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Choti Sardarni 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vikram brings Seema to Surya’s dead body. Seema is shocked. Aditi is shocked as well. The saree drops from Seema’s hand. Aditi and Seema sit next to Surya and sob. Vikram tries to console Seema. She says no he can’t leave me alone. What will I do without him? Manav hugs her.

Rana says what is this mummy ji? Where are you going in white suit? She says Vikram’s dad died, we have to go there. Bitu says we are going to jail and you want to go for condolences? Kulwant what was Surya doing there at night? Rana says to see Sarab. Kulwant says there’s something. I have to go there for find out. Bitu says Sarab is conscious. He will tell police everything. Amrita comes and says let’s go. Kulwant says sit in the car I am coming. Bitu says such a big problem and you’re going there? She says I am finding a way to save us. Only one thing can save us. We have to go Vikram’s place.

Param video calls Meher. He says where is papa? Meher shows Sarab and says he’s asleep. Param says you also go to him. We want to see you two together. Meher says okay. Param says closer. Meher sits next to sarab. Param says who loves Param and Karan the most? Meher says papa and mama. Param kisses and says who did I kiss? Meher is confused. He says both of you. Meher says I so want to kiss you. Param says you can kiss me from distance. Papa also used to kiss you from distance. When you went to nani’s place. He used to kiss me for you. Meher says you can kiss papa for me. I will kiss Karan for you. Param kisses Karan and says for mama. Meher kisses sarab. He wakes up. Sarab winks. Meher says Param I will call you back.

Scene 2
Surya’s funeral is going on. Kulwant comes there crying. She says such a big officer, military person he fell from sixth floor? God give him peace. Amrita says mummy ji please sit. She says such a big man is gone. How can I sit. Kulwant says to Seema how did this happen? Looks like a crime. Kulwant says you never know. First Sarab and now Surya. Seema cries. Manav is angry. Kulwant says you are a widow suddenly. Seema cries more. Manav says I have to talk to you. Manav says to Kulwant what do you want? She says Manav ji.. I mean Vikram ji.. I have lost hope in world. Such a good man is gone suddenly. He has given you so much. A mom, a name, a family. manav says what do you want? Kulwant says Sarab si conscious. He will send us to jail but we will tell in court and tell them Manav is alive. Police is investigate and find out that you’re alive.

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