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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman’s evident discomfort

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suman asking Shravan about the loud noise. He introduces his new friend Sophie. He says she has come to help me. Suman introduces herself. Sophie says I m a wedding planner. Suman says I had to discuss the rules, I will come later. Dumroo says I have given sweets to everyone. Shravan says its for my coming, thanks. Dumroo says no, she did a successful operation. Shravan says oh, then she will cure me as well. Sophie asks are you hurt, show me the injury. He says later. Suman asks Dumroo to know that Shravan is just a PG. She goes.

Beena asks where is Shravan. Suman says he had the food, I will change and come. Shravan says its my magic, I did your work. Sophie says I want classy decorations, we will make a list. He says I have many ideas, I will get partnership in your business. Sophie says sure, you will be a good partner.

Suman is angry on them. She looks on and says maybe Shravan knows this, see they just left. Sophie says I will see you tomorrow. Shravan says good night. Kanchan says he is making the house a hotel. Suman says this won’t happen, I have an idea to make him right.

Its morning, Beena says don’t know where did Veer go. Veer comes with Shravan. He takes Shravan’s side and says he is my fav. suman and Kanchan explain him. Beena asks Shravan to have breakfast with them. He says no, I will have it at the Kent. Beena asks why, you have it with us, come.

Shravan asks for aloo paratha. Dumroo says its poha. Kanchan asks Suman to clear the matter. Suman says I have to talk to you all. Beena asks what happened. Suman says I need to talk so that nothing happens, we should not hurt each other, we should follow some rules. Kanchan says yes, rules imply to outsiders also, its not a hotel. Shravan asks them to say.

Suman says guests aren’t allowed after 9 pm, there shouldn’t be noise, if you have to meet, then you will go out. Shravan asks who will sign the permission note. Suman says if you get late, don’t ring the bell, call Dumroo, he will open the door for you. Ramesh says we all follow these rules. Suman says food isn’t included in your rent. Beena asks what’s this rule. Suman says there should be clarity. Shravan says thanks, I will contribute for food. Suman says I will keep an account of that. He says fine, my rules now. She asks your rules? He says yes, no one will come in my room without knocking except Veer, like you had come, its my personal matter what I do in my room, if I m paying for the food, it should be of my choice. He asks Dumroo to make aloo paratha with butter. Suman says we accept your rules, you can’t park the car in our house. He says fine, we can have breakfast now. He taunts her.

Suman gets ready to leave for work. Vikram calls her. He says you forgot me. She says no, I was busy in work. He says I have signed the case papers, I will come home. She sees Shravan. Vikram asks when shall I come. She says we will meet outside. He asks really, you always ask me to meet at home, fine we will meet outside. Shravan says when we both are going to Kent, we will go together, give me lift for the sake of the country. She recalls his words.

She says I heard your useless logic before, I don’t give lift to everyone. She leaves. He says its too much. She says the world is already polluted,I will try to lessen it, sit if you can sit quiet. He agrees and goes to sit in the car. They leave.

He gets a call and talks to Vikram. He asks when did you come back from Delhi, we shall meet. Vikram says I came yesterday, I have a plan with Suman today. Shravan says I remember, I also had a plan today, I will go tonight, we will meet later. Vikram asks what’s the plan. Shravan says there is an amazing girl, she doesn’t judge anyone, she is funny, she doesn’t get upset, I like to meet her. Suman gets jealous. Vikram says I have to meet your new friend. Shravan says yes, she is cool like you. Vikram says all the best, captain. Suman drives angrily.

Vikram says Shravan got a house, Beena got a PG, Veer got a friend, perfect. Suman says I don’t like to keep him at home, I agreed just for Veer’s sake. Shravan and Sophie come to the tea stall. Sophie says I will order something. Shravan sees Vikram and Suman. Suman thinks he is at all the places. Vikram says you didn’t tell me you shifted. Shravan says sorry, I didn’t know you are here, I came here with my new friend. Vikram asks where is she. Shravan says she is here. Vikram and Sophie get shocked seeing each other. Shravan introduces them. Vikram greets her.

Sophie says Vikram and I were in a relationship. Shravan says Sophie told me everything, Vikram won’t come for dinner, Suman is making his fav dishes, think of Suman’s reaction. Suman asks Kanchan to call Vikram. Shravan sees Suman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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