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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update : David juggle between his sons Tiwari and Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari sings for David and lies on his laps and asks him to tell him some stories and acts like a kid. Vibhu from Mishra sings song, David hears that and rushes, Tiwari stops him, David says he is my son too I have to go and hugs Vibhu, Vibhu says Daddy don’t leave me. Helan walks to them. David hears Tiwari sing from Tiwari house and says Vibhu your brother is calling me i have to go and rushes to Tiwari. David says Tiwari i won’t leave you. Vibhu sings again, David rushes to him, Tiwari sings again, David rushes to Tiwari. David keeps juggling between both.
and gets tired and falls asleep between both houses. Tiwari and Vibhu there too.

David wakes up and wakes them too. Tiwari starts singing and hugs him, Vibhu wakes up and hugs him. David says enough you both. Tiwari says its all because of Vibhu he is creating differences. Vibhu says he is my father too. Tiwari says i have first right, Vibhu says Pandit Rampal was your father first, Tiwari says stop nonsense. David says you are brothers dont fight. Vibhu says he cant be my brother decide who has more right over you, Tiwari says and court will decide that. David faints

David in front of Happu, Tiwari and Vibhu both claim David being their father. David asks Happu to say something. Happu asks did you even had some relations in Morena, David says yes, Happu says even i need to take a DNA test.

Helan on call with Ahuti, David stops her from telling, and says i will donate Vibhu to Ahuti, Helan says so that you can give a your wealth to Tiwari, Amaji walks in and asks whats wrong in that, Helan and Amaji argue, Amaji says Tiwari has right over Davids property, Helan says Vibhu has right. David says stop you teo fighting. David says i will divide property in two. Amaji says show papers.

David and others with lawyer and announces that i divide property in two onr will go to Vibhuti Mishra and other yo Manmohan Tiwari. Amaji says he is Manmohan Mishra now. David says you are right. Boys walk in and says this property will divide in 5 as we are your brothers heres DNA report. David says that is not possible, i cant fall so low, Tilu says you never know you might have fallen lower. Saxena walks in and says no one is his son, All five argue amongst themselves. Saxena says calm down i have prepared DNA reports this Malkan has goofed up in reports and so the reports are wrong.

Angoori in kitchen singing. Vibhu walks to her and greets her.. Angoori asks him to use Tata sampana masala.

Master decides to commit suicide and says i haven’t been with any women other than my wife but the reports say something else. Saxena stops him and explains him situation and Malkans goof up. Master asks are Sankar and Adrash reports good. Saxena saya report says they aren’t your son. Master faints.

Pre cap: Vibhu asks Tiwari to go with himself go watch Sharukh Khan film. Tiwari says I don’t want to but Angoori does why don’t you go with her.
Boys selling tickets in black frame Vibhu in a case.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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