person, I just felt a connection with him. Madam says what will you do now? Sanam says I will go to his shop on the way back and will make you talk to him through my phone, she says you better do. He nods and leaves.

Sanam comes to Addu’s hotel room. Sanam meets the waiter that acted like Addu’s uncle. Sanam gives him money as well. Sanam thanks Addu and says I will go away now, you have to stay here for 2-3 days now.

Sanam gets dressed as a tailor. He comes to Madam and says I am your tailor’s elder brother. Madam’s eye twitches and she acts like a poet. Sanam says poetry for her as well. Chatterjee and Jugal come there too and see them doing poetry. Chatterjee pinches madam so she asks Sanam who is he?

PRECAP – Kranti tells Amar that Sanam will try to get this blouse from me so you should hide it in your police station.
Sanam tries to take Madam’s br*ast size but his hands shake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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