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Barister Babu 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh and Bondita meet

Barister Babu 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh looking for Bondita. He thinks I can’t take your name. Bondita gets the smell of his perfume and thinks I don’t know if its him, I have to keep hiding here. Rishta tera mera….plays…He goes to the box and gets back. Tara asks Surayya to get something from the storeroom. Surayya says I don’t know. Tara says I will show you. Anirudh recalls Bondita and sings Raghupati Raghav….. Bondita hears him and smiles. She says he is my husband, my protector. He says maybe Rasiya doesn’t know that Bondita isn’t here. He says if Bondita was here, she would have sung it, I should leave now. Bondita recalls his words and knocks on the box. Sita ram….plays… Anirudh hears the knock and stops. Tara Bai and Surayya are coming there. Bondita sings Raghupati Raghav…. Anirudh smiles and goes to open the box. He says Bondita is here, I know the sign of our victory. She knocks the box again. He opens the box. They see each other and happily cry. He says Bondita…..

He goes and locks the door. They sing raghupati raghav….. He runs to her. Bondita recalls his injury and holds him. She dances around and claps. He happily cries. Rishta tera mera….plays…. He recalls that he ousted her. He also jumps with her and dances.

He asks are you fine, did they hurt you. She asks are you fine, are you taking medicines. He says you just worry for me, how are you so good, you had to stay in this hell, I m not able to meet your eyes, I was wrong. She says no, situation was wrong, you are very good, you are my teacher and protector, everyone said you won’t come back, I didn’t agree, I had faith on Durga Maa that you will be fine, so you came to take me like an angel. He says I need to talk a lot, but just hear me out first. He tells his plan. They hear someone coming. He asks Bondita to stay there, he will come back soon.

Binoy says Bondita isn’t right for Anirudh, he is our son, he studied in London, we don’t know where is he now in that dangerous city, a wife leaves a strong impression on her husband, she becomes his inspiration, she doesn’t increase his troubles, see Anirudh’s state since Bondita came, try to understand, just Saudamini can handle him, he will live a life of a rich landlord, he won’t suffer like a revolutionist, I can’t see him, I hate that girl. Trilochan shouts enough, don’t say a word now.

Tara comes in and asks what are you doing here, why are you spying. She puts the knife at his neck. Bondita worries. Surayya says I had doubted him. Bondita recalls how Tara stabbed Anirudh before. She thinks to do something. She says I will go and get punished, I will not let her hurt Anirudh again. Anirudh thinks you don’t come out, stay hidden here to be safe. Saurabh comes as Nawab and puts his sword on Tara Bai’s knife. He asks who is that, who is insulting my slave, its my insult, I can’t tolerate this. Bondita thinks Saurabh has come with Anirudh. Tara says sorry, but your slave is roaming everywhere without my permission. Saurabh says lower your tone, remember this, else I will not spare you. Anirudh says Nawab’s anger is dangerous, he had burnt his treasure. Saurabh asks him to shut up. Anirudh says Tara is a Johri, so she is exhibiting the diamond. He thinks thanks Saurabh, you came on time and saved us. Bondita says I think Anirudh and Saurabh are doing a drama to save me.

Anirudh asks Tara to smile and apologize, Nawab will get calm, else she knows his anger. Saurabh says my bathroom is equal to your entire house. Anirudh says right. Saurabh asks her to keep the money. He says I have to leave, I can’t stay here. Tara says wait, you felt bad, I promise, I won’t insult you and your slave, just give us a chance to serve you. Saurabh says I don’t change my decision, I will not stay here. Anirudh says forgive her, I want to tell you something, I have checked, I got to know Tara has kept a mujra for you, Rasiya will be dancing, I have seen it. Saurabh asks really. Anirudh says we have come here for something, we shouldn’t go without taking it, I think we should not miss it. Bondita laughs. Anirudh says I will do as you say.

Tara says he is right, Rasiya will be heartbroken if you don’t come. She asks will he agree. Anirudh says he is crazy. He signs Saurabh about the box. Saurabh says fine, I will give you a chance, but if you do any mistake then…. Anirudh says no, I will not let it happen. Saurabh goes. Anirudh thinks I have to tell my plan to Bondita. He says Nawab was angry, so he didn’t tell anything, I have to tell you, Nawab likes to buy old things, I was checking the storeroom, you have great antique things here, if you say, I can get a good price for it. Tara asks why not, if I can get a good price. Anirudh says I knew you are sensible. Bondita smiles and says Tulsinia means tulsipur, he will take me out of here, I understood him. He knocks on the box and says I will ask the men to load the boxes.

Anirudh says I want all the girls to get free and write their fate, so I decided to save all the girls. He asks the girls to sit in the boxes. Surayya says our girls will go first and Bondita will go at last. Bondita promises.

Update Credit to: Amena

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