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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarvagya Maharaj instigates the villagers to fight, abuse and kill

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Villagers welcome Sarvagya Maharaj with great pomp and show. Bala is headed home from the same route. Dhruv left for Bombay. I will join him soon. One guy hits him with a stick. Why did you come in our way now? Bala asks him why he is hitting him. I was leaving only. Pundit ji calls him inauspicious and shares his background upon Sarvagya Maharaj’s order. He orders the villagers to beat him after finding out about his caste. Someone hits Bala with a stick on his head. He passes out on the ground. They cover him with a cloth so Sarvagya Maharaj wont have to touch him. He steps on Bala as he walks past him and heads his way. All other villagers follow his example.

Sakpal family finds out that Dhruv has left town. He was worried that we will be disturbed if he is around. Bhimbai asks him why he is telling them now. Bhima says Dhruv was worried that you wont let him go. Ram ji reasons that he hasn’t completely recovered yet. Bhima says we tried to explain but he dint pay any heed to us. Bhimbai says you guys don’t listen to anyone. Dhruv was the only nice one here but you have spoiled him too. I will teach Bala a lesson as soon as he is home.

Bala gains conscious. He recalls what had happened and gets up with difficulty.

Bhimbai is waiting anxiously for Bala at home. She stops Bhima and Anand from going school but Bhima insists that these problems will never go away. Bhimbai tells them to wait till Bala is here if they really want to go. I will send you kids with him. She wonders where Bala is. Ram ji assures her that he will be home soon. Bala stumbles outside his home just then. Everyone rushes to his side. Bala tells them that Sarvagya Maharaj and the crowd with him is responsible for his condition. Bhima stops his Baba from going there. They can do anything. Bhimbai seconds him. Meera tells Ram ji not to be angry right now. Entire Satara will stand with the elite right now. It is better to be quiet right now. Bala also requests him to not go there. Everyone has gone crazy. They take him inside. Ram ji says he remain calm yet forces his crowd to turn violent. Someone will stop him for sure. Bhima says we will stop him at the right time.

Everyone has gathered at Dhansukhlal’s house. Sarvagya Maharaj is seated on a high pedestal while the villagers are seated on the floor. Sarvagya Maharaj says we cannot be controlled by anyone. Everything begins and ends with us here. God says that He creates and destroys everything. Keep Him happy and oblige His every order. Be willing to sacrifice your life to save your dharma. I am sharing His wisdom as His messenger. Kill anyone who comes in your way while doing just that. Forget about their caste and religion.

Kulkarni’s mother is taking care of his son and reprimanding him for risking his life all the time. Kulkarni requests her to stop. I have lost my daughter and kid because of this society and its fake customs only. This pain is nothing in front of that loss. I will not stop even if I die in this process. She tells him that God is watching everything. He will do justice one day. Take care of yourself. Sarvagya Maharaj is also here. Kulkarni nods. He is no less than these villagers.

Sarvagya Maharaj keeps talking about dharma and society. We must follow and force others to follow our age old customs. We cannot challenge God by trying to change those rules. It is the base of our religion. We wont let anyone break it. Anyone from the lower community needs to accept it as a punishment and serve the upper community. They can save themselves in their next births. Pundit ji says they want to rule us in this birth only. They question us as they are getting educated. Sarvagya Maharaj advises them to throw them out of the society. You will otherwise eat in their plates tomorrow. Pundit ji says some people are doing that already. Sarvagya Maharaj says you must throw them out as well. Teach everyone a lesson! Everyone cheers for him.

Bhimbai asks about Ram ji. Anand shares that he has gone to Puranjan Kaka’s house. She is sure he has gone to the meeting. Bhima is eager to check on his Baba but Bhimbai stops him. Bala tells Bhima that he must feel angry seeing his condition but you only tell us that one must control our anger. It is your turn now. Let’s wait for Baba to come back. He wipes Bhima’s tears. They are very precious. This society must pay for hat. He feels weak and lies down.

Ram ji overhears the vow that the people from upper community are taking. They repeat after Sarvagya Maharaj and vow to make the life of people from lower community hell. Don’t let them get access to anything that they take from you. Force them to leave this town on their own. We have to free Satara from this community!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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